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  1. I think that bo3 runs in 1080 too... No, i have not tried any other ps4 game yet, will surely do in the next days. And no, i have sold my ps4, so i can not try it again. On my ps4 i used a very old 1080 monitor and that just add to my idea of the running output of bo3. Thanks to all, will update once i try some other ps4 games. Btw, On ps5 new CODs, the gameplay is mf good, theres an abyss between 1080p and 1440 tho
  2. Thanks so how is it possible that it looks blurry even if i catch the 4k signal out of ps5 and convert in 1440p via monitor system? (Many 1440p monitor worked that way before sony added the 1440p direct output into the settings) I may am a little confused, but i find unacceptable to not be able to play good on a 1440p monitor in 2023 lol
  3. Yeah, the next gen games quality is very good but i sold my ps4 and i have a lot of backlog here and there to play. Well i do not know where to find that. I do not think i can setup this, i already tried to change output on ps5 on 1080p and even catchin the 4k signal and downscale it but the Result is always that blurry one. Do you think i can solve my problems adding +1 fhd 1080p monitor? So i will simply need to unplug one hdmi and plug another when i wanna play ps4 games or ps5. They are quite cheap like a 24/25'. Btw it is such a shame they did not upgrade all ps4 games into a nextgen-like video quality, i think xbox do it with a lot of games, on My series S i can play fallout 3 (from 2008) in a very good way then on my ps5 i get that on BO3 (2015). Things and issues like that make me wanna sell all and get a PC. Sorry if i sound made but i spent a lot of money and Time for get this setup
  4. Hi guys, i bought a ps5 some months ago and i did a huge upgrade on my gaming setup. I am now playing on a ps5 + a 1440p LG ultragear 27'monitor. Ps5's games run very very good, i can even reach 120fps on all new CODs while playing in 1440p (not bad imo) as i chose to not going for 4k monitor as now. The real issue shows up when i try to play on ps4 games. I just tired only playing on black ops 3 and omg, it looks very shitty, dunno how to correctly translate but it looks very very poor and a little blurry, i mean, it feels like running on 720p. Tired to switch from performance mode to the other but nothing changed. I am starting to think that there is some kind of uncompatibility between my monitor and ps4 games. Do anyone is in my stage? Can anyone help me? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, how hard can be to plat this game for an average european guy? I used to play the game irl so i know the game rules and how it works but i never played a madden game on ps. I got the game on a super discount so i am wondering about do it very soon, the thing that is stopping me to begin is the fear of getting smashed every game. Give me some tips! Thanks
  6. We have like the same avatar on this forum. Greetings and nice job bro

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      Goose with a knife or Goose with bat were personally my favorite. But ya'll keep it classy I see...




    2. StygianWolf4


      PeaceSNProfiles was never an option

  7. It's always sad Reading about this subject. I still remember some guys that i used to play MW2/BO1 with back in the days when we all were like 13/14/15 yo and our daily routine was simply school then gaming till our parents were breaking into our room telling to stop playing that shit. One day then they stopped logging in, dunno what happened and i probably do not wanna know, things can drive very sad in some short time. Anyway Life always goes on, i personally lost password for like 2/3 accounts during my gaming travel that started back in 2009, i lost too many friendships here and there, i stopped playing when i was into school when my ps4 died and i did not have Money to replace it. Now i have a full time job well paid (maybe) which give me the chance to buy all that i want (sadly not a Ferrari) but it is just now that i am starting to think if all that dedication and time still mean anything. You saw that, Life can hit you harder than every punch, as some great boxe talent once said, so all can change in a matter of a very short time Window. One day we all will Leave our passion and material shits behind so... I think i need a joint now ahaha Peace and love to all that read this book
  8. Hi guys! I've recently bought a slim used Ps3 on eBay (just console with cables and a pad) but i didnt think about an headset haha. Since i do know anything about how ps3 works with cables, how can i plug in a standard pair of earphones with a standard Jack as i use to do with ps4 pad? Is it even possible? I am open to all your tips since i can not play with monitor audio and i do not wanna play without audio at all. If there are some adaptors i can maybe buy on amazon thats would be perfect. The issue is that i do not know anything about this old technology so i am looking for a help here. I am Also sorry if my english is not the best one here
  9. Is this game still doable without boosting right now? And if i need to boost anything, how it works?
  10. I got it quite easily, just like 40mins of attempts. I can suggest you guys to remap buttons for moving straight. I did remap the button for moving up to L1 so i was holding L1+R2 and just turning left/right with the stick without the need of keeping it forward. Good luck
  11. Thank you! I think i will do just the first one so, i do not wanna lose too much time on this game again
  12. So do you think that the first raid is easier than the second one? I recently bought the season pass on sale and i was thinking to jump back on the field and i will not be able to get 7 players to play with so i will aim at doing it with randoms
  13. Yes you can @OmegaRejectz and i think thats on shi no numa is easier to set up than other maps. I play cod zombies since 2009 on WaW and i am very disappointed by the path that zombies mode is taking. I did not like cold war and i did not like this cod too but at least on shi no numa you can get a little throwback (again lol) on this map. PaP is ready to go, just open doors and you will get to it thats quite time saver
  14. Got it last night on my 1st focused try ( i may was really lucky), anyway i wanna share some tips with all you guys that maybe are struggling with this: - if you accidentally hit an enemy with melee that is not a stealth one it doesnt matter as long as you do not kill the enemy that way, same Apply to smoke granades hit. - it may be obvious but play on recruit difficulty - if you wanna save some time there is a Glitch that can be really usefull: when you get to the 2nd floor fighting a Jager morder for the first time you will unlock the Knife ability pressing "dpad up", If you run in Front of a normal soldier and press UP you will get the prompt to stealth kill him even if you are in an open fight ( it does not work with jager morder and LMG guys). With that you can slay a lot of soldiers instead of searching them 1 by 1 around the map. - be careful and focused on the top Bottom floor where you start, here you should be very stealth and kill all enemies. If you wanna be sure, double check the entire floor looking for enemies. If you want you can do here a back up psplus cloud save, just in case anything go wrong. The next section is very easy with like 4 guys, nothing difficult. Then you go on 1v1 against the sniper, nothing difficult here too, just move slowly to his back 2xtimes. After that i suggest not losing too much time and start slaying enemies with the glitch until another jagermorder spawn. Here things start to be funny, use the Glitch on normal soldiers and try to kill one then immediatly run away. Use smokes for LMG guys, you can refill them like 2 times, just do not spam them, one kill and immediatly run, if you stay in the same area you will get all enemies closing you to a wall or corner. Save the sniper as your last and 2x stealth kill him then you are done. I took like an entire hour to make it but you can take it faster. If anyeone drop a granade restart checkpoint, if you kill anyone beside stealth kill restart checkpoint, if you shoot a bullet restart checkpoint. If you get the prompt switch your weapon to a side gun that can be' found on dead Bodies, it just feel like you can run faster. Good luck!
  15. I managed to get it quite easily staying on the Bottom right way. When you start simply move slowly to the right then a bit down. Be careful because if you move too much to a side you will get explosions taking you back into the Middle and you will get 99% hit from AA guns. Good luck