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  1. Lords of the Fallen Lords and Judges - 0.6% on Console - 4.24% on PSN Unlock all trophies. Despite the game not being as good as the Dark Souls series I had a blast getting through the game and I'm very happy with the platinum! Initially started an NG++ to get the last 2 trophies but couldn't make it past Worshipper with his terrible minions constantly stunning me. So booted up my old save I had on my harddrive and did 2 NG+ runs. Completed the last playthrough in around 3 to 4 hours. Also completed the DLC to 100% in my first playthrough which in my opinion was pretty bad, but that aside. My first 2021 platinum, and a pretty one in my opinion!
  2. Lords of the Fallen (+DLC) Got my first trophy in 2016 but since I used to be an impatient brat who only cared for shooters I never touched it again till now. One playthrough and 2 trophies away from the platinum trophy so probably 2 days and I have it!
  3. He tried trophy hunting once and bragged about having a trophy in a game (believe it was Monster Hunter World) that I didn't have. I didn't pay any attention to i at all and he gave up on trophy hunting already. Quite funny to see him get irritated. I've personally hidden 32 trophies on my profile from games I was NEVER going to complete like Super Meat Boy for example. But as you can see from the card down below I still have 90 uncompleted games so still enough work to do.
  4. When I started gaming I didn't care much for trophies at all. Bought one game after another without actually looking at the trophy lists. But when I first logged in here I saw what a ridiculously long list of 'uncompleted' or 'forgotten' games I had and it actually made me kind of sad. Sad in a way that there are so many good games in that list that were just abandoned or never looked at again. That's when I decided I wanted to become a trophy hunter. Clearing up my backlog and completing games that the old me would've never touched again. To name a beautiful example; When it was free with PS plus in 2016, I installed Lords of the Fallen and played it for 10 minutes until I decided I hated the game. I left it alone for 4.5 years only to come back as a trophy hunter and absolutely LOVING the game and the trophies at the moment. The sense of accomplishment and actually cleaning up your backlog is just satisfying to me. Of course I'll keep adding games to that list but I try to complete as much as I can. Plus (and this is a personal point perhaps) I have a friend who is the exact opposite of me when it comes to trophies. He hates them with a passion and wish they never existed. He has over 250 games played with not a single one fully completed. He doesn't have 1 platinum trophy and sometimes even refuses to complete games because they have trophies related to the story. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin's Creed Origins and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, which are pretty doable as 100% games if you ask me, are left completely on the shelf by him just because he has a hatred for completing games .So it's extremely funny to hear him scream and shout when I get yet another game completed (can't tell if he hates me for completing games, not gaming with him or the fact he can't complete them himself).
  5. My ranking in Assassin's Creed games: S > Black Flag Black Flag was my very first Assassin's Creed game and will always remain as my favourite of the whole series. A > Origins, AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations Origins used a new engine and loot system which I could appreciate and it still had that classic AC story element with a huge world to explore and great DLC. The Ezio series will always remain amazing games, no explanation needed here. B > Unity, Syndicate, Rogue Unity's parkour stays unmatched and the story was really great though the multiplayer missions were really dull. syndicate's more 'modern' approach to the series turned out pretty well and the fact there were 2 protagonists finished the game off nicely. Rogue felt like a mixture of Ac4 and Ac3 and introduced us to the first Templar protagonists in the series (not counting Haytham Kenway in Ac3 that is). The story was nice but the world felt..... boring in a way. Not as lived in as Ac4 for example. C > AC1 I briefly played it on my PC and it's the first game in the series meaning a lot of stuff I was used to from newer games weren't even there yet. Still the game turend out pretty good. D > Odyssey While I did pre-order the Colllector's edition (psychical) and was super hyped for Odyssey it turned out to be a fantastic game, just a really bad Assassin's Creed game. The story is there (and way too long but that aside) and the loot system works, though not as good as Origins but the enemies that took up all damage like a sponge taking up water, you as the player being a demigod at the end of the game and the insane amount of fantasy induced in this game (let alone the DLC were you travel to Atlantis....) made me wonder what Ubisoft was thinking. As said above, a great game but a very bad AC game which is why I ranked it at D for the AC games ranking. E >AC3 As much as I liked the story of Ac3 and the time period it takes place in the game felt really 'vanilla' to me. What I mean with that is that Connor doesn't have anything unique or special to him and he doesn't feel quite the assassin as say Ezio does. The hunting and trading system were not bad at all, and the homestead missions were a nice addition + it showed us the start of the Kenway legacy. But the lackluster side missions, the (in my opinion) horrible parkour system and the pain of getting 100% in all missions, side-missions, underground puzzels and chests you needed to find were unbearable making this the single worst AC game for me personally. Below E >Liberation Oh Liberation. I wonder why Ubisoft released this game in the first place. I got Liberation with the remastered version of Ac3 when I purchased the season pass for Odyssey and since I had never played Liberation before I thought I'd give it a go (I eventually got platinum for it). The story is extremely short and feels like a ripoff from Ac3 in a LOT of ways, there's nothing really interesting happening in the story that makes you say: Jeez, never saw that coming! and the whole 'change your outfit so you are less suspicious' felt like a gimmick more than an actual feature. Sure you're playing as the first female protagonist in the series up until that point but i's also the worst one so far. Connor's cameo might have been the only thing interesting in this game for me. Oh and before I forget to mention the worst thing in this game: The Bayou. Ubisoft thought it would be cool to make us wander around in a place where water was your enemy instead of the actual enemies and because of the horrible parkour system your character couldn't stick to some logs spread around but instead decided to take yet another dive in the green water only to get attacked by a crocodile shortly after. Long story short: Liberation is by far the worst AC game ever made in my opinion. (I didn't rank Valhalla as I haven't played that one yet and I also didn't rank the Chronicle games as I didn't play them either but I also think those are more spinoff games then actual 'worthy' Assassin's Creed games to compare with the giants.)
  6. Resident Evil series Have to say Resi7 and Resi2 remake looks really good but the rest never appealed to me much. I own Resident Evil (1) on PS4 because it was free once and tried the demo for Resident Evil Revelations 2 with my girlfriend but the games are really bland en boring to me. Final Fantasy series Never have I been as confused as I was when I started up a lend copy of FFXV for the first time and got dropped in a world were people shout out names like I'm supposed to know who they are from any of the previous 14 parts or so. Graphics were beautiful but story-wise I felt so lost in this big world. Aside from XV I never liked FF games. Way too weird, complicated and overhyped in my opinion.
  7. Almost done with the Lords of the Fallen DLC (which by the way, is not that great and if I hadn't bought i for 2 euros I'd be pretty upset.). Then onwards to the final boss and I'll be ready for NG+ and NG++ or just another NG since the final boss turns out to be a pain in NG++.

