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  1. @Squirlruler I played Ape Escape back on the PS1 and never finished the story. If I play it on PS4, can I use it for the "That You Started But Didn't Finish" category?
  2. Finished Phantom Breaker: Omnia for the "HYPE!" category. It doesn't get much more hype than the trailer and in-game announcer lol.
  3. Finished Phantom Breaker: Omnia for my light blue game!
  4. L3f03e9.png


    Platinum #131 + 100% - Phantom Breaker: Omnia


    Platinum Rarity: 35.4%

    100% Rarity: 27.57%

    Difficulty: 3/10

    Enjoyment: 6/10


    This is the latest 2D fighting game in the Phantom Breaker series. I haven't played any other game in the series, and can honestly say that I only picked this game up because of the trailer announcer, and more importantly - the announcement that he would be patched into the game. The man deserves a raise.


    Unsurprisingly, the game itself turned out to be pretty mediocre, but I've certainly played worse. This is perhaps the most beginner-friendly fighter that I've ever played, so this game could have potentially had a fanbase if it was marketed towards beginners to the genre. Most characters have three different fighting styles to choose from, but the only real differences are how the supers are handled. In my opinion, these aren't balanced and the omnia style is the most overpowered one, but it truly does not matter as the game lacks any challenge. Comparatively speaking, the hardest trophy is for completing Time Attack Mode and Score Attack Mode because they have preset difficulty settings. They are both easy enough that I just spammed autocombos in every fight.


    Most characters had a brief story in Story Mode. It's possible that all characters did, but I can't say for sure as the platinum only requires you to complete it with three specific characters (plus one more for a DLC trophy), and I did not watch any more than I was required to for trophies. Of the four stories that I watched, two seemed like filler, one was decent, and the other one told nearly the exact same story as the decent one.


    A lot of people have been asking me for fighting game recommendations for people that find the genre difficult. This is the one, hands down. I'd also recommend it for fighting game players in need of a palate cleanser, but make sure you get it on sale for $10 or less. I finished everything in a little over 6 hours, and that includes time wasted because I misunderstood one of the trophy requirements.

    1. Copanele



      All I remember about this game is that "ayayaya bumbayaaa" from that crazy announcer. Other than that, it's the most painfully mediocre fighting game I've every played xD 

    2. AihaLoveleaf


      This game would probably interest me a little more if I knew MAGES.'s characters a little better, but that's definitely not the state of things for me in May 2023, since the Science Adventure franchise would take a few hundred hours minimum to catch up on. 


      Hopefully Battle Grounds Overdrive is decent.

  5. @Rebourne07 Can we change games on completed lists for the sake of badges? For example, if I reach platinum tier, but then later plat a Final Fantasy game that's rated 4/10, can I replace my existing 4/10 with the Final Fantasy game for the Brownie Points badge?
  6. @Melachorn Regarding my backed-up save.
  7. I got all of my equipment back by doing the following: - Opened up the VR Mission menu, which unlocked several items - Did an easy mode playthrough, which unlocked Sam's weapon (I forget the name) - Played the final chapter on hard mode, which unlocked all of the wigs - I did not redo R-00 on very hard mode (but I did on revengeance mode) I went into the customization menu after replaying the final chapter on hard mode and saw that I had all of my items, despite the game not telling me this. Out of rep points at the moment, but thanks everyone for their help and/or encouragement!
  8. Damn. Thanks for looking into it for me. Pretty pissed considering it took me about 10 hours to clear VR18. To the hidden pile MGR goes. No way in hell I'm doing all that work again lol.
  9. I did select New Game, because selecting continue would have brought me to NG+ in Blade Wolf's story.
  10. I've beaten the game twice - once on hard, and once on very hard. I also got 1st place on all base game VR missions. I got all of the collectables in the game (left arms, data storage, etc.). I did an easy mode playthrough of Blade Wolf's story last night before going to bed. This morning, I tried to start a new game (base game) on revengeance mode and wasn't given the option (nor was I given the very hard option). Wasn't given those options via chapter select either. So, I did the cheat code at the start screen to unlock revengance difficulty. I cleared R-00 with an S rank, and unlocked a handful of weapons that I should have already had. I'm 100% sure that I'm using the same save file as my playtime is approximately 28 hours. I started R-01 only to find out that I had no upgrades, no weapons, wigs, etc. When I look at my in-game collection, I still have left arms, data storages, etc. that I already earned. What happened? Can I do an easy mode playthrough to unlock everything? Do I have to get all of the collectables again? Retrieving a backed-up save is not an option as I had manually overwritten it during my fight with MG Ray in R-00.
  11. If you have the time for it, I'd definitely go with Yakuza 0. One of the best games I've ever played.
  12. Finished Million Arthur: Arcana Blood for the "Spawned an Expanded Universe" category! A TV series was made based on the Million Arthur video game series.
  13. L118c0e.png


    Platinum #130 - Million Arthur: Arcana Blood


    Rarity: 34.92%

    Difficulty: 3/10

    Enjoyment: 6/10


    Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is a 2D fighting game. The game is entirely in Japanese, so I couldn't understand the tutorial, and therefore probably don't know all of the game's mechanics. From what I was able to pick up, the game seems to have fairly deep mechanics. There is a "limit break" button, but I honestly never figured out what it did, and there is an "elemental boost" button which I also never figured out. You can have up to three assist characters with varying cooldown times.


    The platinum is so easy that I was able to get through the game with ease despite not understanding all of the mechanics. The hardest AI that you have to fight is in Time Attack mode, and it was easy enough that I was able to clear it easily by spamming autocombos. Outside of clearing the story, most of the trophy list involves miscellaneous character-specific tasks. There are a few trophies that require you to use certain combos, but they are all very simple.


    I got the platinum in just over 2 hours, and am the 31st fastest achiever at the time of writing. I don't know how long the story is since I skipped it all due to not being able to read/understand Japanese. In both the art style and gameplay, I would compare this to Nitroplus Blasterz (same team, I think), but this seemed to have deeper mechanics. The game had potential, and I feel like a proper trophy list would have given me a chance to utilize the game's mechanics.

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    2. Yuber6969


      Thanks guys!


      @Honor_Hand No online trophies, and the plat time is definitely super short. I bought it on sale for about 1500 yen a few days ago. It's probably still on sale.


      @FreshFromThaDeli You aren't missing much by skippinlg it. You could play Nitroplus Blasterz and get a similar experience.


      @AihaLoveleaf The waifu selection wasn't particularly notable, so I wouldn't bother playing for that reason alone. There's a TV series based on these games if you want to start there.

    3. Flubberwunked


      Congrats Yuber. Fighting game trophy lists either seem to be incredibly hard or 3-6 hour cakewalks. Your experience sounds similar to BlazBlue CTB with how short and easy it was. Are there any other fighting games that you're interested in playing that aren't in English? 

    4. Yuber6969


      @Flubberwunked Thanks! I agree; there are very few mid-difficulty fighting game lists I've seen. I want to play Dark Awake at some point for the A-Z Non-Plat club.

  14. Congrats! You already had me interested in this game, but moreso after mentioning Serj Tarkan. Will wishlist.
  15. Like many others here have said, I would suggest a break. I started getting gradually less satisfaction from trophy hunting a few months ago, and then my life ended up getting way busier, so I got a break against my will. I have way less time for it now, and now I cherish the limited time I spend gaming/trophy hunting. I've been off work for a few weeks due to illness, and I've been getting so much enjoyment from gaming lately. A break would probably fix your problem.