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  1. #40 Dying Light 0.8% on Console - 6.49% on PSN Get all game trophies. You know about those games other people tend to praise and enjoy but you just casually hate? Well, Dying Light is exactly that for me. I've seen people describe it as 'One of the best zombie games of the last decade' but my personal opinion strays far away from that. Th game's story can be described in one word: 'disappointing'. It doesn't go anywhere. It feels like they used a formula that's already present in so many games and tried to give it that zombie formula to it but it just doesn't work. There's one bad guy who's got a trillion henchmen and you need to stop him, quite thrilling isn't it? Mario games have been doing it for over 30 years, just saying. The side-quests are the reason this game is somewhat good and this is where the games shines in my opinion. They're fun and different from each other. Yes sometimes it's just 'Get X amount of that item for me' but what game doesn't have that? Honestly the side-quests in this game are more fun and a better investment of your time than the entire story is and will be. And now the reason why I hated this game so bloody much: The free-running. I get the developers tried to give Dying Light that little extra by adding free-running into the game which allows you to be a first person zombie slaying Spiderman but it just doesn't work. This game would've been a thousand times better if they removed this whole thing and it feels more like a gimmick than an actual game changer. And the fact the grapple hook lets you down 9 out of 10 times isn't helping. Really, the moments where I latched onto something only for my character to not grip himself onto the wall followed by falling to my death is uncountable. Combat wise the game doesn't make much sense either. You want to be using a melee weapon in most situations because using a gun attracts unwanted attention. Quite a fun mechanic to say the least but this makes the game so much worse. The normal zombies (also known as biters in this game) are really easy to kill with melee weapons, but try killing Volatiles (the speedy freaks that show up at night) or Super zombies (the big guys throwing rocks at you) with a baseball bat or a hammer. That's not going to work. The game isn't rewarding you for creative kills nor is it making life easy on you for using a gun for once. I bought the game in 2015 but sold it afterwards because I didn't like it. Picked it up in a sale around June 2021 because I thought the game might've improved a little or I would look at the game in any other way but I was wrong. Undoubtedly one of the worst AAA games I've ever played Quite a shame this game turned out to be platinum #40. Worst part: I still have to play the damn DLC...... Enjoyment: 3/10 Difficulty: 6/10
  2. #39 Rogue Company 1.2% on Console - 9.55% on PSN Unlock all other trophies in Rogue Company Describing this game in one word: Sweat. Describing it in more than on word: Sweat hard. But for real, a fun and pretty awesome shooter game. I recommend playing it with a friend though as it makes the game much more enjoyable. The biggest amount of the trophies are all pretty straight forward and easy to obtain and you might just get some of them while not even trying to go for them. They'll come naturally. The trophy that gave me the worst time was 'All I do is Win' (win 100 matches). Mostly because you can feel that this game is a free to play game. There's so many little kids breathing in their mics. while eating Cheetos and absolutely just not paying attention to what's happening on the screen. I normally game with my own microphone on muted but there have been many matches were I turned it on just to tell my crappy teammates they sucked. I'm not a salty person whatsoever and I get that a free to play game is appealing to people without PS plus. But damn, there were so many people that didn't even try and had 0 kills in 3 total rounds. On top of that the game is an absolute sweatfest as mentioned above. Either you get up against an enemy team that plays absolutely nothing else than this game in their free-time and you lose your round in less then a minute or your own teammates decide to quit mid-game and you're left with a team of 3. That was probably the most problematic thing about this game. Nevertheless the game kept me busy for a while but the 'All I do is Win' trophy almost made me quit the grind to the platinum trophy. But I did finish it with around 45 hours on the clock and I'm pretty happy with that. I'm grateful to the person that helped me on this journey and consider him a close friend now although we've only spoken in text chat. Could I recommend this game? Yes, but only if you have a friend (group) who's dedicated enough to keep the grind going with you and if you're somewhat experienced in third person shooter games. If you're someone who dislikes those kind of games or tends to give up because others are better than you I'd say stay away from it. Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 4/10
  3. So I completed the main story and I'm aware Rais's men don't show as often as they used to before completing the final mission. But I'm doing a run through Old Town every night for the past week now, looking for the blue icons on the map and I'm killing at least 2/ 3 squads of Rais's men attacking a civilian per night. It feels like I've already killed over 30 to 40 squads attacking civilians but the trophy hasn't popped for me. I'm also aware that the black hooded men attacking civilians don't count towards this trophy (they're just bandits I presume). Is this trophy possibly bugged? It's one of the last miscellaneous trophies I need before I can fully focus on the side quests and collectibles and move on to the DLC but I'm getting tired of continuously patrolling the rooftops every night only to find a few squads to kill and not getting the trophy.
