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  1. Can you estimate how many hours the platinum took?
  2. I played the original on PC a while ago and would like to go back and re-play it on ps5 before playing sub-zero. If I buy the ps4 version and get the free upgrade, can I plat the ps5 version, then console command the ps4 version, then do the same thing for below zero for 4 total plats?
  3. Definitely discouraging me from tackling the DLC. Just finished the plat and I don't know if I have it in me right now. This game was very stressful from a trophy perspective.
  4. Agree--I'm going to make a point of doing this going forward for all of those potential ps6 remasters.
  5. Update on this: The problem seems to be specifically related to the Ashot gun (the shotgun pistol). Apparently it does not count if you use the 4-barrel attachment. I loaded up the final chapter and equipped the Ashot with no attachments and the trophy popped after one kill. Sorry @OSU_BUCKS_2LAZ if this was all you needed to do, but good for future reference for other people.
  6. I think I'm running into the same issue. I had to re-do Volga after messing up the ending via chapter select, but have played normally from there all the way until the last chapter. I expected the trophy to pop when I got a kill with the crossbow in Taiga, but it did not. I'm going to see if I can run through all of the weapons in the last chapter, but it seems like using chapter select AT ALL throughout the course of your save file will nullfiy this trophy, which is pretty terrible. It's weird because none of the other misc. trophies seem to have this issue. I believe that will be the only one left for me to get, and if the ranger difficulty exploit still works, then it means I'll have to do basically an entire extra playthrough like you did just for one trophy.
  7. I was able to save Duke on the second playthrough by doing all of the above, plus talking to the villagers by the generator/locked room with my weapon holstered and my flashlight off. I also did not kill the catfish (i'm guessing this is a big one), and also only knocked out surrendering enemies instead of killing them.
  8. FYI--to save Duke, it seems you need to do more than just stealth/no kills in the church+tugboat+bridge. I did all 3 of those things, and Duke still died. I didn't realize that the tugboat sequence was the point of no return (i assumed it was the bridge), so I didn't end up getting all of the collectables on the map. Because of that, I missed 1 of the 3 cultist prisoners. I'm guessing you need to free all 3 groups of cultist prisoners. I also killed/executed some bandits that were "giving up" after clearing the camps. Be extra careful if you're trying to complete everything in one playthrough--a replay of chapter 3 is going to cost me 5+ hours.
  9. Did you ever figure this out? For me, the "collect everything" trophy and BD-1 holomaps are the only ones that did not pop. Currently downloading the game on my ps4 to load it up confirm if I had them all--I obviously got the plat, but maybe the save file is older? Edit: Solved. If you're like me, your final save before the plat was probably at the meditation point in the crystal caves on Ilum. I must have gotten the platinum and then closed the game without saving again. In my case, I just had to get the final chest which was near that meditation point, and then walk into the next room to complete the exploration of that planet. After doing that, the trophies/plat popped for me.
  10. I had one crash in 65 hours or so, but trophies are unfortunately still bugged. My brother started a fresh playthrough today and had a boss trophy and the Act 1 trophy not pop for him. I just finally completed the plat after deleting my save for a fresh playthrough for sins of our mother. Pretty discouraging, because I thought they fixed the trophies.
  11. Did anyone with this bug delete their save, start over, and successfully get the trophy? It's the last trophy I need and am afraid that it still won't work even if I take the 10-15 hours to blast through the game back to that part.
  12. Sins of the Mother is absolutely, 100% bugged. You can't see the last cutscene without obtaining the fragments, and you can't have the car keys in your inventory if you haven't seen all of the house cutscenes. Many many people (including myself) have done all of these things and not had the trophy pop. Housemarque even acknowledged the bugged trophy and said that the only way to fix it at this point is replay the entire game.
  13. How do you dash run like that?
  14. The worst part of this by FAR is the dealing with the slow upgrade/shopping menu every time you have to restart. I really wish it would just restart you with your same loadout and have an option to completely reset.
  15. Anyone know the S rank point requirements for each level?