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  1. Cool, but last week I almost killed myself by playing the Strange Terrain Nightfall 15 times to get this drop...
  2. I've entered in a "Destiny 2 PS4" Facebook group to find people for a Leviathan raid team, and after a couple of trys it worked and I got both the trophies. I mean, you definitely gonna find some guys that are complete jerks and rude, but there are some good people that will help you. Try to find people who know the drill and can explain to you more easily how to do the raid steps.
  3. I was 10, 10, 10 and it popped when I reached 11 on the middle class (like 10. 11. 10)
  4. I am seriously worried about this issue, 'cause I should have the trophy by now. I have send them a couple messages on instagram and facebook, I hope they solve this soon (before the servers close).
  5. Same here
  6. The servers for NBA 2K18 Prelude closed in January 2020. I was trying to get the trophies but I didn't know it wasn't possible anymore. If anyone was going for these points just like me, too bad! :/