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  1. I meant on the script, changed "PS4 Remote Play" to "Uso a distancia de PS4", should work in any other languages I believe.
  2. Can't believe that's what it was... my Windows is in Spanish so changing the name solved the issue. Thanks once again for your incredible work!
  3. Thanks a lot for this! But nothing happens when I press CTRL+B
  4. Hey everybody, I'm old school and like to keep progress the old way so I just made this printable 100% checklist. I thought it could be useful to others so I hope you like it too: Color: https://bit.ly/2P386tY B&W: https://bit.ly/2zhWlFt
  5. The best case scenario here would be two different trophy lists - one for RDR2 and other for Red Dead Online. After all they will treat them like separate games getting separate DLC, just like they do with GTA V and GTA Online. But it definitely won't happen.
  6. I guess I'll be buying it the GOTY or whatever the complete edition is called in 2019 for half the price with all the DLC. I find it hard to support games with this kind of release schedules.
  7. Mine has to be Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Simply because it's the game that got me into gaming fifteen years ago, wonderful memories and nostalgia every time I play it. Thanks again for the giveaway!
  8. This is very kind of you I'd like to participate. Thank you!
  9. Interesting! Thanks for sharing them. I wonder what they didn't add them then?
  10. Records and Novels are the new collectibles exclusive to the remaster. I was hoping for a new list honestly... they didn't even bother to update the main image (old logo).
  11. The same thing has happened to me, twice. I'm still missing this conversation for the trophy. This Uncharted has been a huge letdown to me. Have encountered lots of bugs, it's really not up to the standard... which is a shame because I was really looking forward to it.
  12. Excellent news! So happy they're releasing both GTA Stories and Max Payne 2... never played a Midnight Club game though, might give it a try. I hope at least the GTA games come with a platinum trophy. Will buy them nevertheless, but the lastest R* games didn't include one (Max Payne, Red Dead Revolver and The Warriors).
  13. Yes, I'm sure it includes the bonus episodes. Not sure about the Requiem pack though.
  14. Yes, if you buy the First Season you get everything, same as buying the psychical copy. If you downloaded the free Intro Pack, you can alternatively buy the separate episodes. For unlocking the full trophy list you will need: Paris Sapienza Marrakesh Bangkok Colorado Hokkaido Bonus Episode (includes The Icon, A House Built on Sand & Landslide)
  15. It seems Paris is also free... at least managed to download it too a few hours ago! Does anyone know if progress and trophies carry on if I buy the psychical edition later?