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  1. yeah me too am only taking 2 or 3 tries per event in vita ones as am not familiar with those maps because on vita it didnt ask for much elite passes, the 10 laps races are the only challenge for me then comes the zone of 60 65 70 which jusg takes like 3 tries, other than those the fury is like 3/10 pure easy as they are nerfed and hd ones u just have to know when to boost. Here is a quick guide: HD: Know where to boost to do a barrel roll. Fury: You can pass racers and be 1st without even boosting, where is the problem? Campaign legend comes after beating those two. Vita: If you are not good at hyper speed zones then this is impossible for you, also in this vita one the stats on aircrafts matters, to have an easy time pick a 100 handling that should beat zones, as for those A+ races of 10 laps just boost and get auto pilot, dont attack or else they would counter. I would have gotten platinum today but i have final exams But what so hard bout zico? Edit: Sorry you are not required to elite everthing in wipeout vita, you just need to elite pass all events and Proto type challenges, the A+ challenges are not required which makes it easier, still the zones will be problematic
  2. HD? dude u need to get zone 60+ on vita one like 10 times some require 65 while one or two wants 70 zones, good luck oh also an A+ race like 10 times which has 10 laps which includes psycho AI pilots wipeout hd has to be a cakewalk for u to be good at vita
  3. I wonder how long it will take them to realize that they have to elite everything
  4. nice ducky meow!

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    2. Chirithy84


      That's a goog deal!

      here bread!

    3. duck360


      The following contender has ranaway

    4. Chirithy84


      that's a cheat were are my fish bad ducky.......

      Oh i know i hunt now you duck! get ready xD

  5. Finished CoD Infinite Warfare, don't bother with story I don't really know what's going on and it gave me a 5 hour headache

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    2. Jak


      Eh. Btw, give DBX2 another shot.

    3. duck360


      I did beat it and everything it was awesome

    4. Jak


      Oh I think I confused you with someone else.

  6. Just finished berserk mosou, no forum for it here? wanna ask about trophies

    1. starcrunch061


      Was it good? I had no idea it was released yet. I'm looking forward to its Western release in February.

    2. StrickenBiged


      It has a trophy list, but as it's Japanese language the site doesn't automatically create a forum space for it. Maybe start one in "unreleased games" and point out that you're referring to the JP version.

    3. duck360


      I just wanna know the last trophy, it's a gold one and says hell difficulty but is it story or free mission or eclipse mode? liek beat all story missions in hell?

      It's a very long story mode with the first season and after that (young gutsu and old one) I would highly advise to wait for english as it has many cutscenes

  7. Got Just dance 2017 and dragon ball xenoverse 2, any questions bout them?

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    2. Jak


      How did you get X2 early, wtf dude??

    3. duck360


      I always get them early, so if any new good game I probably have it

    4. Jak


      So then you have some sort of connection then.

  8. just got the game, I'll leave the first trophies timing for you guys am busy with xeno 2
  9. Ask here if you need any fast trophy guide that I already did in this year (sorry if I cant remember the old ones)

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    2. hpknight


      Aha. I've seen your Attack on Titan videos. They're pretty good.

    3. redcar200


      I don't understand the question.

    4. duck360


      Yea but its a very long repetetive game to get its plat

  10. Too many letters trophy lists

  11. Any reason for me to collect plats fast?

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    2. Jak


      Only for braggi g rights, no matter how you sugarcoat it.

    3. duck360
    4. Hemiak


      The only reason to collect a lot of plats (except personal satisfaction) is bragging rights. - that's what Mar said.

  12. If you don't own a VR, am getting one soon and probably would know which game is hard or easy
  13. Am zero_q8, i known duck when the dates of v8 car trophies came around. I looked through that list, all i know is that if the game isnt patched then if played before it patches it will unlock trophies upon patched which loads the savefile and finds out that u have beaten hard and crushing.
  14. Not sure as am not the member who did it, plus its 2008 game and one of the first to get trophies so when they patch it maybe they had 2 ps3s with different savefiles, i just have to ask them bout this one