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  1. The Red Dead Redemption II platinum experience was plain awful. I ended up getting it eventually, but it truly broke me. I tried playing other games after, but I had to take a 5 month break where I seriously questioned myself quitting trophy hunting. It totally drained all my enjoyment from games. Thankfully I came back with a different mindset on playing games and getting trophies. I love the game, I have even replayed the story mode a few weeks ago after not touching it for over 2 years. Still a 10/10 game for me, but trophy-wise it's a terrible time waster. The online was boring and empty, so getting to level 50 was the worst online grind I have done (and I did GTA IV, V, RDR, Max Payne, so I'm no stranger to Rockstar online grinds). Getting all the collectables. Completing the damn challenges. Skinning and studying all the animals, ridiculous waste of time. And I don't even want to remember gold medals... you'd be like 15 minutes into a mission, just to screw up a little thing only to have to do everything all over again. I believe they've fixed the mission replay system now, but your character progression and weapons would reset back then.
  2. Didn't PS4 themes were made available like a year or so after the console launched? They will come to the PS5 eventually.
  3. This is unexpected, but can't say I'm surprised given Rockstar's attitude for the last few years. I believe they'll change the trophy requirements soon, but it's still insane they made the platinum unobtainable for one of the current best-selling games. I really hope they do a separate list for the PS5 GTA Online standalone release. That's the only way I could even begin to consider getting GTA V for a third time (although from the last trailer I can't say I'm excited for it) as there is no way I'll voluntarily get back to Online again .
  4. Would it be possible to update Ratchet & Clank 2 trophy list name? It should be Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando. I get that it was Locked and Loaded in EU, but the third game in the series was just Ratchet & Clank 3 in EU, yet here it has the full name in the trophy list: Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal. Thanks. EDIT: I see it has now been fixed! Thank you!
  5. Definitely, I've personally had to suffer around 10 freezes in my runs.
  6. It has happened before. GTA V comes to mind, I remember the PS3 tile was different, then it changed when the PS4 version was released so both were the same.
  7. Hey @HusKy, any chance this could be implmented as well in future updates? Thank you!
  8. Come on, it's just the trophy icon. I agree they should have definitely updated them on PS5, these kind of details shouldn't be overlooked by developers (especially if Sony is publishing), but not buying this game or future releases from the developer over a trophy tile is just ridiculous.
  9. Developers definitely do. There has been a trend for a long time now of releasing DLC after the game was featured on Plus.
  10. Things like these makes me wonder why people want a digital-only future. You don't own ever own the game, only a mere license that can be revoked anytime or in this case, made unreachable due to external issues.
  11. There are 12 new achievements on Steam, but the names and images are still placeholders. So I guess it will have new trophies as well.
  12. The release date is literally on the title of the topic.
  13. Husky, do you think it would be possible to add a "remove 100% games" selection while creating a new list? It would look something like this: Could be used for: Keeping a completion list, I've been trying to raise my completion percentage this year so keeping a list with the games I still need to work on that auto-updates would be great. Backlog lists, I personally consider a game it's truly out of the backlog after the trophy list is 100%, not when I start playing it. Thanks!
  14. Do you realize not everyone playing is boosting trophies, right? I helped a friend with some DLC trophies this weekend and there were lots of people playing just for fun.
  15. Impressive Husky, thanks for another update. Couldn't imagine going back to vanilla PSNP now.