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  1. I recently earned 10 Plats in under 10 hours and ended July with 500+ trophies earned (my personal record). The plats in order were:


    1. Spyro the Dragon
    2. Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage 
    3. Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon (Platinum 160)
    4. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection
    5. Tacoma
    6. Virginia
    7. Perils of Baking
    8. Habroxia 2
    9. Day of the Tentacle
    10. Ark: Survival Evolved


    I definitely recommend planning a “platinum rain” like this if your backlog is getting overwhelming. This was the perfect impetus for me to get through a plethora of games I’d been putting off.

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    2. LukeTheGooner


      like @Troz said I was going into this thinking it was going to be 10 times the jumping games, nice going :)

    3. Azemya


      Good job! :)

    4. ihadalifeb4this




    This is the last FromSoftware plat I needed! Sekiro has an incredibly steep learning curve, but once you get the timing down, it becomes one of the most satisfying gameplay experiences From has ever crafted. I intentionally planned making the plat pop as #9,000 to commemorate this amazing game and From’s gaming catalog. 

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    2. CelestialRequiem


      Nicely done. 


      As far as it being the last FromSoftware platinum you needed - I'm not seeing either Armored Core titles...

    3. Sgznf


      Congrats! :yay:

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  3. I saw this thread when I started this game long ago and made sure to keep a running list of attempts for this trophy. My first 4 attempts were years ago, and then I came back last year to finally complete this 100%. Absolutely obnoxious trophy. Chapter 3: Killed by 1st sniper Chapter 4 Part 1: Ran up to the last enemy in the bar and Passos instantly died in a cutscene. Chapter 3: Died in LMS in area before 1st sniper encounter Chapter 10: Ran out of painkillers after railing falls Chapter 3: Door to next area wouldn’t open. Killed by shotgun in LMS who was around corner behind me Chapter 3: Passos dies from me forgetting an enemy and going too far ahead Chapter 3: Shot by sniper at the end Chapter 3: Shot by sniper at the end (this was my first playthrough after 2 weeks... should’ve checked this list first.) Chapter 4 Part 2: Ran out of painkillers in the car shop. Chapter 13: Died in LMS. Super demoralizing. Chapter 11: Infinite loading screen glitch :/ Since NYMHC is on normal, you will do it eventually as you familiarize yourself with all the painkiller and enemy locations. It’s just a matter of persistence.
  4. Spoilers for Director’s Cut side content below. Is anyone having an issue with the final Half Life mission where you can’t cross the tar into Middle Knot’s ruins? Another player built a jump ramp here, so the bridge that’s supposed to show up is not there, even if I dismantle the other structure and wait a few cycles in a private room. Really frustrating me since the online features in this game were an outstanding addition, but now it seems to be blocking my progression. EDIT: The guide I checked was wrong. If someone builds something useless here, you should dismantle it like, but a bridge doesn’t appear for you to complete here. You can build one yourself if you position it very specifically. Guide maker probably had an online player start building one there and didn’t realize.
  5. Lol, looked up a glitch I was having and found this thread 2021. Telltale games are usually janky, but this bug literally halts your progress. Restarted my console to be safe and everything’s fixed so I can listen to Mantis’s story.
  6. Great idea. There ought to be a running Google doc of verified auto-pop games and their platforms that the site’s creators can feed into an exemption list for that milestone. Users who notice new autopop games could suggest those updates on the Google doc and mods could review it every so often and approve games they verify and then the site would add that to the milestone exemption list. I don’t know anything about site creation btw, this is just a brainstorm to make it easier on mods/site owners.
  7. Ugh, I hope they don’t add more multiplayer trophies. But you’re right regarding the precedent they set with 2016. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that Eternal has one of the best FPS campaigns I’ve ever played, but I could not care less for the multiplayer.
  8. Thank God! Just started playing this and was bummed to see the challenges appearingly reset.
  9. Just had a nice “Platinum Rain” where I popped 6 plats in under an hour 1f60a.png  Sonic Generations, Resident Evil Village, Astro’s Playroom, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Spider-Man Remastered, and No Man’s Sky.

    I got more PS5 plats in an hour today than I’ve gotten since the console’s been out!

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Not a bad plat rain.

    2. ihadalifeb4this
  10. Did you use the V61 for the last 4 stages? It made SS rank easy in the first 4. Also, I heard CVX PAL Battle Mode is tough due to the slowness of the PAL port. I don’t know firsthand since I only played the American version. Update: S ranked the last 4 using the Lemi/Magnum. All were easy to manageable.
  11. Threads like this worried me at launch, but within 2 hours of playing The Mercenaries, I have 3 S ranks already. I know the first 4 stages are easier, but this is really just trial and error. Now that people know good loadouts and routes, this plat is achievable by anyone who’s willing to watch a video guide tbh. Update: SS or S ranked all of The Mercenaries stages well under the time allotted to that step in Powerpyx’s guide. If you’re struggling to maintain your combo, make sure to pick a more optimal path. YouTube guides like this are very helpful for that.
    Damn good game, damn tough plat. If you skipped this back in the day, I highly recommend experiencing it now. The campaign has true grit and takes you into some of the most brutal and underrated theaters of war in WW2.

  13. I’m surprised there’s no trophies for this. Treyarch has had trophies for every Zombies DLC since DLC 2 for World at War. I guess this is the new precedent they set they with Modern Warfare 2019, which only had Spec Ops trophies and then no add-on DLC trophies. I’m still doing the main Easter Egg since I’ve been doing them all for the past decade+.
  14. I’m hyped, and I hope it adds trophies, especially for the new main Easter egg as they’ve done since BO1. Base game trophies were all a cake walk except for Dead Ops Round 64.
  15. The game’s only been out for a few weeks, but I feel like I already got my money’s worth. I’m a huge zombies fan, so playing Die Maschine is a blast, and I have a lot of free content to look forward too. Multiplayer is very fun with friends as well, though the replay value is lacking currently due to few maps compared to other Call of Duty launches. I haven’t been solely focused on the trophies, but the game seems like a 7/10 due to the Reunited with Fidolina trophy (beat Dead Ops Arcade 3 Round 64). Everything else is incredibly easy and just takes time to get.