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  1. hell, all of mine are just joke games that'll never happen, but... 1) Shrek's Treasure Hunt (PS1) 2) Cartoon Network Racing (PS2) 3) The Simpsons Hit & Run (PS2) 4) Pac-Man World 3 (PS2) 5) Globs of Doom (PS2)
  2. the first game sucked ass, probably THEE worst game I platted in 2021, but hey, I always plat sequels to EZPZ plats, even if I tortured myself through it anyways...what do yall think??
  3. yeah, if you wanna plat shitty ass garbage games, then you'll plat SHITTY ASS GARBAGE GAMES, trust me, I have my fair share... but I wont plat a game twice, that's my personal rule....(except GTAV) cuz im proud I platted that one well...clown them back if they haven't platted the whole MNIM trilogy
  4. YO YO YO EVERYONE WE GOT A RELEASE DATE My Name is Mayo 3 Tapping into the PS Store.... May 17, 2022
  5. Hey y'all, i've recently been REALLLLY down in the dumps and for a good reason too...


    My dog of 12 years "Daisy" passed away yesterday all of a sudden, this is my very first pet-related death, and all thats been on my mind is my dog who i'll never see again, losing someone close to you is HARD, I dont lose loved ones often, I got this Dog when I was 6 yrs old, and now im 17, i've spend half my life with this dog, so yeah, been a rough 24 hours

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    2. Exeshow678


      @MidnightDragon thank you <3<3, its been hard, I've thought about her all day

    3. AK-1138


      A beautiful name for a dog. Sorry for your loss.

    4. Exeshow678


      @AK-1138 thanks my man <3<3 its been difficult trying to cope, but its getting easier overtime, now with her gone, the house feels like its missing something, she made everything complete

  6. My 50 Rarest Trophies as of 5/10/2022 are all from: - Steamworld Dig (1) - Grand Theft Auto V (14) ( INCLUDED) - Sonic Mania (8) - Terraria (6) ( INCLUDED) - Dreams (8) - Fall Guys (2) ( INCLUDED) - Super Bomberman R Online (2) - Minecraft (6) ( INCLUDED) - Super Animal Royale (2) - Knockout City (1) ( INCLUDED)
  7. well...as of 5/10/2022, it was dethroned by Curse of the Dead Gods, but I have a good chance it will remain in the Top 10 for a good while longer
  8. Jumping Burgers?? what's next? Zoomin' Bacon? | Crouching Tomato? | A Hop & A Skip and Turnips?
  9. Finally, I'll be able to complete my dream and platinum Shrek's Treasure Hunt and Elmo's Letter Adventure for PS1
  10. Just saw there was a small update today? can anyone confirm the tasks still work towards the trophy while in FREE PLAY as of April 28, 2022?
  11. 10 YEARS?!?! hardcore trophy hunters aint gonna be happy with this one MAKE THEM SUFFER THE WRATH OF WAITING FOR A LONG TIME FOR A PLATINUM MHUAHAHAHAHAHAHA 👿
  12. actually yeah, a few months back actually, either for January or February, PERSONALLY i thought January 2022 was the best month of PS+ ive ever seen (DIRT 5, P5S & DRG), since i've been a subscriber (since December 2019)
  13. Easily the worst month for me PERSONALLY, i mean FIFA....really? The other two games I have no interest in, April had better games and I thought April's games kinda sucked, worst month so far... (I'll still be redeeming them tho since ya know...FREE GAMES WAHOO!! here's hoping June brings in some BIG DOGS cuz thats when the new ps plus system is introduced (ok upon further inspection, Curse of the Dead Gods actually looks interesting)
  14. Guys....It might just be me, but this outstanding series NEEDS more recognition, it might not be "My Name is Mayo" popular, but really? The Pigeon P? you have ALL THESE LETTERS TO USE and YOU REUSE ONE?!, WE ALREADY HAD "P" IN ONE OF THEM, that goes to "The Sheep P" but rant aside, whats next for this series? (The Elephant T? | The Horse H? | The Beluga Whale W?)
  15. yeah, thats actually kinda clever, make the ADS something like billboards or something creative, i dont wanna be playing a game, then have it suddenly stop to give me a fucking Word Cookies or Flying Gorilla ad or heaven forbid....a tiktok ad