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  1. They unlocked all the achievements on Xbox/PC and then enabled the cross-save feature. As soon as you log with the same account all the trophies will pop.
  2. Trophy list:
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to complete the weekly challenges for the Challenge Accepted trophy. These are: "complete 5 nightfall activities", "complete 8 bounties for crucible" etc. This means that it is impossible to get the trophy in 2-3 days like it was before the forsaken update, right? I've 5 weekly challenges, this means it will take more than one month if I'm not wrong. Did I misunderstood something?
  4. Feel free to add me! [ID]: nathan23drake [Location]: Italy
  5. Hi everyone! My FC is: SW-2708-7442-7017 Feel free to add!