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  1. Played the demo yesterday for Resident Evil Village and was quige impressed. So I decided I want to check out every Resident Evil game and buy them in sale.


    Which Resi games are worth playing and which are better not that great? I'm a complete newcomer to the series and have never read any review nor played any of the games but I saw it has 7 parts with some spin-off games (Veronica X,  Revelations 1 & 2 and 0) and was wondering which are considered the better ones and which aren't.


    In terms of trophies: I like a challenge but nothing too ridiculous 😂

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    2. enaysoft


      I would say RE6 is a bit like RE5, the base game is not so difficult especially since you can just start each chapter on the final section now (added with a patch) But like RE5, RE6 also has stupidly long and long online grindy crap. Some is fun but most are fun for about 30 minutes and just become awful grind fests.

    3. its_ArchroniX


      @MarcusPunisher @enaysoft 


      Thanks to both of you for the detailed and helpful info!

      I think I'll start Resi1 soon and work my way onwards to get to the platinum trophy for that while keeping an eye on the sales. I'm eager to pick up every Resi game but I think I'm going to skip the online ones. I don't like forming a dedicated group and grind with them for several hours to get what I want. I've been in some pretty nasty matches/ groups in other games already just to get me a platinum.

      I like challenges in game so the 'long' story in 5 and 6 doesn't bother me that much. I'm up for that challenge, even it takes me over 50 hours.

      One question though. I know Revelations 2 is couch co-op as well. Will I be able to get the multiplayer trophies through couch co-op too or is it online only? I've played the demo with my girlfriend and we had a pretty good time with it.


    4. enaysoft


      I think Resident Evil 1 requires 5 or 6 play throughs to get platinum, some of them seem annoying. I have the game but not started it due to the back log from hell.


      Revelations 2 is weird, yeah it's only cough coop as far as I know, you can't play it online.

      RE5 and RE6 however are 100% offline and online coop via split screen.

      RE6 is 60fps split screen but sadly RE5 split screen is 30fps. Not sure why.


      Still it's better than nothing and certainly PS3 versions were all 30fps on split screen.


      RE6 gets a lot of hate, but I honestly think it's great. It's one of the best couch coop games out there. And on RE5, two of the DLC are also couch coop.


      I honestly miss games not having couch coop.

  2. Rise of the Tomb Taider - Platinum 0.4% on Console - 7.06% on PSN You unlocked every trophy in the game An absolute gorgeous game in every sense. Really enjoyed getting this game on platinum although the score attack trophies were infuriating at some times but they were doable. Story wise the game isn't bad either. I haven't played any other Tomb Raider games before so I don't know how it holds up against the older/ newer ones but I'd say it offers a story interesting enough that it doesn't get boring. Now the base game + platinum has 66 trophies while all DLC combined have a total of 59 trophies so I'm not 100% done with the game yet But since almost all of the score attacks (except the Baba Yaga ones) are done I'm going to really enjoy the DLC trophies! Again, great game and I'd recommend it to everyone looking for a good open world game with some survival elements and an interesting story.
  3. Rise of the Tomb Raider is an extremely fun game and the trophies aren't that hard at all.

    Until...... I got to the score attack trophies. I don't see the fun in them and they're just tedious and stupid. Really want platinum/ 100% for the game but the score attack trophies ruin it all. They're really hard in my opinion.

    If anyone has any advice on them, other than using the card setup from people from the leaderboard I'd love to hear them. I don't want to have a laptop with a video next to me on every single score attack level in order to get them done. I've had some tedious/ time consuming trophies in my time but this tops it......

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    2. its_ArchroniX


      @closertim No problem mate, I appreciate every piece of advice. :D


      Main problem for me is that somem issions take really long and if you die you have to start over which is something I utterly hate 😂

    3. s68sc


      honestly all score attack are easy, you need to use the leaderboards card, i got all 29 in a day and also you don't need to be perfect, i got a lot of gold even with a lot of errors, only one is really hard that you need to be perfect but is literally 40 sec.

    4. closertim


      I tried to pick the cards where if you die you wouldn't need to restart.  Sometimes had to scroll down the leaderboards 2 -3 pages to find cards that suited.  I hated this part of the game initially,  but after I got the hang of it,  it was quite fun. 

