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  1. Are you sure its free?
  2. Is the game free or not
  3. Is this game for free?
  4. Do you think ebay is the only way of selling psn accounts? 😂
  5. I already got 100$ from selling each account for 10$
  6. Agree. So the site rules don't make any sense unless mods flag people who get this trophy
  7. I don't want that game neither but I want the money I'm earning selling those accounts which have the game
  8. You just jealous lol
  9. I took advantage of this bug and since a have multiple accounts from multiple regions I got the game for free 10 times. Gonna sell those and get some easy money Once you buy it they can't remove your game. It is their mistake not ours
  10. It would be funny to see how console players need to pay for multiplayer while it is free on pc for the same game. Wait, that happens already with a bunch of games and nobody cares, whatever
  11. I got this trophy when it was legit around 2014 (this is my alt account) From what I read mods basically decided not to ban anybody because it is a popular game and a lot of players earn this trophy on a daily basis. They should change the flag rules if this trophy is legit
  12. Old Blood New Order Wolfenstein 2 Youngblood
  13. I keep seeing players getting this unobtainable trophy and they are still on the leaderboards. How is this trophy an exception?
  14. Same thing happened to me. Kept trying to install it. Turn off my ps3 then inmediatly turn it on and install it, same error. Then tried again and it finally installed!