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  1. Lunchboxes come in handy. I played this game a few years back on my phone, and I progressed much quicker thanks to the stuff from this PS+ pack.
  2. What's Danganronpa doing in there? I've played the first game years ago, will definitely have to keep an eye on this one!
  3. Yeah, I kinda agree. I had tons of fun with Jak 1 (Precursor's Leagcy), but Jak 2 just dropped this fun, open world, collectible driven, exploration gameplay in favor of more complex, but not quite as polished story focuesd gameplay. At least that's what I grasped upon playing first hour of it. It just wasn't fun for me
  4. I'd love this as a feature too, so I could create more stats for my profile - in particular separate Avg. Completion for PS4, PS3 and Vita.
  5. Thanks for doing such a giveaway :> My favorite game would have to be Rock Band 4, my proudest platinum!
  6. Gnome vault keys are rare random drops from killing gnomes in all modes where they show up (all of them, except Guild Wars)
  7. As far as I know there are a couple community run servers. I've read about it before, found this after a quick google: http://letsplayagame.co.uk/ but it appears to be invite only for now. Maybe someone who did trophies could chime in.
  8. Got myself Locoroco Remastered. PaRappa will have to wait a while, but I'll buy it physically imported from asia
  9. That's nice of you. I'm glad to take part in it
  10. Over 600k gold here and still hoarding. I'd also like to do this trophy. We can make gaming session here to find more people. I have created gaming session - join if you're interested. https://psnprofiles.com/session/128991-gems-of-war
  11. Unless they have changed rating system since PS One and PSP versions, getting cool rating on every level will be painful, challenging, and really demanding. Beating the game itself can be considered as an achievement. This will be an ultra rare platinum.
  12. Got myself Persona 4 Golden and Severed for Vita I would like to see Danganronpa 2 get on sale again, so I can grab it a little bit cheaper.
  13. Gave my point to poor Ringo, he wasn't even the best drummer in The Beatles
  14. I don't like games that story modes take too long. I've bought The Witcher 3 on release day and still didn't complete it. Played GTA V for maybe 4-5 hours or so. On the other hand, I tend to love games that you can boot up to play for 5 minutes and be done, I spend a lot more time on them Counting up all music games such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero or DJ Hero, I've probably spent more than 2,500 hours. Crazy numbers.