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  1. I’m hyped, and I hope it adds trophies, especially for the new main Easter egg as they’ve done since BO1. Base game trophies were all a cake walk except for Dead Ops Round 64.
  2. The game’s only been out for a few weeks, but I feel like I already got my money’s worth. I’m a huge zombies fan, so playing Die Maschine is a blast, and I have a lot of free content to look forward too. Multiplayer is very fun with friends as well, though the replay value is lacking currently due to few maps compared to other Call of Duty launches. I haven’t been solely focused on the trophies, but the game seems like a 7/10 due to the Reunited with Fidolina trophy (beat Dead Ops Arcade 3 Round 64). Everything else is incredibly easy and just takes time to get.
  3. All the Multiplayer trophies in this game come naturally and don’t even need to be boosted. Just play pubs with friends and use low score streaks if you’re having a hard time with this trophy. The RC-XD and Combat Bow are great for this.
  4. All the Multiplayer trophies in this game come naturally and don’t even need to be boosted tbh. I’ve played Fireteam: Dirty Bomb for ~2 hours so far and got 6 squad wipes, and I was mostly focused on unlocking Garcia and Stone.
  5. Champion of the Gods; I have them all!
  6. PLATINUM #100: GOD OF WAR! What a perfect game for this milestone; this is easily the best of the series, with tremendous characters and rewarding progression/combat. It was truly a blast for a Norse myth nerd like myself. And I once again have all of the God of War plats!

  7. Is the PS3 still having issues? The Vita leaderboards worked fine today.
  8. This. If I were boosting this, I'd make a list of medals I can fulfill multiple requirements for at the same time to save as much time as possible. Then I'd get a dedicated group of enough people to fill up a lobby and tell them your plan and make sure everyone follows it accordingly. If you're boosting, the challenging trophies I mentioned are quick and easy, so you just have to make sure people are in it for the long haul when it comes to Still Alive and Plays Well with Others. Coop is pretty simple and only needs 2 other people, so I'd tackle that last.
  9. Yeah, Uncharted 2 DLC trophies are a test of patience. I did these with around 3 years of on and off playing. The only challenging trophies are Protectorate, Tastes Like Chicken, and Rapid Fire! Cold Blooded, Still Alive, and Plays Well With Others are easy, but very time consuming. The other medal/coop trophies are all straightforward, but some can also be time consuming. Considering the multiplayer is probably deader than it was in 2011, you probably have no chance of doing this legit. The biggest barrier to legit play is Protectorate, since it was hard already and Plunder is probably not as active as it was years ago. If you use Gaming Sessions to find a dedicated boosting group (I'm sure there's a lot of people scrambling for this), I think you can feasibly wrap everything before the shutdown, maybe even within this month if you guys play everyday.
  10. Yeah, this was the first time I loaded up LBPK on this PS3. Good to know this is a more common issue with multiple PS3s than I thought. I'll sync as soon as PSN is back and it should get fixed. Thanks for reassuring me guys!
  11. Yeah. And I've been playing Max Payne 3 and MGS4 on this PS3 fine, so I'm assuming it's because of the PSN outage. This game isn't missing any time stamps, so that's good to hear.
  12. I'm trying to finally plat LittleBigPlanet Karting. As you can see on my profile, I have everything except the story star trophies since I didn't feel like doing a collectibles run through at the time and was more concerned with getting online trophies done. I loaded it up on my 2nd PS3 (original is at my brother's place), started playing, and got a common trophy. I checked my list on the PS3 and it's at 1% (vs 81% on this site and the PS app) and then jumped when trophies started auto-popping when I starred the final level. I have synced this PS3 a lot, and all of my other games look fine. I have never played the game on this PS3 and PSN is down, so I'm guessing that has something to do with this issue. Will resyncing when PSN comes back online fix my trophies, or are they screwed? Anyone here have experience with this bug. I've only found this thread.
  13. I still consider myself a trophy hunter, but balancing an even more active social life with attending a top university ended my trophy mania, especially over the last 2 years. Video games are cool, but when your gf moves in, classes get way more time consuming, you’re interviewing for jobs/internships a lot, and also trying to hang with friends before you graduate, they fall by the wayside and you hardly notice until you read a thread title like this. I doubt that trend's gonna reverse when I have even more pressing things like a career, but it’s just part of growing up and having more rewarding things to do.
  14. My MFi Bluetooth controller works fine, but I still need to use the touchscreen for R3, L3, home, start, share, and the touchpad. The lack of controller inputs for the former two are really the only ones that make gameplay less seamless. I don’t think Sony can make the DS4 compatible without Apple tweaking something, unlike Remote Play on Mac.
  15. My second playthrough for each character (2nd Run and Hardcore for both) Leon Claire