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  1. More tests earlier today! Servers came back online (but just for a few seconds). It seems we are getting closer guys 🙌
  2. Half of your BO2 trophy list is auto-popped from 2015. You will have to hide the game if you want to return to the leaderboards:
  3. #75 - Bound Fun: 10/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Time: 20 hours A really wonderful platformer with a mesmerising movement system, Bound deserves to be placed in the category of “video games as an art form”. I loved finding and learning the shortcuts and various manipulations on the different levels, while constantly stopping to simply enjoy the sheer beauty of dancing. Most of the trophies are really simple and only take a few minutes to learn and practise, with the exception being Cautious, a full run without falling (and with EdgeGuard switched off).
  4. The Gold Plated trophy in Need for Speed (2015). Just feels like an awful lot of work for a single bronze trophy.
  5. Hard to pick just one, so I’ll go top 3: • Wuppo - Boss Run: Impossible (0.80%) Complete the Boss Run without buying items from Tein or Raab’s store • Surgeon Simulator - Best Surgeon in the World (0.64%) Get an A++ rating on all procedures • Futuridium EP Deluxe - Classic Smasher (0.10%) Complete Classic Mode on a single credit
  6. Servers came back online today for another short test. Hopefully soon 🙏
  7. @BrandedBerserk The Bib Fnakkers rush is briefly mentioned in the guide, but I could never manage to do it consistently. Would be awesome if you could share your strategy for that one, I’m sure it would help out a lot of people
  8. Some people have been doing so recently, but no official reply has come. The servers did come back online very briefly on June 30th, so there’s still hope 🙏
  9. Post, I did it all a couple of months ago. Maybe I just got lucky.
  10. @Kiwicrash I’m positive that I got both trophies without having 100% accuracy
  11. Some people definitely need to lower their expectations. It’s the luck of draw, you might get games that interest you and you might not.
  12. It’s worth practising, it helped me out a lot. Focus on the 2 smaller (rock-throwing) Fnakkers first, leaving alive the big guy and the little healer. You can easily finish that stage with max health.
  13. Are you using the technique to get full health on Fnakker Friends?
  14. When he is charging his bazooka or healing, you can get in close and deal a lot of damage. Otherwise, I stayed back and double jumped a lot as I felt like it helped me avoid damage
  15. This explains how to hide your game so you can return to the leaderboards: Might be worth also going over this one too for future reference, as it explains exactly what is and isn’t allowed: