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  1. as of (1/15/21), my longest platinum has been GRAND THEFT AUTO V (PS4) clocking in at 6 months, 2 weeks. First trophy was December 25, 2019 and the plat was July 11, 2020 (p.s I've only owned a PS4 since Christmas 2019)
  2. 1. Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) (1.94%) 2. Minecraft (PS4) (10.42%) 3. Parappa the Rapper Remastered (17.90%) 4. Rocket League (20.40%) 5. Bully (23.97%)
  3. I'll get it one day....when they add a mode I can actually do like a mode with Jump Club or Jump Showdown, cuz those are some of my favorites in the game
  4. I have the original 3D World on Wii U and never fully completed it, but I will be getting it for switch, Bowser's Fury looks crazy, and 3d world in general is a good game, so i'll be purchasing this game soon, probably not day 1, but sometime
  5. damn, reading all this is...FUN
  6. ORC SLAYER BY FAR one of the worst games I'VE EVER PLAYED, controls are horrendous, animations make it looks like a mobile game and whenever there's 3+ enemies on screen, the frames drop severely. 2nd place goes to WHITEBOYZ, you can joke all you want but this "game" is just flat out BAD, it's just 2 minigames, one's a "rhythm" game which you can just freakishly shake the controller and it will still count, and the others a "platforming" game which is just....eh, and I actually did 100% it, but they randomly decided to give it DLC for some reason. I know people jokingly say this game is "fantastic" and "10/10" but this game doesn't even deserve that and i'm 99% sure they made it just for the album they also released. yeah you read that right...ALBUM and those are the 2 worst. (but i'm still gonna plat Orc Slayer)
  7. Hey Y'all, this here is my Yet-to-Come Platinum Journey, I will be updating this over time, but every game here I have PLANS of platinuming all these games at some point in the future whether it be in 2021 or beyond, I might go into detail what I have to do for some, but y'all can just check my progress or something like that, new games will be added overtime if there's any questions, just leave a comment EDIT #1 (1/11/21): I will just be updating this single post & I only plan to PLAT these games, not 100% (trophy wise) (ex. PvZ GW2 DLC, DOOM ETERNAL DLC, Borderlands 3 DLC) EDIT #2 (1/14/21): I have decided to add games I don't even own yet, just to show you what's on my "wish list" Platinum Check: (Based on Trophy Percentage) (Current as of 1/15/2021) Terraria - 98% Dreams - 91% Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 77% Mafia: Definitive Edition - 72% Gal*Gun 2 - 65% Golf With Your Friends - 64% Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - 62% Detroit: Become Human - 57% Orc Slayer - 54% Persona 5 Royal - 51% Grand Theft Auto III - 43% Timberman VS - 38% KNACK II - 26% Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - 17% BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle - 11% Bugsnax - 8% (5% --> 8%) Deadpool - 7% DOOM Eternal - 3% Borderlands 3 - 1% Cyberpunk 2077 - 1% DEATH STRANDING - 0% (Haven't Started Yet) FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - 0% (Haven't Started Yet) Persona 4: Dancing All Night - 0% (Haven't Started Yet) YAKUZA 0 - 0% (Haven't Started Yet) GAMES I DON"T OWN YET, BUT PLAN TO PLAT: Minecraft Dungeons Watch Dogs: Legion The Perplexing Orb 2 The Language Of Love (yes, laugh all you want) Freddy Spaghetti Family Feud Awesome Pea Awesome Pea 2 Grand Theft Auto V (PS5) (whenever that comes out) ASTRO'S PLAYROOM (yeah, this one will be awhile)
  8. oh boy...you've platted most of your games, so by looking through your games, im gonna say Toki or Genshin Impact, but your probably gonna 100% them anyway
  9. Golf With Your Friends Getting good! (Get 10 Albatross) Earned January 1, 2021 (4:43 PM)
  10. are you f**king sh*ting me? KNACK IS FREAKING EPIC!!!!! actually no.... KNACK II IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAEM OF DA YEAR FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agreed
  11. I can see why he thinks it boring, its either fighting or reading lots and lots of text, but your not wrong, it's an AWESOME game
  13. OMG, Agreed! I didn't even realize that. The PS5 is too WEAK for a game like KNACK III (for real tho, I just picked up KNACK II cause it was cheap, but I dont know what to expect, I haven't looked up anything about it)
  14. I'd just buy the bundle, that's how i got it, and I already had bought p5d