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  1. What is everyone's opinion on this game? Looks really fun and as someone who likes these kind of games I'm keen on checking it out! Trophy list doesn't seem to hard from what I can see. What's the time to plat this game?
  2. Not sure if this question has been asked before already: Say I try this method and leave my PS on while I'm at work. Will I still get exp. after reaching level 10 or do you HAVE to promote that character in order to keep earning exp? Cause then I'll have to check my PS every 2 hours or so and promote every individual character before they can get more exp. which isn't ideal. This is one of those trophies I hate to get. PvZ isn't a horrible game but whoever made that trophy can seriously eat the disc....
  3. Realistically, how many hours would it take you to get the trophies in a valid way without boosting or the like almost a year later than the last post? Have this game in my list, have a few trophies because I played it once with a friend but mostly offline (splitscreen). Cleaning up my list a bit and considering playing this one, but reading all the comments above maybe I should not?
  4. Unfortunately you can't get trophies in arcade mode so this'll have to be done in either Quick Play (standard) or Competitive. Or am I mistaken here? Haven't played arcade in a while.
  5. Allright thanks for letting me know! Thought it was a pretty fun game when I played a few rounds some time ago but if it's that much of a chore to get the trophies with bad servers and toxic players I'm glad I was warned. Might try to boost them one day or another. But I'd rather have an uncompleted game than 500+ hours of my life thrown into one bad game.
  6. Realistically, how many hours would it take you to get the trophies in a valid way without boosting or the like? Have this game in my list, have 4 trophies because I played it once with a friend. Cleaning up my list a bit and considering playing this one, but reading all the comments above maybe I should not?
  7. Hi everyone! As an introvert, who'll rarely join random parties, I decided to post on here as well and get some friendly fellow trophy hunters in my friends list. I love playing all sorts of games. From open world, indie, horror and shooters to platformers, city builders and RPG's. Mostly looking for people to socialise with (via messages, as said above I rarely go in parties unless absolutely necessary), just compare trophies with and have a good time. A little bit more about me: I'm a 23 year old metalhead listening to bands like Iron Maiden (my absolute favorite), Metallica, Rammstein, Anthrax and many more all day. So if you wanna chat about rock- or metal music I'm all in as well! Games I'm currently playing: The Surge Rainbow Six Siege PSN ID: its_ArchroniX
  8. Oh I'd love to play Borderlands 2 and complete all DLC (yes I have the handsome collection). But as said in previous comments I just feel like 15 euros for a single piece of DLC is a lot and there's so many great games, expansions and stuff out there that I could get for less. I will eventually play Borderlands 2 (if I ever get over my completionist fear) and I will probably enjoy it. I just don't want to pay 15 euros for 5 hours of enjoyment while some indie games sell for less than 5 euros (in sales) and give me double that time. It's the same with a game as Tropico 5, which was free as well a while back and seems real fun to me. I'd love to play it but I'm not going to buy all DLC for 15 euros a piece (believe there's 4 or 5) in order to just get 100%. Hope that makes sense. Again, that's my opinion on it
  9. In that case no hard feelings. ūü§ó I'm still working my way to a higher completion rate but annoying multiplayer games like CoD Ghosts (for example) are stuck on my list forever and I don't wanna hide them.
  10. Little off topic but I didn't care about trophy hunting when I started gaming in the first place. I only began to enjoy it later in when I had a lot of games in my list already. In hindsight I regret playing some games when it comes to trophies but I don't care for those that much. Games like CoD Ghosts and Driveclub are games I'm never going to complete and I have accepted that. I want to complete as many games a possible now to get the most out of them because I enjoy doing that.
  11. Fair point indeed. But your mindset is the same as mine. I could buy some great indie games or AAA games on sale for 15 euros. Why would I spent 15 euros on 1 single piece of DLC for a game I got for free when it gives me, what, 5 hours of enjoyment? And the statement I made with 'Guess this is going to be another game on my list that'll never be completed' is just my own pick on games. I like to complete all of my games to 100% as much as I can. Having Borderlands 2 on 90% (or something like that) is something I don't like. Spending 15 euros JUST to get 100% (and just for the trophies) isn't something I'm willing to do. Didn't mean to offend anyone by saying things above. That's just my opinion on trophies and this DLC.
  12. From what I've read the DLC is pretty short as the guide says it'll only take you 5 hours to complete it. Imo 15 euro (or £12 as you say) is too much for a small piece of DLC but maybe that's just me. If it were 5 euros or less I wouldn't hesitate and buy it right away!
  13. I have resolved myself to finish some unfinished games that are still in my list first before I start new ones (that are in my backlog).


    The games I want to start clearing first:

    The Surge (+DLC)

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Apex Legends



    I feel like these are doable (except R6 which'll be a pain) and will make my list a little more 'completed'.

    1. zizimonster


      MGSV: The Phantom Pain is so much fun.¬†ūüĎć

    2. its_ArchroniX


      @zizimonster Started it a while ago and felt really underwelmed by the game. I really enjoyed Ground Zeroes though.


      But I'm going to give it another shot. Looking at gameplay makes me so hyped to play it!!

  14. That's a shame. Really wanted to 100% Borderlands 2 as it seems like a fun platinum run. Guess this is going to be another game on my list that'll never be completed. Thanks for the answers!!
  15. So I wanted to play Borderlands 2 with one of my good friends (who doesn't care for trophies as much as I do) but I'm someone who wants to get 100% on all my games, not only platinum. For some weird reason my friend has the 'Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary' DLC and I don't as my PS store still says that I need to buy it (instead of 'download'). If I understand correctly, this DLC was once free (I don't know when exactly). But what I find weird is that my friend and I claimed the game at the same time (with the PS plus games a while ago) and never played it (together) until now. Does anyone know if the DLC is ever going to be free again or if it's going to be on sale at all? I have had the DLC in my wishlist for a while but never see the price come down in any sales. Borderlands 2 seems like a very fun game but if I can't get 100% due to 1 DLC it fairly irritates me. Will probably play it despite that, but then I know in advance at least. Oh, and I'm not going to pay 15 euros for 1 single piece of DLC for a game I was able to claim for free. I did buy season passes for free PS plus games before, but I think that's a different story as they come with more DLC and additional content.