    And then Lords of the Fallen's platinum trophy will be mine! :eyebrow:


    Potential next 100%/ Platinum games:


    Rise of the Tomb Raider + DLC

    This War of Mine; The little ones


    Shadow of War + DLC

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    2. Copanele


      Yes that's the one.

      And yep, do a backup save. Of course, that's only a suggestion :D but I personally preferred NG+ because I got that stupid Labyrinth armor that saved my ass against various magic types.

    3. its_ArchroniX


      @Copanele Little update: Thanks for telling me about the glitch since the DLC weapon I received did 10 damage per hit and I needed to kill him with it for 100%. The glitch worked perfect!

      Started my NG+ yesterday and already got past the second boss now. Looking forward to complete the game! Thanks for the useful tips! :D

    4. Copanele


      You are welcome, glad it worked!!!

  8. Lords of the Fallen Finishing up the DLC before heading to the final boss and getting 100% on the DLC trophies. Then onward to NG+ and NG++/ NG after that and the platinum will be mine! Monster Hunter World Casually playing it in between Lords of the Fallen. I used to play it with a friend but since he can't stop playing it he's way ahead of me now. He's getting annoying and brags about being better than me while I ignore Monster hunter and play Lords 9/10 times according to him. Also he says he doesn't give a damn about trophies yet every time he gets one he laughs at my for having it before me. But yeah.... Monster Hunter!
  9. Yeah I'm not a fan of playing games that are not on my PS. Only thing I have is a Macbook (for work mostly) and I'm not going to try and play games on that. I don't know anything about Force Unleashed but is Jedi Fallen Order based on a movie? Or do you mean they made Star Wars games based on the universe of the whole movie series? It certainly goes down in history that movie > video game works better than video game > movie adaption. Looking at you Monster Hunter movie, Doom, Mortal Kombat and Warcraft.
  10. Probably going to be Xbox and PC exclusive (since Microsoft bought Bethesda) and if that's the case this will be Xbox's Uncharted without a doubt. Honestly I'd prefer Uncharted any day over Indiana Jones. It's the same principle as Tomb Raider. As soon as the game doesn't live up to the movies (or the other way around of course) it isn't as good of a product as people want or expect it to be. As soon as the Indiana Jones in the game doesn't look like Harrison Ford people wil complain about that already. Look at the Avengers game where Iron Man and Captain America don't look like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans in game (and yes that game failed in another departement but you get the point). Still curious to see how it will turn out but if it turns out to be an exclusive (which I certainly assume) I won't bother since I won't ever buy an Xbox (not hating on it just like PS better).
  11. I didn't say it was impossible, it's just hard. Dark Souls isn't impossible either, it's just hard. And funny you quote Dark Souls when I only used it in one sentence as a reference in my whole original post..... The game is made for multiplayer so I just don't see the point of playing solo (like I said in my original post). And yes, defender armor helps you out but fighting a tempered elder dragon still is a challenge to behold, defender gear or not. And I do not believe you had 'no problem' with the monsters whatsoever. I often get joined by players from Hr999 who have all the weapon variants available on a Nergigante hunt, stun him with a single hit and they still get their butts kicked by it and faint (especially in the last part when Nergi charges up) let alone a tempered Nergigante or worse. Either you're a really, really good player or you have a crazy amount of luck to not get hit by the finishing blows at all in arena and by tempered monsters. I won't call you a liar because I can't prove anything but out of experience (and I have been playing since launch day in 2017) I know it can't be that easy.
