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  1. So crouch slightly and then recalibrate so when you stand up you are around the same height as the free play menu top. Now, when you go into the fight you should be above their head and just keep punching their head in and when they go for a big punch just duck and then keep punching their head in. The hardest will be Rhino and the other Rhino build but the rest will be super easy. (All can be beat between 30-45 mins maybe even shorter) (Don't forget to fight in Back Valley as respawn times are shorter)
  2. I saw a comment about playing the game on vita then on an alt play on ps3 to get the online trophies just wondering if this works and if the servers are still up.
  3. Quick disclaimer to people who are about to get this game: (so physical copies players can only see physical copies players score an vice versa) -DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL COPIES DO NOT APPEAR ON THE LEADERBOARD (for example: I was just boosting and my boosting partner could not see me on the leaderboard and i checked with someone else who i could see and they said they were digital) so it's like Kane and Lynch 2 WORKAROUNDS: -Install the demo and play level 1 but wait 10 minutes so your time score is ruined. Finish it and miss all your shots just before you complete it. so your accuracy score is bad (so - 20,000) -Next the other person plays it normally and should beat it but they don't get the greatest score of all time -You beat their score and both of you get the trophy. Ok i'm looking at this now and i think this trophy can be done with one vita -Backup everything and wipe the console -Put on an alt account, add it as a friend and install the demo - do the first line of the workaround and finish it - wipe the console again log on your main and beat the alts score you got it. Technically speaking this should work (I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS NOT SURE IF IT WORKS)
  4. Grinding isnt an issue just wondering if i need to boost to get 100% or if the game is populated enough for the 100% and if the dlcs are still obtainable and
  5. I want to 100% this game as I used to play it a lot on an old account but how is the game now for 100%. Is the dlc easy? How hard are the trophies (grinding isn’t a problem) do I need to boost this game? Is dlc popular? I really want this game but am unsure how easy is the 100% I have a boosting partner but is 2 players enough?
  6. I will not get the game until i am sure someone will do the online trophies with me. I know this will probably get locked because it's boosting but I don't have the game so I cannot create the session. So if anyone wants to do the online trophies message my account Razaura1 and with backbreaker boost would prefer GMT.
  7. I know this is probably a stupid question but is there anyway i've seen stuff like gamespy and wondering if they work. Thanks in advance.
  8. I would recommend the PS3 version, here's why. Vita: Terrible experience to play on and doesn't run great. Only play this if you have no other choice. PS4: While the game is arguably better, (I disagree but the majority think it's the best.) The game is MUCH MUCH longer for the platinum and if you have played Terraria before the massive 1.3 update, it is very hard to adjust unless you played daily before. (Ps the requirements are the same as PS3 it's just that it takes longer to get to Golem. PS3: Definitely the best in my opinion. The game is much shorter to get to Golem and is much more enjoyable with weapon challenge and the platinum will feel much more satisfying. It is much easier but challenging at the same time. Conclusion: Get the PS4 or PS3 version. It's your choice. They both are enjoyable and great with friends but can be done solo. Just a bit harder. For context I have played (on a different account as this is my trophy hunting one.) 500+ hours on PS3, 350 hours on PS4 and 100+ hours on Vita.