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  1. Some that haven't been mentioned: Ark: Survival Evolved - you can use console commands PUBG - very grindy but you can disable crossplay and play with mostly bots
  2. Thanks for all the info, hopefully I can 100% this game soon.
  3. Thank goodness it counts for the trophy, I'll play it normally. But how did you boost the solo trophies specifically?
  4. I have a few questions regarding boosting this game. How many people does it require to start a solo match? Does TDM count for the 10 wins trophy? What region is the empiest?
  5. Yup it's bugged for me as well
  6. Hey guys, the glitch still works! got the trophy for 5 mil. and 20 mil. I was receiving 390,000 each time and took almost an hour. I am so glad I have this trophy out of the way. I will get the plat at some point.
  7. I haven't recieved the loggin bonus IDK why
  8. I logged in today but didn't get any zeni at all. (Haven't touched online)
  9. Well I failed to do the glitch thingy yesterday, guess i'll patiently wait for the next bonus
  10. Trackmania Turbo, heard really bad things about it
  11. The same happened to me. Only unlocked 2 million zenni, got the trophy for 1 million
  12. Nice! I will definetely do the glitch and get that absurdly grindy trophy out of the way. Btw is there a chance that you can be banned by doing the glitch?
  13. Does the glitch still work? Haven't started the game yet
  14. Hmmm...I'm thinking of buying Code Vein, DBZ FighterZ and Soulcalibur 6 but don't know if I should get them now.