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  1. DLC

    I got a physical copy of this game (EU), but my account is USA. Can I still download DLC? Is the DLC include the physical game or do I need to buy it (th game is delisted tho)?
  2. Thanks! Good to know! We will buy the game
  3. Hi all! My friend asked me to play any game together. We found out Crew 2 is possible a good option. Can we play this game whole story co-op? I saw a trophy named 'Social Buttefly', which you need to play any event with a friend to complete. Or is it like Destiny games? - some missions you can play together, but for the boss fights you need to play solo. Thanks!
  4. I believe my first consoles was from Nintendo. I had Gamecube, Game Boy Advanced and SP version. They started with producing Wii bullshit. After that I switched to Xbox 360, but luckily I replaced it within four months for PlayStation consoles.
  5. Zeroptian Invasion, never liked that style
  6. Looks great, I am thinking to get this game. Sounds fun to play online co-op with my friend. Will there be dlc’s aswell?
  7. My first trophy was from My Name is Mayo. With this game I started with collecting platinums haha..
  8. Great! Sounds like it’s same as downloading (“buying”) free PS+ games. Thanks!
  9. Thank you! Downloading right now! Can you play the game after 21th May (if I already downloaded it)?
  10. For me level 14 (boss level) was a little difficult, but after buying upgrade for my lawn mower it was easier. Still you need some luck to avoid spikes, dropped by the boss.
  11. Thanks! Easy platinum, difficulty 1/10. I've done this game twice - one on my PS4 and other one PSVita. My first run took 1 hour and 20 minutes, because I needed to read text walkthrough first. My second platinum run took 40 minutes.
  12. What about Ratalaika Games Project Platinum? 😁 If itsn't taken, I would like to do that project platinum.
  13. Just watched season 4 of Riverdale. I enjoyed it!
  14. You can create a new user without PSN login. After you got a 100% log in to your account and sync your trophies.
  15. lol i wish i did read this before going for monaco trophies 😂
  16. Can you add me? Just platinumed Dark Arcana and Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride! Thanks
  17. You can't be sure for 100%. I have read your topic and many posts about your concern. Some people do prefer offline method and other people prefer online method. I think the both methods are good to go, but there's always risks. Few games do autosync while you're playing. I did some plats by syncing one or two trophies each time, but I've been told it's risky method. I don't know lol. Just for now I quitted with achieving plats from other regions on my Vita.
  18. I have got a platinum of Minecraaft story mode season 1. Doing the DLCs in the next days. Can you add me? Thanks! Btw, doesn't back to the future and csi conspiracy include this project platinum?
  19. Trial 3? Cave? You're posting in the wrong topic like the users said before in this topic. I think the game is a little crappy too, but I've bought the game because of the platinum. Just enjoy the game and get platinuma, after that move to the next game.
  20. I did get huge lag in some levels of World 2. I think it's because of lots of snow falling from the sky. I did finish the game fairly easy. I found a trick: if you die twice in a level, you'll get a bee costume. I really love bee costume because you can fly to the end without killing enemies or doing obstacles haha.. When you're fighting bosses, be sure you have bee costume so you can fly to his head to finish the boss. EDIT: Just finished Vita platinum. There was no falling snow in Vita game, but it was in PS4 game. The falling snow causes a lot lag
  21. Still working in 2020. Lucky the glitch is not patched!
  22. Three Peasant Knight platinums (PSVita + 2x PS4 regions)
  23. Thank you for the clarification! Playing the game right now after reading the article!
  24. I got three platinums (two PS4 and one PSVita). PSVita one was way easier! Better controls and no jump delay, but the platinums on PS4 are doable.
  25. Thank you! The video helped me a lot! Got platinum 👍