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  1. Yeah, these updates are awful. I didn’t know before completing “Day of the remains” and someone here kindly pointed me to those war zones. Good luck mate! Cheers
  2. Hi! All faction missions, such as "Day of the remains", are only playable once since patch 2.3. Once you played one you can no longer play it again sadly. You can still replay war zones, however. What do you need to farm? You can farm cache strongboxes/intelligence files in the "Stark Realities" war zone and prisoners/depots/intelligence files in the "And we're back" war zone. The following is a quote from "Marvel’s Avengers V2.3 PatchNotes –March Update" from Square Enix's website: Faction Missions will now be removed from the War Table upon completion. Hope it helps. Cheers!
  3. Yes, it was patched sadly. I've lost it already, but farmed prisoners in the "And we're back" mission and caches in the "Stark realities" mission. Those do appear over and over.
  4. Yes, try Stark Realities. Got the trophy that way. Start Go for Cache Return to Quinjet. Rinse and repeat 50 times, or the times you need. I avoided all enemies and other strongboxes (there are at least 4 strongboxes on your way to the cache if you need gear, info files or total strongboxes) Cheers!
  5. Thanks! I'll check it. I'm currently running the "Stark Realities" threat sector that has one at the start, let's hope the trophy pops.
  6. Hi! So, apparently, the game was patched in March and some mission chains can't be replayed anymore, including the "Day of the Reamains" mission, which I could only play it once. Is there another mission where I can farm cache strongboxes? The following is an extract of March's Patch 2.3 notes (dated March 28th) from Square Enix's webpage: War Table Updates: Missions Faction Missions will now be removed from the War Table upon completion. Thanks!
  7. Oh, ok. I'll keep waiting for it to spawn then. I could work on other trophies in the meantime. Thanks!
  8. Hey! Quick question... I want to replay the "Day of the Remains" mission but it's not showing up anymore. I've only played it once. Does anyone know if I have to complete something else before for it to appear? Thanks, cheers!
  9. Thanks mate! I was planning on working towards this trophy this week. I will follow your advice!
  10. Well, the one that's been buggin me for a while is Mortal Kombat 11 - No Bad Match Ups: Komplete all Strategy Tutorials I lose my patience with it and always leave it for another day.
  11. Well, I try to follow these rules: No games with unobtainable trophies, either in the base trophy list or DLCs. I only complete games I really like. I balance the game and the trophy list. I don't play a game exclusively for the plat and I don't play games I may like with trophy lists I don't (on main account...) Complete games 100%. If a DLC has a trophy list I do not like, I choose not to play that game entirely. No games that don't have Platinum trophies. I only play games with MP trophies if I really like the game. My actual backlog has a few games with the MP trophies that I already got out of the way just waiting for me to complete them. (It bugs me to have those games incomplete, but I know I'll get back to them soon). I don't have problems with completion orders or completion times. For games I really want to play, or games I play with friends, I use a second account. If a game I started turned out to be boring, I'll leave it but will return eventually to complete it. And that's about it. I would say my trophy OCD is a bit under control, having a second account is really helpful.