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  1. My favorite game of all the GTA games! R.I.P. Ray Liotta, you really made Tommy Vercetti memorable for me!
  2. I see that people are still platin this so i guess it is. Acording to this Link and this Link its possible EDIT: Its only the Angry Birds Trilogy that's not possible to platinum due to the Near function being shutdown.
  3. Nice! If ad hoc works then my friend can help me EDIT: After doing a bit of research i found out you needed 4 people.. Pretty much gonna skip this cause I don’t think I can convince my friends just to help me
  4. Awesome! Now I know what to play! thanks!
  5. Is it still possible to platinum this? Or are the servers down
  6. Is it still possible to platinum this game? Does it have to be online or can you do it ad hoc?
  7. Anybody know this?
  8. Is this also broken like the Vita version of Ninja Gaiden 2 Plus and not possible to obtain platinum?
  9. thanks for clearing that up mate!
  10. ** Couldn’t resist the mayo anymore! ** Platinum: #70 Console: PS Vita Enjoyment: 9 / 10 Difficulty: 1 / 10 Hours: 1h 28mins
  11. I don’t get that people have obtained this in 2021 & 22. So their cheaters? What’s broken exactly and how?
  12. Ahh okay, thanks for the quick responds
  13. Are you still able to get the platinum in this game?
  14. Maybe it’s not the right place to post, but here goes. I was wondering if the release contains Repentance on PS Vita? Can’t seem to find any info on that. Best regards.