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  1. CHOMP has been censored since forever in most editions. It's a less graphic version without all the gore and dangling eyes/teeth.
  2. You can get some screens in one playthrough and play a new game on that same savefile to get the ones you missed.
  3. Thanks. Can confirm 48 minutes got both 100% and any% for Beach, while 47 only 100% and 41 any% for Ninja.
  4. So for anyone playing this, any info would be appreciated. So far I have cleared Officer mode, and with 59 minutes only got 100% speedrun, but not the any% speedrun.
  5. Level 8 is just a matter of persistence. Survival mode on the other hand... all characters plus the final SNK boss in a row is no joke.
  6. ARCANA HEART 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! NA has 1.57 PSNP and 4.5 PSN. ARCANA HEART 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! EU has 4.73 PSNP and a whooping 20% PSN. Fairly sure both have a lot of cheaters in PSN. Specially the second one, that's just ridiculous.
  7. Hey ho,


    i see u have been playing love live school idol. got problemd with getting all scenarios. what do i have to do, when it says adopted idols opinion. 3 times and 5 times?

    got any tips for me?

    1. OmegaDenmad


      Checkラブライブ-school-idol-paradise-vol3-lily-white-trophy-guide in Story -> Lives/Songs it shows what you have to do for that. If you aren't sure just do it always in the story mode.

    2. BlackHawk665


      The funny thing about this, i exactly do what is written there, but it seems like it doesn´t count.

      just move the curser to the right, press circle, confirm, there are read hearts, right next to the idols. i do for every single song, so should get scenario 4, 6 at the end of the story. but i don´t. tried 3 times allready. for sure i will do something wrong, but i still don´t get it.


      but thanks

  8. That item is unlocked from beating Ultimate Talent Development Plan with any character. It unlocks the RPG side game where you use the characters you level up in the UTDP.
  9. I will cast my vote for El Delayo. Some of the other characters are random or have 0 abilities, but this guy is horrible and you might as well an hero him as soon as you get him. Second worst would be MK Twice, except they sorta have two lives. But forget about shooting your weapon until the white cop dies.
  10. That has happened before. STEINS;GATE 0 JP for example has a PS4 list that is classified as PS4/PS3/Vita, but the PS3 list is different. Same happens with Xeodrifter. Probably easier to apply for a new list if you didn't consider it initially. But another cause would be I imagine the developers fill out a form to add the trophies for their games into PSN databases and sometimes the procedure ends up with multiple forms filled, to which Sony would just assign a different ID to each separate application.
  11. As far as exploits go the game awards 30000, 20000 and 10000 bonus points when you beat an opponent in less time for a round than the current record. You can earn 60000 extra points from the first fight like that (by beating the time in the first round, and then beating that time in the second round) and it begins to add up. For non hi-score modes you can slow the timer so it's easier to score those bonus, but it's definitely possible in hi-score mode too.
  12. I see you got the trophy, was the game patched?
  13. You have to do it again. Score Attack is much easier in this game than in BB:CT and BB:CS so it shouldn't be that many tries.
  14. Extremely late reply, but gallery completion, story mode completion, player offline level, tutorial lessons, challenges done and abyss item shop list are retained. However, you have to trigger each specific trophy. This may sound weird but, after you download your PS3 save to Vita or the other way around: -When you enter the gallery, if you had 100%, both gallery trophies will pop. -When you enter Abyss shop list, if you had 100%, Abyssmal Shopaholic will pop immediately. -You need to complete one tutorial again so it recognizes you completed them all. -You need to complete one challenge (I did one I hadn't on PS3, but I'm guessing a repeat would work) to get Mastered the Basics and Mastered the...Master? -You need to get any ending (a gag ending is enough) for the new characters to get Breaking in the New Guys. -And you need to get 1 more level to pop the level 20 trophy. And that's it I think. The rest, you have to do again from scratch, including all the online stuff. Still a lot of time saved, particularly for the randomness of Abyssmal Shopaholic.
  15. First time using crosstrophies between PS3 and Vita... thank God I don't have to do the last level of Stardrone again. xD