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  1. As far as I'm aware this is the only unachievable trophy, and it was achievable up until 3 weeks ago. Though it has became unachievable multiple times in the past and has had to be fixed. I might be wrong though, as I got most of the trophies a long time ago.
  2. I've been posting on a few ea and fifa forums about this, as have a few other people. Hopefully they take notice and fix it again.
  3. So you're just checking the game every now and again to see if its open? Or is there a place to look other than that to check? Weird that the occasionally open entry, why couldn't they just leave it open?
  4. Same here. Also removed from psnow on ps4, needed to download from the app just to open it.
  5. I tried to use this method to get version 1.0 of The Witness, to make the challenge trophy easy. It worked and I have the version 1.00 downloaded, but every time I start it it gives the error message CE-34878-0. Anyone know anything that could help? Or is the witness unplayable without the patches? Edit: Forgot to delete my save data. Seems to be working so far.