  4. I remember that I posted on this forum a while back saying the worst games I've ever played were either Onrush or Killing Floor 2. I'd like to take that back and hand the crown to a game I'm currently playing: Dying Light It's the absolute worst game I've ever played so far. After selling it in 2016 I decided to pick it up again since it was on sale a while back. Worst decision of my life.... The combat is really bad, some enemy types are OP (especially the giant zombies) and don't get me started on the ridiculously bad free-running in this game. The grapple hook doesn't latch onto anything I want it to. 9/ 10 times I fall straight down after grappling and either take damage or die for the tenth time in half an hour. The free-running feels like a gimmick to say the least. It's like Dying Light wanted to be a first person Assassin's Creed but it failed miserably. This game would've been a thousand times better if it didn't have the free-running. Gun combat isn't necessarily bad but you barely use guns because it attracts so many running zombies it's not even fun anymore. Crafting feels underwhelming as a weapon found in early game with a low rarity can do as much damage as a late game weapon with a high rarity, at least it feels like that. And the 'gadgets' and 'boosters' you can make are also extremely underpowered. Not to take away that the materials for higher grade gadgets or boosters are very hard to near impossible to find. Oh and the fun part is that you can equip skins to your character. In a first person game...... That's the same principle as making your character as gorgeous as possible only to wear a helmet the entire game. It's only really visible in multiplayer were other players can see you running around but other than that it's so stupid! And the worst part is, they charge for skins unless you buy the platinum edition like I did and you get all of them for free. I've had my fair share of zombie games (CoD zombies, Killing Floor 2 and Dead Island for example) but this one stands out for all the wrong reasons. Trophy wise I'd say the give is pretty straight forward. Complete the story, do some side quests and collect some stuff and your regular misc. trophies. Platinum should be a walk in the park if you follow a guide (not the one on PSN since it's extremely outdated and not accurate). DLC trophies are a hell, especially the Parkour and Bozak ones since the Bozak challenges are beyond ridiculous. I could see why people like Dying Light and are hyped for Dying Light 2 but to anyone possibly reading this who's looking for a good and relaxing zombie game (as far as a zombie game can be relaxing) I'd say stay far away from Dying Light. For me it's the absolute worst game I've ever played and I yet have to complete it as I post this. Might've pissed some people of by writing this but I really don't care. I play games for my enjoyment with the little time I have in my life and I find joy in completing trophies but a game like Dying Light makes me seriously want to quit trophy hunting for good.
  5. Thanks for the replies and advice everyone!! I just have one more question: Will I be able to upgrade the psychical edition of the PS4 game to the PS5 version, or is it only the digital edition that is upgradeable? I happen to own the very first generation of the PS4 so it's nowhere near the PS5's power. If I should buy the game I might play it on my PS4 for practice and then switch to my PS5 (if I ever get one) for the better graphics.
  6. As someone who's never played a Guilty Gear game, would you say Strive is a good game to start off the series with? I recently saw some gameplay on Youtube and love the artstyle of the game a lot!! In terms of story I would like to know what's happening in the game but I don't want to go back in time (and possibly in platform/ console) to actually kbow what is going on. Mainly my reason why I never got into the FF games. If there's an older Guilty Gear game that explains the story more, is better than this one or anything that is on PS4 I'd love to pick that up in a sale sometime. Also the trophies seem quite doable. I love fighting games but sweatfest games like Mortal Kombat, Injustice and Street Fighter made me hate the genre a little. I don't want to spent 24 hours a day behind my tv to get on the same level 9/10 online players are in those games. I have a job and can only game 4 hours per day at most so games like that stop me from enjoying the genre.