  12. You can get the Platinum while solo'ing the entire game. But you're going to have a tough time in doing so. Concluding the above: It is possible to solo the entire game and get the platinum trophy but the longer you play, the harder it gets. As the person above me states as well it mentally drains you and if you don't take a break you will hate the game a lot (I hate Elder Dragons so much and I don't even play solo). To give my very own opinion on this: Why even try to do this game solo? It's incredibly easy finding people to help you in the game and you can fire your SOS flare in any mission making other player able to join you. Also, you can start a mission, finish the cutscene and then leave and search for that same mission which another player started and join them. Honestly trying to play the entire end-game solo is like playing Dark Souls without wearing any armor and using a broken sword. You're just asking to get your ass kicked and frankly you might even deserve it.
  13. I played this game with a friend of mine and absolutely loved it! I'm a big fan of Sherlock Holmes's stories and bought the game myself just to play through it again (I yet have to start it but I'm currently playing a different game). My question here is: Are there any similar games like this? Games were you play a detective and have to find clue's and seek answers in order to solve the mystery. I've looked all over the Playstation store and searched for similar games online but didn't get an answer to my question nor could I find any games that are remotely similar to this one.
  14. Little late to the party, but here's my impression of the game's time to platinum: It's not the hardest platinum for a Soulsborne-like game but it can take some time to get it though I never found it tedious (don't have it yet, but I'm on my way). It takes you 3 playthroughs to get it and if you clear 90% of trophies (excluding DLC but it is easily completed in your first playthrough if you follow a guide) in your first playthroughs you should be able to 'rush' through NG+ and NG++ (or NG+ and then start a NG again because the final boss on NG++ is ridiculous...) without ease since the only thing you need to do basically is kill all bosses until you reach the final boss without side missions, scavenge hunts or trying to complete all other trophies. So is it tedious? No not really, unless you hate replaying a game for a total of 3 times which in my opinion is doable for a Soulsborne styled game. Since all Dark Souls games also take you 3 playthroughs each to get the platinum trophy but take double the time the guide for Lords of the Fallen says it should take you. Is it time consuming? Depends totally on how much time you spent in your first playthrough. Like I said above, if you manage to get 90% of the trophies (all voids, all treasure chambers, all proving grounds, all armor sets, all audio logs and some other miscellaneous trophies) in your first playthrough you're going to have a breeze playing through your second and third playthrough and they shouldn't take you longer than 10 hours each to complete. Just make sure you get all 3 different ending trophies and the platinum is as good as yours!
  15. (HUGE SPOILERS DOWN BELOW. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK) For everyone playing through the game getting all trophies I wanted to warn you all. For the 'Power Up' trophy you'll need to upgrade your health potions using Tyrant hearts (which is connected to the 'Go breaking my heart' trophy as well) which are then given to the monk who you've met before. In order to get the monk to show up later on in the game you need to chop off his arm and give him a health potion. Later on in the game you will find him in the castle near where you'll meet Antanas for the first time. Now here it's extremely important you complete his quest BEFORE you get to the final boss. In my game, and I don't know if it's a bug or just a feature where he is dead or something, the monk is completely missing after Antanas has mutated to the Judge and all human soldiers have turned hostile. Normally you'd find the monk in his quarters (across the hall from the sickbay) where he asks you to clear the southern tower so that he can reach his laboratory. After you did you have to return to him and tell him it's safe. You can find him in the laboratory in the southern tower after that and he will exchange hearts for potions here. If you DON'T do this before you get to the point where all soldiers in the planetarium area are hostile the monk is missing and you can not upgrade your health potions thus making the 'Power up' trophy unobtainable in your first game. I thought I'd warn everyone about this since upgraded health potions could be very useful when starting a NG+. The trophy is obtainable again when starting a NG+ though you have to repeat all above steps (including chopping off his arm and giving him a potion) in order for the monk to show up in the laboratory again and Tyrant hearts will NOT carry over in a NG+ so you'll have to find and collect them again.