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  1. I never noticed that. Can someone please help me fix this and make things right instead of laughing at me or picking on me all because I had someone help me and was told it was legit. Please I’m already angry enough for getting ripped off
  2. Sorry but I don’t find it funny, right now I’m pissed. I only wanted some help because I wanted to have platinum in all far cry games. Is there away of deleting it off my profile. I would never have payed if I didn’t think it was legit
  3. I had a team on eBay to help me get the trophy’s but they said it’s 100% legitimate done from start to finish. I paid £129.99 for the service.
  4. Avenged_King_22 Far Cry 2 Ok, I have done nothing wrong, I just looked up what CFW means and I have done nothing with any of my consoles plus I’ve never cheated on any of my games and any of my friends will tell you the same. Have I boosted some games with help from friends, yes but I don’t think that’s cheating