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  1. I've been working on the Combo List trophy in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma (vanilla). It requires you to complete 500 combo challenges. This is not as difficult as it sounds due to the way challenges are structured in this game. There are 26 characters (including DLC) and they each have 30 challenges. 1 - 9: Beginner challenges. They are often as simple as: 214A -> 214D 10: Just an astral finish. This is basically a freebie. 11 - 19: Intermediate challenges. They have between 4 and 9 inputs on average (character dependent). 20*: You have to do a combo that ends with an astral finish. This is not nearly as difficult as it sounds, and is basically a freebie. It can often be as simple as 3C -> Astral. 21 - 24: Hard challenges. They have 10+ inputs and sometimes have gimmicks. 25: Using your own inputs, you have to break the opponent's guard with a crush trigger, then do 4K worth of damage. 26 - 29: Expert challenges. They have around 15 inputs and always some kind of gimmick such as a cancel. 30: A combo where you must achieve something (usually X amount of damage) with your own inputs. *Some characters have a counterattack as an astral finish. For these characters, the challenge is to use an astral against an opponent who is attacking aggressively. Still a freebie. I've attempted 12 of the 26 characters and have completed a total of 247 challenges. It's been a tedious but easy experience so far, as I've avoided the hard/expert challenges for the most part. Considering I've completed just under half of the challenges required for the trophy, and have gone through less than half of the roster, I think this will be a much easier experience than most of the other games in the series. This is my progress so far: Mu-12: 22 Relius: 21 Makoto: 18 Taokaka: 19 Hazama: 20 Hakumen: 24 Kagura: 21 Bullet: 21 Ragna:19 Litchi: 17 Terumi: 25 Kokonoe: 20
  2. This game is totally kicking my ass. Barely was able to get the trophy for scoring 10 points, so 30 seems really daunting. Might have to throw in the towel on this one. I've never raged so hard playing a game! I'm used to easy games like BlazBlue.
  3. Hello, EZPZ hater here at your service! 😁
  4. Congrats man! I can only imagine how brutal 100 consecutive fights are. It took me a whole day's worth of attempts to do 32 in Central Fiction, so I don't think I could do 100 fights in DOA. Massive respect for getting this done.
  5. @Thedah Thanks! I totally agree with you about the drop in difficulty. The only newer game I've done so far was Cross Tag Battle and I noticed a significant drop. I heard GG Strive and Granblue are pretty easy too. If we get a new Persona fighter, I hope they don't water it down.
  6. The Tekken series was fun for sure. Cross Tag Battle would indeed be a good starting point. It's not canon, so it won't spoil the story of other games for you. It goes on sale for less than $10 frequently.
  7. @AJ_Radio Out of rep points at the moment, but thanks! With your level of skill in gaming, you could definitely pull off a BlazBlue game with some practice. My first ArcSys fighter gave me a really hard time, but the combo challenges (if that's what's putting you off) get less difficult with each game you finish.
  8. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention, and for the guide @Drag-On-Detritus, I'm sure I'll be needing it. Might as well make the announcement now: I will be adding Nurarihyon no Mago: Hyakki Ryouran Taisen to the challenge. @TENCHU_REPPA Thanks! A couple of people have told me that Battle Fantasia is a bad game, so I'm relieved to hear that someone liked it! Hopefully I will too.
  9. @Drag-On-Detritus Out of rep points for now, but thanks for bringing this to my attention; I didn't think I missed any games. I can't read Japanese so hopefully there's a good guide out there. @FreshFromThaDeli Not on the topic of fighters, but all of the vanilla content is in P5R, so no need to play both versions.
  10. Thanks! It will most likely be Persona 5 Royal, but I'm also considering Valkyrie Drive or Senran Kagura Burst Renewal. I already have a milestone from this amazing series. My personal opinion is that it's CPE, CF (not because of combos), CS, CT, CSE, and Tag from hardest to easiest. Can't comment on CP until I'm done. Of course that's subjective, so you may have a different experience, but I do want to keep informing people that I really do believe that CPE is extremely difficult. I took a quick look at your profile and saw that you're one easy trophy away from the CS plat. Are you saving it for a milestone?
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2. I loved the story of RDR 1, but I found the plat to be so tedious that I'm very hesitant to play 2.
  12. @Honor_Hand Thanks! Good point about people going from CT to CS and therefore rating this game super high on the difficulty scale. There is a noticeable jump in difficulty from CT. With difficulty being subjective, I can totally see why some people would consider this to be harder than CF. However, I still don't know why this is considered harder than CPE with the 100% character requirement. CPE is absolutely brutal. @postofficebuddy Respect for doing Bang 10; I couldn't even do Bang 5 lol. The DLC is still on the store. Since you're participating in the UR cleanup event, you should pick it up for an easy 100%.
  13. Congrats again on the plat! There's a good chance I'll be skipping the story on this one after what you and @FreshFromThaDeli said. This made me laugh pretty hard
  14. @AihaLoveleaf Both CPE and CF have a trophy for completing 100% of one character's challenges, but it's significantly harder in CPE. @Copanele Thanks! I wouldn't have done this either if it wasn't for you guys playing it lol. Definitely looking forward to the next time we all do a game at the same time. Honor_Hand and I still have to do Battle Fantasia, so there's that. @postofficebuddy Thanks! I noticed you got this plat without help from the DLC characters. That's really impressive man.