  7. Thanks, I'll look into that later! And yeah I noticed. I set myself the goal to win 5 matches a day but I'm already struggling in winning 2 😂
  8. Recently I decided to go for a few rounds and noticed the entire enemy team were non-playstation players. I didn't think much of it, could've been Xbox or Switch players for all I know. Then the match started and their aim was inhuman. Every shot that hit was an instant headshot, their way of moving around seemed off and their sniper flicked a lot (not impossible on console, but still). I don't know if Controller vs Keyboard is a thing in this game but damn. I can't begin to tell the amount of matches in the last couple of days where it seens I'm playing against aimbots. Is there any way to turn off crossplay, or at least make it selective so I'm only up against Xbox, Switch and PS4 players. I still have a long way to go before I get to 100 wins but it's so frustrating getting instabtly headshotted from 100 meters away....
  9. #38 Bloodborne 6.3% on Console - 21.43% on PSN All trophies acquired. Hats off! A game that I have started over from the beginning and never finished more than any other game I ever played, until now! I bought and started playing this game back in 2017 but never got past a certain boss until I decided to go for it! After setting my love-hate relationship with the Soulsborne games aside I went for it and finally got past the point where everything I encountered was unknown territory. Rage and sadness became common feelings when fighting bosses for many, many times over but the feeling of finally beating a boss you've been stuck on for hours is something like never before. Funny enough I struggled with bosses the community calls 'easy' and had the easiest time with some of the communities most infuriating bosses (Got Defiled Watchdog on my fourth try, Ebrietas on my second try and Orphan of Kos on my very first try, just to name a few) Bloodborne is one of the very few games I'm going to miss now that I have the platinum + 100% for it. Most of the times I feel relieved when finishing a long game like this but Bloodborne is gorgeous in a lot of ways! and I'm really going to miss it. I have the Dark Souls trilogy still waiting for me in my backlog but I like Bloodborne a lot more, both in style and in combat. Though not my rarest platinum trophy so far it's definitely one I'm very proud of! I recommend everyone to try this game out if they haven't already, though if you hate dying a lot and having to 'adapt and overcome' and 'git gud' I'd say stay far, far away from it. I've had a friend that wanted to play this game with me so we could help each other out with bosses but he quit as soon as he encountered the Cleric Beast and blamed everything on the so called 'clunky controls'. Let's say we're no longer friends in that matter.... Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 9/10
  10. Awesome thanks! I'm already at the last Chalice dungeon (for the trophy) at the moment so I have access to all weapons in the messenger store. I just need the Bloodpoints to buy them all. The only one I still need is the Burial Blade.
  11. So I was wondering if you need to own all the weapons (have them in your inventory) or just the items (badges) that let's you unlock them in the messenger store? I'm going to use the save method in order to get all endings in one playthrough but of course the last weapon being a NG+ weapon I wanted to make sure before anything goes wrong (you never know). I've used only one weapon throughout my entire playthrough so I only have a certain amount of weapons atm.
  12. I can confirm this. I just logged in, played a round of Strikeout and the trophy popped as soon as I got 4 downs! Trophy seems to be fixed 😄
  13. Iron Maiden - Rock in Rio DVD: Recorded at the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil in 2001 on the last night of the Brave New World. The band played to approximately 250,000 people; the second largest crowd of their career and with the relatively recent return of lead singer Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith to the band, they recorded their fifth live release. Megadeth - Rust in Peace Live Bluray: This concert was recorded in 2010 following their 20th Anniversary Rust In Peace Tour. The show was shot at the Hollywood Palladium where the band played the album Rust in Peace in its entirety. Metallica - Quebec Magnetic Bluray: A live concert video album by Metallica documenting two shows the band played at the in Quebec City in 2009 on their World Magnetic Tour. The band played many songs from their new album; Death Magnetic, as well as some fan favorites like Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman and Seek and Destroy.
  14. I still enjoy playing games with my girlfriend on the Wii from time to time and I don't mind that it doesn't have trophies. It's kind of a getaway from the grind. Though I also have to say I haven't touched my 2DS in almost 2 years just because there's no challenge in it anymore. I still have some amazing DS games that are left untouched but because there are no trophies/ achievements or anything I don't bother with them anymore. Same goes for the Switch. There's many games that make me want to buy a Switch but I know I'll hardly touch it and prefer my Playstation over it any day.
  15. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Buzz!: The BIG Quiz Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Smuggler's Run