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  1. Well for those who want to know. Minimum of four playthroughs and I for the life of can not got one trophy to pop.
  2. For those that have gotten the platinum. Is there any missable trophies and how many play throughs are there?
  3. Hey all, just finished completed all the Mayhem level with rainbows, which gave me the trophy for completed all the level with rainbows. But I noticed I did not received the trophy for completing all the tricky levels trophy. Anybody have a clue what I should do ?
  4. Thanks for the reply Soraking, when you say main menu, you mean the pause screen ?
  5. Hey all, hopeful some one sees this. It is a fun cute game. The trophy descriptions are pretty bad, but funny. Looking for help on how to unlock these trophies. No secret Codes Allowed Loot and Scoot ( which level has the most chests ) Any kinda help is good
  6. I generally like tower games and i was wondering how this plays. The trophies do seem a little crazy.
  7. Thanks alot Bakker. Hopped into the desert level and took the picture and got the trophy. Lifesaver!
  8. Help ... I have gotten the completist trohpy, for getting every thing, but the papercraft wizard trophy did not pop. I have silver medals on every level. When I check the papercraft area, I have unlock 69 of 70. The one that is not unlock is in the bottom right corner of the third page beside the basket ball hoop. Any help would be greatly appreiciated.