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  1. There’s a way haha. I did send a message to support service and they told me I had 19 wins and only needed one more for 20 wins trophy. EDIT: Someone above me already mentioned it.
  2. Can't wait for the new DLC! I'm excited!
  3. Works for me! Glad I’ve found this haha..
  4. All trophies except last two bugged for me after using cheats. Started new game and got my first trophy. Hopefully i will get other trophies soon.
  5. Good to know I should get 20 race wins individual. I’ve played some squad games and got some first places in races. I know I only need some to get last trophy, but it never popped up in squad games.
  6. Some people said it does count for 5 win in a row. Let me know if you can tell us more information about 20 race trophy. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for posting! Interesting! That final of yours was comparable to my final. There is one difference; at the "winner" screen you see your competitor, while I saw myself at my "winner" screen.
  8. Today I won some episodes in Jump event, but one episode I was chasing the crown with other guy. It was spinning crazy hard and while I was jumping fast I got suddenly win. I didn’t saw him falling, maybe it was because of time limit? I can’t confirm.
  9. Wow, nice site! I will dive into your site right now, thanks!
  10. DLC

    I got a physical copy of this game (EU), but my account is USA. Can I still download DLC? Is the DLC include the physical game or do I need to buy it (th game is delisted tho)?
  11. Thanks! Good to know! We will buy the game
  12. I believe my first consoles was from Nintendo. I had Gamecube, Game Boy Advanced and SP version. They started with producing Wii bullshit. After that I switched to Xbox 360, but luckily I replaced it within four months for PlayStation consoles.
  13. Zeroptian Invasion, never liked that style
  14. Hi all! My friend asked me to play any game together. We found out Crew 2 is possible a good option. Can we play this game whole story co-op? I saw a trophy named 'Social Buttefly', which you need to play any event with a friend to complete. Or is it like Destiny games? - some missions you can play together, but for the boss fights you need to play solo. Thanks!
  15. Looks great, I am thinking to get this game. Sounds fun to play online co-op with my friend. Will there be dlc’s aswell?