  4. Clearly you didn't read my OP entirely as I said this happened in MY GAME and want to warn others in case it occurs for them as well. To call it 'inaccurate' because you're lucky enough not to have the bug doesn't mean the bug is gone or not there 😅 The game isn't bad indeed though I was completely done with it after my last playthrough. Kept me entertained enough and netted me a nice ultra rare platinum though.
  5. Ever stopped any instance of your social life so you could get a trophy? Not really. I always have work and relationships (either family or friends) as a priority rather than trophy hunting. It's fun, but if I had to do 1 week/ month without it I could definitely handle myself. Spend most of your money on bad games with easy plats? Absolutely not. I have some games that are considered 'easy plats' but I never buy games just for the trophies. I buy them because they seem interesting to me or they create a certain 'hype' that makes me want to play them. Actually play a game then plat it so you can squeeze extra life out of it? As I write this I have 119 games played with 38 games completed. I regret some of them but I absolutely have some games in there I would play again even if it weren't for the trophies! But to me a game isn't 100% done/ completed if there's still trophies to be earned. I'd say you pay for a full experience then why not play the full experience and try every challenge, every collectible or every difficulty there is? Don't play games without plats or they're unobtainable? Sadly, yes. Final Fantasy 15 is a great example where I found out the comrades DLC trophies are unobtainable so I just sold the game knowing I would never be able to 100% the game. Mad Max is another example where servers got closed and I couldn't get the platinum anymore. I like playing games but I HATE the fact I won't be able to complete a game so I don't bother anymore.
  6. Dear Esther and Gone Home were gorgeous as well (although Gone Home had a very creepy vibe to it and I'm really jumpy). The particular friend I'm talking about would rather spend his evening watching a Steven Spielberg explosion robot dinosaur movie or play Call of Duty whilst throwing his controller against the wall then actually take his time in a quiet but dead drop gorgeous game like Rapture for example. I don't get it either but each and everyone to its own I guess. Hunting trophies in Rapture wasn't that exciting but the game itself had me in awe and it did indeed change the way I now look for new games to add to my libary. Glad to see someone else appreciating the 'walking sim' genre though
  7. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture One of the best games I've ever played hands down. Everything about the game is perfect in my opinion. The mysterious story, the landscape, the music and the overall style of the game are just incredible! A lot of people dislike 'walking simulators' but this game made me change my mind about them and I can never forget this game! A friend of mine, for example, who doesn't have the patience to play a game where there's no combat, no real sense of danger and all you can do is walk around and fit the pieces of the puzzle together yourself would think I'm a complete idiot for considering this game a favourite over big games I've completed Like Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty or something. He doesn't see the absolute beauty of this game and the details the developers put in it! The game might not be as underrated as some other PS4 walking sims found in the store (like Ether One, Virginia or Kona) but I think the game doesn't get enough credit for what it is.
  8. Bought Kona and Oxenfree in a sale a little over a month ago and haven't started them yet. Now I bought myself a new indie game that's been on my wishlist for a while; Virginia.


    My backlog is filling up with indie games. I love that I hate myself for buying them on sale 😂



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    2. visighost


      I loved the three games, so I'd say you did good buying them! None are very long: you're not creating too much of a backlog either!

    3. its_ArchroniX




      Quite excited to play all 3 of them!
      Maybe not so much of a backlog, more like the list get's longer and I start new games without completing the old ones. But gotta live with it I guess :P

    4. visighost


      *Quick check: 1414 games I haven't completed on my PS4/vita backlog. 510 of which I've earned at least a trophy for. Go with the flow... :D

