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  1. Hopefully this will change once announced cross-progression launches sometime soon. This way people will log into Xbox, Steam, PlayStation, notice the achievements do not pop, and will bug developers to the point they actually acknowledge it... Also once I'm able to transfer/merge my 360 hours of progress from PC, trophies will get much easier.
  2. Still can't autopop PS5 -> PS4 after today's patch.
  3. Trophies now seem to pop retroactively upon pressing Options button. Can anyone confirm if that means we can 100% other region stacks?
  4. Glad we got additional trophies, finally! Hopefully we will get them as well for upcoming regions and content. Also, looking forward to get this PS5 platinum
  5. I can’t get the autopop from PS5 to PS4 working at all. Tried playing them both, doing some new trophies, or triggering some old ones. It seems so random and buggy :/
  6. They didn’t when I checked it few weeks ago. Anything changed since then?
  7. I’ve got a bug which didn’t sync my last trophy in Maneater on PS5 (and platinum). It’s the one where the trophy popped, I got the screenshot with it, but it didn’t sync for a few hours. After it did, these two trophies are marked as hidden - you can see on my profile that I have the game platinumed, yet those two trophies aren’t unlocked on the game page, trophy log, or my milestones. What can I do with it? Edit: Hiding and unhiding the whole game seems to have fixed it.
  8. Won the game with the newest patch. Still bugged...
  9. Can confirm. I’ve been playing it on Xbox One and PC (Epic Games Store), completed everything and upon signing in on PS4 platinum autopopped.
  10. Is this doable on lower difficulties? I played the first level on easy, got about 85-90% on both accuracy and timing, and got rank B. Then did it without getting hit while killing most of the enemies on hard, and also got rank B. I'm pretty good with rhythm games so timing shouldn't be an issue for me
  11. The more the merrier. I hope we get another list like Hitman 2 did. 123 trophies is a rookie number, 256 trophies is where it's at.
  12. It will wipe if you boot up the game with console language set to any other than English. Make sure to backup your save often on PS+ cloud or USB drive and change language to English everytime you open AdVenture Capitalist.
  13. Looks like the bosses are in the game now, the trophy has went to 0.1% on PSN and while playing World Dance Floor I've seen some popups regarding to bosses. Keep an eye out.
  14. It's really fun. Not as amazing and groundbreaking as Beat Saber (that game is a genre defining masterpiece 🙏 ), but still a really great game. It's different enough from Beat Saber to feel fresh, and the mechanics make for a totally different playstyle. It takes practice to git gud, even if you frequently play rhythm games.
  15. I have platinum in Beat Saber, and have played a couple of hours of Audica on Oculus. This is gonna be hard, much harder than Beat Saber for sure. I'd consider myself good in rhythm games, but Audica seems to take a lot of practice, and can get really intense on higher difficulties. One way or another, I can't wait to pick this up!