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  1. who cares if it's annoying, it's funny tho
  2. I Plat the holiday ones on the actual holiday, Im planning on Platting either Halloween Candy Break 2 or Horror Break this halloween
  3. Can I simply just make like a 2v2 and make all CPUs 1 and easily get 10 points so its (10-0) or (11-1)??
  4. God of War (2018)
  5. So, I've played 100 games & done the 2,500 health juice one and they haven't popped, is the game tracking different then description or something else happening??
  6. Christmas Day 2019, I got a PS4 and the first game that I Downloaded & Played was.....GRAND THEFT AUTO V
  7. So, I noticed that this is called Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire (RED) while the one i played awhile back was called DELICIOUS! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire, so....whats the difference? it is just the same game with different girls? now that i'm typing that, is this whole "game series" just this.. "match correctly and get a secksy anime lady?"
  8. ahh, well thats good
  9. Really? I got mine like a month ago, it should still be active (maybe country affects it? im in US)
  10. dude...same. this is basically if smash had trophies and i couldn't be more happy, guess I found my 100th PLAT!!
  11. I'd say ORC SLAYER, Saw someone talk about it being one of the PS4's worst games and I thought "Hey, i should check if it has a plat" and of course...it did. So, i bought it and immediately regretted buying it, it lags when there's more then 2 enemies on screen, the aiming is atrocious (and you have to shoot small flying pigs that constantly shoot green fireballs and that gets annoying quick, the graphics make it look like a mobile game (it probably is, haven't checked) and i still haven't completed it over a year later and at this point, i don't know when I'll beat it
  12. Can't wait for ZJ the Ball: Complete Edition with all levels and will be a separate trophy list LOL
  13. Well, my original goal was to hit 75 plats by years end and i started this year at 42 (which i did hit 75 plats on 6/30/21) so now my "Advanced Trophy Goal" is 100 plats, but at this rate, I probably won't make it, but i hit my original 75 plats this year, so im good
  14. Hmmm looks interesting, I actually kinda like the character designs, cause that's what they looked like in the old comics, but overall...looks very meh (watch it be like $30)
  15. Does this happen to be a tie-in with the upcoming Addams Family 2 (in theaters October 1, 2021) or is it just a random addams family game, also this reminds me of that Hotel Transylvania 3 game (HT3: Monsters Overboard) that came out around HT3's release