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  1. As some who 100% the first one, absolutely not. I was a big fan of a lot of these arcade games. So I bought the whole package. Played through almost all the games. And was then stuck finding ways to grind through these trophies. Bottom line is it will be a long and boring grind. And without having all the games and using exploits from certain ones to get more points, you are torturing yourself. I also bought a turbo controller just to finish this game. To give you an idea of the length I went through to finish the game. Hope this helps.
  2. I got the trophy with a friend, used the following information to easily break it down step by step, credit to the guys over at Trueachievements, not mine. 1) Have a friend playing the game or find a boost partner and make them friends (its just easier and safer in a private friends game) 2) Start a party together (just makes inviting/joining easier and communication easier) 3) Have the booster start a game and make it "friends only" multiplayer game. Achievement partner just waits to accept invite or join booster's game. (Note: Achievement partner DO NOT join the game till booster says so.) 4) Have the booster play level 16 and kill super Shredder 5) IMPROTANT As soon as Super Shedder's death animation begins have the booster pause the game. Note to Booster - do not unpause the game, just wait. 6) Booster tells achievement partner to join. Achievement partner should now join or accept invite. 7) Game will resume as soon and Achievement partner loads in and joins and the achievement will pop. 8) Switch roles.
  3. I’ve joined late in arcade mode over 6 times, joined in from levels 12-16, as he was dying, no trophy. I’ve played story mode and tried the same thing with a friend, waited until the last second, no trophy. Killed him without getting hit with a friend, no trophy. If I’m playing with friends and my partner gets hit, does it not count? Can this be done in story? Can anyone confirm that you can get hit by Krang in the first part? I’m at a loss here. I’ve tried everything, I can’t get this to unlock.
  4. It may be time to walk away for a minute, the game is getting new maps and a bunch of DLC, come back to it later. Bottom line if it stops being fun I move on, circle back later. You’ll get it eventually, don’t quit. Just take a break.
  5. People on a website about getting trophies, bummed they don’t get new trophies, the audacity!
  6. The update just adds quality of life issues and fixed some bugs based on what I saw. The Chaos trophy being unlocked easily isn’t really hindering people that play the game as intended. In my experience they don’t go out of there way to fix this kind of stuff unless it’s breaking the game. But if you’re worried about it I’d wait until someone confirms it.
  7. Game needed this. I’m glad I won’t get a Boss to start my games anymore! Runs were over before they started because of RNG with some of the cards.
  8. You are already wasting enough time on all the extremely long post about god knows what cause I ain’t reading all that. So stay salty and enjoy the trophy, and the next one, and the 11 after that LMFAO.
  9. My favorite part of this game is seeing how upset people get over another trophy, see you addicts in another couple months doing the same thing again. LMAO.
  10. The YOU WILL DIE trophy, I Got it done in about 2 and a half hours from start to finish using Jacqui Briggs Full Auto, just spam the gun and use the X-ray. It’s mindless and takes no skill. He will kill you a few times before you start landing it. Don’t get discouraged, takes about 65 x-ray moves to get the trophy if that makes it seem less daunting. Good luck.
  11. I was very hesitant about going for this auto pop. I had a hell of a time getting the trophies to unlock on PS4, I played most of it co-op with a friend. I ended up having to do a lot of things like the hives and collectibles twice to get them to pop, along with the villain sectors. I was able to auto pop all the PS5 trophies, though the game frozen immediately. I wonder if has anything to do with the first play through or just more of the same(problems). Good luck to all of you trying to figure it out.
  12. I had to install the game to my Pro instead of the Slim I have which is where the crashing was happening, I was then able to finish with no not sure what the issue was.
  13. It crashed 3 times in a row for me after working fine the first day and playing for a few hours. If I figure it out I’ll let you know. I tried restarting the console and now I am reinstalling it.