  9. I've written a guide for Kholat (Ps4) which is an indie survival horror game based on a true story from events that took place in 1959. I already found a guide on (link) but I found it very lackluster as it didn't offer any details/ tips, badly explained trophy requirements and the writer decided to write his opinion stating you should 'wait for a sale on this game' which is something you shouldn't write in a guide in my honest opinion. So I decided to write a guide that's more in-depth with images clarifying some locations, useful tips and strategies and linked videos to make the trophy completion a smooth experience since you can easily get lost in this game. It's currently under review and I hope to see a response on it very soon as I'm pretty happy with how the guide turned out. Me and a fiend completed the game on his account (hence why I don't have 100% on my account yet) and I bought it myself to see if I could complete it as well. It's an awesome game that's definitely worth a play if you're a horror fan! Help is not needed at the moment but if the review says there are a lot of typos in my guide I could use the help of people whose native language is English. I can speak it fluently but I have problems with the sentence structure and punctuation marks.
  10. What really got me trophy hunting is the fact that I used to buy 2-3 (new) games a month without even having finished the previous one thus building up a massive library of games. All those games became a chore instead of a hobby and I made schedules just to decide what game to play today and which one to play tomorrow. I regret buying some of them but others turned out to be more exciting than I could've ever imagined revisiting them just because of the trophies. PS plus free games that I otherwise never would've touched turned out to be some of the best games I've ever played like Everybody's gone to the Rapture, Rime and Life is Strange. Other than that I really like the sense of accomplishment when rounding up a game to 100% and getting platinum for it. I like the challenge some games bring to the table and I really love seeing my backlog get smaller and smaller (despite that I sometimes buy indie games on sale). I have a friend that doesn't care about trophies at all, he has 250 games played and only 1 completed (which is We Were Here, together with me) and says he doesn't care about them since he hates to 'complete' games for trophies which is something I can't really get behind. I really can't stand that thought anymore of buying a game and not getting what you've payed for. You don't pay to see a movie in cinemas only to walk out in the middle of it because you're done? I declined some games friends suggested just because of trophies which are usually multiplayer games or games that are just incredibly hard, but I'm okay with that. I rather pick games based on their trophies then regret it afterwards and have yet another uncompleted/ never to be finished game in my list. My above mentioned friend says I've changed when it comes to gaming but in my opinion I've changed for the better and my wallet agrees with me on that topic as well
  11. I never stated game pass was bad but I don't see Microsoft/ Xbox just 'giving away' games in these times. That's my point. Game pass can be good (never owned an Xbox so I can't tell you about it) but that's all Xbox offers I guess. We at PS get, what, 9 FREE games without having to pay for a subscription or whatever. Really hard not to like that.
  12. This. Very fun game at first but feels incredibly cheap and ripped off and after the first hour of playing you have seen everything there is. Reward/ loot system is complete garbage (you can unlock loot boxes by playing but not the key, you need to buy that with real money) and there isn't any kind of 'rewarding feel' after getting to a high round on a harder difficulty. Not that CoD zombies gives you heaps of rewards but at least it has easter eggs/ a goal to complete whereas Killing Floor 2 it's just survive > die > repeat every time without a goal to complete. I did get the platinum for it because it's pretty easy but they keep adding DLC to it every now and then and adding 1 single trophy every time so I had to reinstall the game 4 times already to get it to 100%. The games is just plain bad.......
  13. This games has good days where you're in a team that clutches the flawless win in less then 5 minutes and it has bad days when you get killed a second after spawning, the enemy kills you in the most ridiculous ways or you have a small minded person in your own team that teamkills you the second you pick the character they wanted. Either way the game isn't nearly as awful as Call of Duty or Battlefield multiplayer in my opinion. Matches don't take as dreadfully long, every operator has its strengths and weaknesses (instead of everybody using that one overpowered gun or gadget) and they keep updating the game pretty frequently. The game is A LOT more fun, rewarding and easier (in the sense of communicating with each other) with friends though. However. If you want to play this game for fun stay away from Ranked. It feels incredibly broken with players that kill you with only a millimeter of sight to see you, aggressive rushers that you can't really do anything against and gadget feel very useless in ranked. Whereas in quick match a lot of operators really shine and have the potential to show of their ability/ gadgets and be useful with it get completely denied in ranked (Valkyrie's cams, Meastro's evil-eyes and Kapkan traps for example). Trophy wise the game isn't all that bad but the trophy where you have to get into gold rank is just plain dumb. I get that you've got to have a certain amount of skill in a game like this but with disconnecting/ team-killing teammates, enemy teams that've played nothing but Siege for the past 5 years and the above mentioned reasons I think it's just plain rude to let players with less experience or players that just aren't that good in ranked not have a fair chance on getting the platinum trophy. Climbing from a rank like copper or bronze to gold is just nearly impossible.
  14. Thanks for informing us! Shame the folded edition is for PC only for now as I think the game looks stunning. No harm in adding to the library though
  15. Quoting Wikipedia and IGN website: 'Paper Beast: Folded Edition, a non-VR version of the game, was released in October 20 2020'. So there is non-VR version of the game. Nevertheless it's nice we're getting it and I'll be adding to my library as well. Game seemed pretty great but I'm not a VR person I guess 😂