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    I'm very much into football ("soccer"), anime and cars/motorsport. I also try trophy hunting a bit (although I'm new to It so I kinda lack the dedication to play shitty games).

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  1. At first I named her after my favourite VA "堀江由衣" (Horie Yui). After realizing that the Kanji next to latin letters look absolutely stupid, and adding a last name makes no sense aswell, I was a bit overwhelmed for a while, then naming her "Bob" for a few minutes. In the end, when reaching Mondstadt, I finally decided on "Hitagi" (inspired by Senjōgahara Hitagi || Edit: but I just found out that Senjōgahara's VA also has a role in Genshin Impact as Jean. Arghh, I'll just leave it at that now) as Amber told us that our name was unusual for this world at the beginning of the game and I thought a japanese name would fit the anime artstyle.
  2. Update: I planned it but I realised that I really hate the game 2-3 weeks ago, so no, not anymore.
  3. Exact same problem. Did a bit of research and I couldn't find a solution. Apparently it's random whether you are able to get it or not. For anyone not affected: Whenever we reply to a post or like/dislike a post... nothing happens. No matter how often you try or restart the game. Even reinstalling won't help. I actually have 2 PS4's and it works in neither of them. I just tried It on my alt and It worked like a charm. Does anyone have a fix? Please help us out!
  4. If that's your winrate then stick to It. You might get it in a week, and this could be a very desireable plat.
  5. Checked your profile, seems like you got It! But how tf did you get 2 plats in Neptunia in 6 minutes? That's more important right now
  6. If my information is correct, you need ~2.35 million EXP to get to level 50. If all of your races would be clean (which definetly won't be the case, I'm struggling with It myself) you would have to win 285 races, when starting from Level 0, which isn't possible because I think you need Level 30 to access this race, but that's just 76.000 EXP into the process []. 285 races × 12 minutes = 3.420 minutes ÷ 60 = 57 hours of pure driving in circles. Now assuming that only half of your races are clean, [(8.250 EXP + 5.500 EXP) ÷ 2 = 6.875 EXP], this number would rise up to 68 hours. What a terrible trophy to have in an online focused racing game, where online races don't give any EXP (I saw that someone calculated that you'd have to drive >5.000 races in Sport Mode to get to level 50: []). PS: I hope I used the correct numbers for EXP gained in the race
  7. Okay, great. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hello everyone reading this! So about half an hour ago, I finally completed my first playtrough, getting the Ascension Ending. However, after beating the final boss, watching trough the credits and getting a bit of context afterwards, I was forced to choose to start a "New Game Plus", or go back to the main menu. *SLIGHT SPOILER WARNING* Does that mean that I was supposed go grind for all the trophies from the 1st playtrough (according to the guide), before I jumped into one of the final dungeons which then took control over my location/i.e. prevented me from investing because I wasn't in control of the CPUs? I expected to have a sort of freemode, allowing me to grind to my hearts content. Maybe I need to get the true a.k.a. revival ending first, but a short Google investigation didn't give me an answer. Can someone clarify? FYI, I never in my life owned any other Neptunia game, let alone played trough an RPG (altough I'm working on Costume Quest rn, but I'm still just halfway trough) so that might explain my initial misconception. Thanks in advance!
  9. What a bummer . Thought it was smart to go by my PSN name, actually isn't.
  10. This isn't rocket science. I'm a driver around A-B tier and just dropped myself to D tier in order to make the platinum an easy task. I set one good qualifying lap and can just easily farm those off. If I'm deep enough into D tier, I'll just go for the win and most likely take the fastest lap along the way. As soon as I'm very close to/ in C tier, I'll just fall back at the beginning of the race and finish as one of the 3 last ones. I think it's even more impactful to lose when being on pole, as you lose ~15 positions which makes the process even quicker. So if I'm in mid D tier, I'll go for up to 2 wins, until I drop down again for 2-4 races and then I repeat the whole thing over and over again. It just get's very boring, so i don't grind for that platinum very actively. I just commit to it maybe 2-3 days a week.