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  1. I've played FIFA for about 12 years and this was a bit of struggle. This was the way I got it, which meant I could easily get close every single time Run in the box with your striker as if you were running straight on towards the goal, turn around and pass it backwards to the edge of the box to your attacking midfielder. Tap square + L1 so that a ball goes in towards the striker and straight on towards to goal, like a lob pass - not from a cross, and hold L2 + O. If worked well the ball will float towards your striker and I found 9/10 they will actually pull off the bicycle kick with decent power. This wasn't on any videos I watched but one of the comments suggested it. Once I was doing this i was getting close almost every time and its a consistent way to pull them off. Hope this helps in anyway.
  2. Tried them today and they’re working fine for me. Gonna act quick to get these outta the way!
  3. So I got the trophy about 3 weeks ago, just wanted to clear up for whatever reason the trophy glitched and didnt pop when it should have, to be safe i backed up my save file, deleted it off the system and then did 10 more clean races, which then popped the trophy
  4. The addition of the new mode 'Dead Ops Arcade Advanced Start' on solo makes the trophy far easier. It notes in the description of the mode that you can still get the achievement. It starts you closer to the boss battle. I reached round 46 before this and still felt like nowhere near good enough so this is a big relief to me. However I do think that trophies should have a level of difficulty and that people who achieved it before this update may feel it is unfair.
  5. I really don't understand why I haven't got this trophy. I've done 48 Ranked races, all 5 laps each. a total of 232 clean laps which equates to 46.4 clean races. Well over 10, yet I still don't have the trophy. There doesn't seem to be anyway to remove my super license and start again. It doesn't make sense