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  1. I just came back to the game to gold all the challenges and I agree, they are not exactly hard. They just have a learning curve that requires a lot, and I mean a lot of repetition to get it "right". A very time consuming DLC.
  2. Taking into consideration this is the third release of this game in the PlayStation universe alone, it's been a year since the original announcement of this "expanded and enchanced" version yet we haven't seen a single screenshot or a simple list of what they're actually expanding and enchancing.
  3. I've recently bought a Greatest Hits copy of this game to finally 100% it on the PS3. This was undoubtedly the worst DLC I have ever played, what a pointless trophy. I also boosted it using the falling glitch for a few days while I was gaming on my PS5.
  4. Of course, I thought you were listing PS3 games exclusive to the PlayStation universe. My mistake!
  5. I think both Far Cry Classic and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon are PSN exclusive? "The Wild Expedition" physical release includes them as a downloadable code.
  6. I see you managed to play the Heists and unlock the trophies since then. Did you run into any kind of issues? I’m also thinking about going back and doing the Heists to 100% the PS3 version.
  7. Ridiculous. A remake of a 7-year old game, which has already been remastered and still holds very well to this day? This is yet another hint of the direction Sony is heading with Jim Ryan.
  8. I do not think this game needs a DLC, even less if it's $15. I enjoyed it but got quite repetitive in the last areas.
  9. #103 Stardew Valley JOTPK killed the game for me, makes no sense to put this trophy in an otherwise a very relaxing and enjoyable game. I just can't comprehend how this was possible before the 1.5 patch, even so I found it incredibly hard and frustrating. My respect to the people who got it the "legit" way.
  10. Thanks for this info. I've been trying for weeks to get through Chapter 1 with random people but I just can't manage to get to the end. They either have no idea what to do or they get tired of it and go away.
  11. I don't understand why they change these things. The original trophy sound was iconic, at least give the option to get it back.
  12. #100 Max Payne 3 Been chasing this one for over 8 years, glad I was able to unlock it for my hundredth platinum. Extremely lucky playthrough after many deaths, freezes and glitches.
  13. To be fair the GOTY edition was released in September 2009 and the Pirates DLC in late December that year. But yeah, I get your point and I totally agree, they could just have waited a few more months and release the complete deal. Unfortunately it seems this game will remain incomplete forever on my list.
  14. GOTY doesn't include the Pirates DLC.
  15. Managed to pre-order one of the very few units they made available in my country back in September 2020. Official release date was December 4, but it was delivered on the 18th. I was immensely lucky as it's still sold out everywhere and my friends haven't been able to get their consoles yet. Hope this stock issue gets solved soon.