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  1. Aaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddd- Here Goes: So, since my last post a lot has honestly changed. I did continue the ADHD medication- I then realized it was making me irritable yet again, and more worryingly, actively suicidal. There were other factors, more on that in a sec- however, I later on experimented with briefly taking the medication, and can confirm it was a definite factor in both irritability and suicidal thoughts, thus, I completely discontinued it, and am, for now at least, leaving my ADHD untreated. Long story short, though better than after the rough breakup, I was still in a very dark place. In the fall, however, I took an Honors Seminar on wellness- a seminar I admittedly didn't buy into much at first, but figured it was worth a shot, as I had nothing to lose, and, I mean, probably an easy A. Wow- was I glad to be wrong (Also, the teacher is/was an absolute angel, and I love her to death.) Most notably, the class got me into meditation and keeping a gratitude journal, two things I now do daily (The former as my new years resolution- 5 minutes a day, only missed a couple days, though I plan to increase the time at some point, the latter since mid November- I recently passed a full 100 pages in my notes app for it.) It also helped me change my mindset, and get much better at discussing my feelings and emotions. Case in point, my final computer music project that fall was a 5 movement piece encapsulating the 5 stages of grief following my very rough breakup (the one discussed in the last post.) I was doing better, that class was a life saver (perhaps literally), but still in a bad place- then, in January, I was officially diagnosed with depression, and put on Prozac. Holy crap, that stuff helps. A lot. And coupled with the meditation and gratitude, yeah, I still have awful days, and occasional issues, perhaps daily, but it's a process, and for the first time in years, I am actively happy to be alive. I truly am. This semester, as in this spring, my piece dealt with said mental journey outlined in this post. I may be willing to (Temporarily) link to files of both pieces if there seems to be interest, I just have no desire to take away from the greater post or theme by forcing my work on anyone. So, on to the games. First, Sifu. The mental health connection is pretty clear- For the bonus badge, I did Before the Storm, for several reasons: It counts, no questions asked, there's no combat, at least physical combat, and you're outside for a ton of it. I only had one trophy left due to a glitch in my initial playthru. That initial playthru was done with my roommate, the one from my previous post who helped me so immensely mentally. I truly identify with Chloe, even sampling her in the Spring project. Not always in the best way, but a lot of her character really rings true to me, especially the destructive ways she deals with her mental trauma, and her lashing out at others, while in reality, it coming at least partially from a place of hurt and fear. Also we both have dyed our hair blue, but that's besides the point. Probably. The single chapter I had to do opens with her attending a DIY punk show- something I have recently really enjoyed doing, and I think I've found a new hobby, so it fits in yet another way.
  2. I'll have it done by midnight tomorrow! That gives me 24 hours to pop one trophy and make a post for my main game (Sifu) and extra (Before the Storm)
  3. Honestly I'm touched that it made enough of an impact that you remember, lol. Also, favorite tracks are Smell of the Game, Disaster of Passion, In the Name of Heaven, and Roar of the Spark.
  4. Almost forgot about this, can't ruin the streak! Count me in, thanks for doing it yet again! Also, some recommendations: Neo: The World Ends With You What Remains of Edith Finch The Last of Us: Part II Life is Strange Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  5. No need to be a douche about it. Don't know how to translate, but I'll go out on a limb and say since it's a summon related quest the skills are likely the ones that boost the summon power like they said in english, and probably skills to increase the speed of the summon if there's spare slots. Just a totally wild guess though....
  6. If it's anything like the 3DS games, when a character hits 99, you can revert them to level 1 and keep boosting their stats, each reset adds 1 star level if I remember correctly. Super excited for this! List doesn't look too bad, and even if it did, I vowed to platinum this from the second it was announced! Also, still predicting one of the final waves of DLC will be Kingdom Hearts. So excited for the TWEWY tracks!!!
  7. The masterpiece, of course. Knack 2, BAYBEEE
  8. I'm down, hope I can keep up, but worst case, at least I can sign up and see what I can do!
  9. Oh my god if there's plats for each.... I can't wait!!!!
  10. Amazing badges, amazing event, can't wait for next year!
  11. Sign me up for SURE! I'll actually update my list for this year soon... been an adventure of a year in general.
  12. Just nabbed a pink with Sonic Frontiers!
  13. Unfortunately, I'm gonna miss the deadline by outright a day. Ah well. Perhaps I'll do better next year! Thanks for the event!
  14. Hoping to get a third in in time, had severe issues with bugged trophies screwing me out of several plats (Miles Morales, Fractured But Whole), but I've done Life Is Strange Remastered and the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. Hoping to nab Before The Storm Remastered to get my third in before midnight tomorrow!
  15. Got an orange! Castlevania: The Anniversary Collection