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  1. I played Assassin's Creed - The Ezio Collection on PS5 and it didn't perform very well. It was playable but became very fuzzy and harder to see. I've decided not to even bother trying to play anymore PS4 titles on the system for fear of games crashing etc...
  2. That is absolutely brilliant! I can collect the feathers as I go now rather than waiting until the end of the game and having to get them all at once. Thank you!! Because this is so useful and due to the effort that must have been put in to make these I have upgraded to pro. $5.00 is nothing compared to the value of these maps.
  3. It can't be just for that. That is well known and even submitted in the guide... Nobody would approve a flag for that.
  4. Having skipped cinematics in the final Greek chapter I missed out on "Good Show in Egypt" for completing the super actions without dying. Because I wanted that trophy before I moved on I replayed the level and managed to obtain it but I think it caused the game to glitch. I'm on the Lost Island chapter and when I was viewing the level statistics to see how many relics I had it was showing me statistics for the Greek chapter still. I have just pulled the switch to gain entry to the pyramid and "Lost Island Tomb Raider" has unlocked even though I still have two levels left. I just wanted to document this for reference but also incase I am flagged for this game in the future!
  5. Obviously this will be of no benefit to the OP now but may help others. This trophy failed to unlock for me also and I can confirm that the reason is skipping any of the cinematics related voids the trophy. I had saved after inserting both scions and even though I reloaded that save to try again the trophy was still void for some reason... I replayed the whole "Sanctuary of the Scion" level using the replay level option and let the cinematics play out and the trophy unlocked.
  6. I totally understand what you are saying and honestly I do prefer the bigger square icons but I'd prefer it was from the start. Pick one and stay with it I think. They'll probably make them triangle or hexagon or just HUGE for the PS6 and really P!$$ us all off hahaha
  7. It annoys the hell out of me too and it's putting me off playing a PS5 game... at least until Sands of Time Remake 😜 cos I gotta play that! It probably would be too hard to change them to rectangle on the site and if that is the case I could probably cope with the text being larger so it fills the blank space at least. Do you think that would be possible to implement?
  8. You can create a blank account without signing into playstation and play on that. If you complete the game then delete your profile from the system and log in on the blank account. All your old trophies will be back including the new game. If you don't complete the game then just delete the account from your playstation and the trophies will be gone.