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  2. I need plays/hearts on my levels. I will return the favor thanks PSN: IE4WJPR
  3. Playing knack now! Just finished the hard play through not one diamond relic. Need knack friends to help out. Thanks Please add ie4wjpr
  4. The glitch happened to me! I'm at 99.2% because of one mithril brick. The glitch happened to me on freeplay the dead marsh where I collected 4/3 treasures at the end of the level you keep the treasures but you don't get credit for a mithril brick and the count goes back to 0/3. When you replay the level to get the treasures, you only get a purple stud because you still have it in your inventory. I have replayed mission on story mode, co op, and freeplay and no luck. I suggest if you get 4/3 on treasures exit level right away without saving and replay level. I have contacted TT games and they said they are looking into the problem. [email protected] (sam)
  5. I found the solution on another forum. To open all the golden eggs on Rio you have to find just one and it's on beach volleyball 6-13 under the slingshot just roll, bounce or shoot a red bird and the golden egg will appear and unlock the section. Be careful the egg collector trophy glitched on me for unlocking all golden eggs but I got the trophy for completing all golden egg levels. I called activision to report the glitch and hopefully a patch soon.
  6. I have found all the golden eggs on classic and seasons but on rio the golden egg section is still locked. Yes I have found all the fruits. I have three starred all levels working on the mighty eagle feathers. Any help would be appreciated since I have spent countless hours on this game. Thanks