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  1. Hello there, Does anyone have a tips to farm cursed weapon ? Got 2 of them at the start of the thir floor atm but can't find another one in a weapon room
  2. Mephistopheles will Pat don't worry about thaht. But yeah your character tendency may now be in black You can still be in Pure White if you kill the 5 specials Black Phantom I think. If not try to help someone online it could solve your problem.
  3. Hello, It's now been more than a month without any news, may I have an answer please ? I think that I've give enough proof that I actually speedrun this game (he Tiwch link is not available anymore tho), I appear on the leaderboard and someone (machaesthetic, thx for that) check my trophies and agree that there is no problem. I get it that the CRT might be busy and I'm not asking for a lift or not, just some news would be cool. Thanks for that
  4. Hello, It's been a week since the beginning of this topic, may I have some news please ?
  5. I've read the Dispute rules & Format topic and it seems that my answer was not appropriate, my bad for that. Let's go back to the main topic, here is why I'm flag (Thx BRKs_Eagle for your correction, I really apprciate dude 👍) : "This guy must be very skilled, a real speedrunner. It says that he took 4 days to beat the Cotton Alley, but you can see here (link in question) that he spent 46 minutes, and this is a really short time to get it, besides the other games he played between the Girl and Boy. He basically completed the game in 3 hours, unlocking the Kid, that is super-hard to unlock, beating 10 warp zones and collecting 50 bandages. This is very suspicious and I believe he cheated" If I understand correctly this person think that I'm a cheater because I've done some trophies too fast. Indeed I unlock almost the kid and half of bandages in 3 hours or so which may be fast for a newcomer in this game. The thing that disturbing me is that I was not a newcomer, in fact I had played this game for hours in an alt account before doing it on my main. At that time I had enough "skill" to finish the game quite fast but not enough to get the platinium trophy unlike the fastest one (don't get me wrong, I don't say they cheat, it's totally doable, those guys are beasts on this game) and that's why it took me 11 days to get all trophies. As a proof I've done multiple speedrun attempts after that. Here is one of my old Personal Best : Some can ask "how can we know for sure that you are the one doing it ?". Well, I've done a stream where I've complete 80% of this game in 1h30, you can find the video here : I understand that some people think that this game is hardcore and all but, in my opinion, most trophies are totally doable (like unlocking the Kid) with some practice. The hard part is to finish the last levels without dying which is a nightmare. In conclusion I didn't cheat to get my trophies, i just played hundreds of hours before that. Thx for your time.
  6. I saw it and it still doens't make any sense oO
  7. Dounew Super Meat Boy What a strange accusation especially this part "a real speed runner is says that he took 4 days to beat the cotton alley". A "real speedrunner" finish this game in under 2hours... By the way I speedrun it myself now, you can find a part of one of my run there : It starts at 1h00 tho, dark cotton alley is over at 2h20 and I was really rusty at that time.
  8. I'm almost sure that those times are correct I don't think that anybody will do a guide so feel free to do it, I'm sure it'll be a good one 👍 What do you think about the difficulty ? Imo it's a 4/10, maybe 5/10 but definitly not more than that.
  9. I will tell you in about 2h Edit : 6:04 got the 100% speedrun screen (sorry for my previous false information ) 6:37 didn't get it (double checked it this time) It may be sub 6:30 I'm really sick of the last boss, after more than 10 encounter I don't wanna do it again like never !
  10. I may have skip it if you got it with 6:09, my bad That explain the strange number with 5:50 tho I'll do it again after work to figure where was my mistake
  11. Hello, Nuggets and hearts count toward 100%, no need to find statues or to purchase upgrades. The easiest way to get all these trophies in one go is to aim any% speed run first (with 3 hearts ofc) and continue on the same save after the final boss, you'll have more than 2 hours to find everything. In fact you can easily get all the trophies with a single playthrough. Good luck for your Plat
  12. That's why i said sub 5:50 but couldn't test it. But yeah that's a strange number ^^ Btw the time for the any% speedrun is sub 4:00, got it at 3:54 but not at 4:02
  13. Yep the game shows the winning screen each time, it's usefull to determine which time is required.
  14. 5:35 got the 100% speedrun 5:59 didn't get it Maybe sub 5:50 ? I'll try to figure the time for the any%, let's go for another run
  15. Hello guys, Here is a playlist with all battle challenges S-ranked, hope it will help some of you. Keep trying and you'll get it too ! Battle challenges And don't forget Shadiochao's awesome videos for all S-Rank on platform challenges :