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  1. UGK- Something Good
  2. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- Tha Crossroads
  3. I just felt Jak 2 took the series to a whole new level and was a more solid game than the third, but Jak 3 had a better ending to me. I unfortunately only played about an hour of the first one , so I can't really comment on that.
  4. Easily 1. Ratchet & Clank-Best one for me is either Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal, or Crack In Time 2. Jak & Daxter- Best one is Jak 2 3. Sly- Best one is Sly 2 They're all great series though.
  5. Metal Gear Solid truly is my favorite gaming series of all time, so I will definitely be picking this up Day One.
  6. Testosterone- Jak II
  7. Looks like Sony is continuing the trend of great lineups for PS + subscribers. I will definitely download Transistor, Thief, and Yakuza 4.
  8. Smashing Pumpkins-Cherub Rock
  9. I found this game very entertaining and not difficult at all. By the way I played on normal.
  10. AC2 easily. I beat it 4 times.
  11. Sublime- Right Back
  12. The Expendables- Sacrifice
  13. Sublime- Robbin' The Hood Full Album
  14. Sublime- Boss D.J.
  15. Evil Within Far Cry 2 (One of the worst endings ever) Deus Ex Human Revolution Mirrors Edge Borderlands The Pre Sequel Far Cry 3 (Specifically the Bad Ending) Probably more, but just can't think of any right now.