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  1. Is this doable on lower difficulties? I played the first level on easy, got about 85-90% on both accuracy and timing, and got rank B. Then did it without getting hit while killing most of the enemies on hard, and also got rank B. I'm pretty good with rhythm games so timing shouldn't be an issue for me
  2. The more the merrier. I hope we get another list like Hitman 2 did. 123 trophies is a rookie number, 256 trophies is where it's at.
  3. It will wipe if you boot up the game with console language set to any other than English. Make sure to backup your save often on PS+ cloud or USB drive and change language to English everytime you open AdVenture Capitalist.
  4. Looks like the bosses are in the game now, the trophy has went to 0.1% on PSN and while playing World Dance Floor I've seen some popups regarding to bosses. Keep an eye out.
  5. It's really fun. Not as amazing and groundbreaking as Beat Saber (that game is a genre defining masterpiece 🙏 ), but still a really great game. It's different enough from Beat Saber to feel fresh, and the mechanics make for a totally different playstyle. It takes practice to git gud, even if you frequently play rhythm games.
  6. I have platinum in Beat Saber, and have played a couple of hours of Audica on Oculus. This is gonna be hard, much harder than Beat Saber for sure. I'd consider myself good in rhythm games, but Audica seems to take a lot of practice, and can get really intense on higher difficulties. One way or another, I can't wait to pick this up!
  7. Thanks to the Borderlands VIP (Vault Insider Program) it is now much easier to get Painbow Connection, instead of farming for effervescent gear, you can earn points on the Borderlands website and redeem them for items you need. Each effervescent is 4,000 points, and you can find them in Borderlands 2 rewards section. If you've done "activities" on the website and need more points (or just wanna use them for Borderlands 3/Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel gear) you can find codes to redeem on Borderlands discord server. See you on the Borderlands! 😎
  8. Artstyle and design of Persona 5 😌
  9. How do I enter game support menu? Can't figure where it's at.
  10. I'll invite you to our guild. We're not super hardcore, but we've got some lvl 1,000 players that are dedicated and would gladly help you with any questions about the game We complete blue tasks every week, and plan on doing Team Synergy again past January.
  11. The game is going free to play on PC, not consoles.
  12. Is it cancelled? 6 months passed and it's still at 0 owners, and no mention of it getting a release 🙄
  13. Lunchboxes come in handy. I played this game a few years back on my phone, and I progressed much quicker thanks to the stuff from this PS+ pack.
  14. What's Danganronpa doing in there? I've played the first game years ago, will definitely have to keep an eye on this one!
  15. Yeah, I kinda agree. I had tons of fun with Jak 1 (Precursor's Leagcy), but Jak 2 just dropped this fun, open world, collectible driven, exploration gameplay in favor of more complex, but not quite as polished story focuesd gameplay. At least that's what I grasped upon playing first hour of it. It just wasn't fun for me