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  1. Finished in a little over 50 hours. Divided by death was a pain as predicted and it's really a shame because i felt like every other trophy was really really well paced. Game was still incredibly fun.
  2. Just dropping in to confirm that Achilles/Patroclus is still my last trophy. Just finished the eiplogue though, so maybe that will speed things along? Before that I died 4-5 times in a row to confirm Achilles had no more dialogue for me, so it seems like I'm on to just grinding to Patroclus and hoping. Favorite combo is still probably shield and just taking any attack+ and dash attack+ (no problem blasting through on 0 heat). Might try the sword again though and some of the suggestions above.
  3. Have a feeling achilles will be my last one as well. I am approaching capping out all keepsakes, and have some misc. cleanup like the two keepsake specific ones. But achilles and patroclus are both at 6 nectar and I can't seem to unlock the next part of the dialogue to get the prophecy. How many times did you die immediately to exhaust the dialogue?
  4. Crashed twice in 30+ runs (?). It never saves my progress and always takes me back to before the runs (one crash was during a boss, one crash was during a "survive 45 seconds" room--maybe both of these are treated the same way from a save perspective).
  5. I know for sure I used the 4 barrel attachment initially in the Caspian chapter when I was going through every weapon (I made 100% sure I got a kill with every weapon except the crossbow all back to back near the starting train workbench so that I could pop the trophy with a beast kill with the crossbow when I got it). When the trophy didn't pop after the crossbow kill, I assumed it was glitched because I had previously used chapter select to re-do the Volga chapter. However, that doesn't seem like it affected anything since like I said even if I was starting from 0, I ran through all of the weapons in Caspian. You could also run through all of the weapons including crossbow in the last chapter, but enemies are quite far from the train/beginning. I would at least make a note that if the trophy doesn't pop, try not using the 4-barrel attachment. I am quite confident that was the issue for me.
  6. Thanks--makes sense why it was so cheap then. The US/NTSC versions seem to be very rare. Ps4 copies are going for more than the ps5 versions. Might still be worth grabbing an NTSC ps4 copy for $60.
  7. Saw that the ps4 version was cheap on amazon, so I figured I would buy the ps4 physical copy and upgrade to the ps5 version for free. However, when it arrived I realized that it was the PAL version and I am in the US. Will I be able to play this on my PS5? Will it affect trophies in any way, and will the upgrade to the ps5 version be the PAL ps5 version?
  8. Can you estimate how many hours the platinum took?
  9. I played the original on PC a while ago and would like to go back and re-play it on ps5 before playing sub-zero. If I buy the ps4 version and get the free upgrade, can I plat the ps5 version, then console command the ps4 version, then do the same thing for below zero for 4 total plats?
  10. Definitely discouraging me from tackling the DLC. Just finished the plat and I don't know if I have it in me right now. This game was very stressful from a trophy perspective.
  11. Agree--I'm going to make a point of doing this going forward for all of those potential ps6 remasters.
  12. Update on this: The problem seems to be specifically related to the Ashot gun (the shotgun pistol). Apparently it does not count if you use the 4-barrel attachment. I loaded up the final chapter and equipped the Ashot with no attachments and the trophy popped after one kill. Sorry @OSU_BUCKS_2LAZ if this was all you needed to do, but good for future reference for other people.
  13. I think I'm running into the same issue. I had to re-do Volga after messing up the ending via chapter select, but have played normally from there all the way until the last chapter. I expected the trophy to pop when I got a kill with the crossbow in Taiga, but it did not. I'm going to see if I can run through all of the weapons in the last chapter, but it seems like using chapter select AT ALL throughout the course of your save file will nullfiy this trophy, which is pretty terrible. It's weird because none of the other misc. trophies seem to have this issue. I believe that will be the only one left for me to get, and if the ranger difficulty exploit still works, then it means I'll have to do basically an entire extra playthrough like you did just for one trophy.
  14. I was able to save Duke on the second playthrough by doing all of the above, plus talking to the villagers by the generator/locked room with my weapon holstered and my flashlight off. I also did not kill the catfish (i'm guessing this is a big one), and also only knocked out surrendering enemies instead of killing them.
  15. FYI--to save Duke, it seems you need to do more than just stealth/no kills in the church+tugboat+bridge. I did all 3 of those things, and Duke still died. I didn't realize that the tugboat sequence was the point of no return (i assumed it was the bridge), so I didn't end up getting all of the collectables on the map. Because of that, I missed 1 of the 3 cultist prisoners. I'm guessing you need to free all 3 groups of cultist prisoners. I also killed/executed some bandits that were "giving up" after clearing the camps. Be extra careful if you're trying to complete everything in one playthrough--a replay of chapter 3 is going to cost me 5+ hours.