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  1. I don't care about 100%; I just want the platinum. I know that buying Margaret's DLC makes the platinum easier. Do buying the other characters help in any way?
  2. #37: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Amazing game; this was my second favourite in the series (the first game being my most). But this platinum was a pain. Monolothic Achievement was hard (did it without programs) and I found the Despair Dungeon to be hard as well. The game was also very grindy. I'm not afraid of a grind as I play a lot of JRPGs, but this took me just under 99 hours. Great game but if there ever is a Danganronpa 4, I hope the trophies aren't as bad lol.
  3. The monolithic achievement trophy is way more than "semi hard." I think the percentage of people earning that trophy would drop quite a bit if there were no programs.
  4. It works for both PS3 and PS4? Man, I should've just bought that one in the first place but I was being cheap lol.
  5. Really considering that controller now but I'm hesitant to spend more money. I bought the Pictek for one game that has a ridiculously long grind, and will likely not need to use it again lol.
  6. According to the comments of that video, this controller doesn't have an auto function. I guess I'll have to use duct tape or something to hold the button down. Shame to do that on a brand new controller though... Thanks for your help!
  7. It didn't work. Which controller do you have?
  8. I recently bought the Pictek "3-in-1" Turbo Controller. I feel like a noob for asking this but how can I use it while AFK? I want to have the X button being inputted continuously without me having to actually touch the controller.
  9. I got the trophy this way and can confirm it works. But it took more than 10 wins (I got it after 12 IIRC).
  10. Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same problem with the trophy for 25 Team Decathalon wins. Currently have 29 wins and no trophy. The trophy for 10 TD wins popped after about 14. This game is so frustrating. EDIT: The trophy popped after my 30th win. Can you still tell me your experience though? I'm worried it's gonna happen to me when I go for that trophy lol.
  11. Are we basing this on PSN rarity, or PSNP rarity? If it's the latter, I would say Zone of the Enders (1) HD Edition. I seriously don't understand how this is considered by many to be an easy platinum. I saw the Game Over screen at least 100 times, and it was so frustrating having to always go back to the menu and reload my save.
  12. I thought so, but I saw very recent achievers for some of the online trophies, so I got my hopes up. Oh well. Thanks for letting me know.