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  1. Here's the one I wrote for myself. Didn't end up using it because I think resizing PS5 looks better, but there you go: picture.game { width: 100px; height: 100px; display: flex; align-items: center; } Doesn't work on the home page though.
  2. Just a huge warning for anyone aiming for the 100% on this game: There is a known glitch with the DLC collectibles - completion gets stuck between 97-99% after you collect all bubles and ace all the levels. That happened to me, so one solution is doing everything again but in one run without closing the game. That's what I did, until while finishing the last level the game crashes and my saved data got corrupted. So yeah, I now have to do everything AGAIN and hope it doesn't crashes or glitches. EDIT: Finally got this trophy on my third time, which also glitched out at 98%. Looking under every level's collectibles, I had two levels with two empty stitched sticker bubbles under the "collected all gifts" category. It's impossible to miss those if you get all the collectibles in the level, but somehow the DLC has trouble registering them properly even after giving 100% collectible completion. Replayed those levels and got the trophy, simple as that. I think this is the only glitch in the game. Doesn't matter which order you play the levels or if you all the levels in the same session.
  3. Just in case, I finished the plat without updating and had no issues. Updated the game, went to the new island and no trophy. I'm also playing from an US account, and all 50 latest achievers of the first trophy at time of posting are from non-US account so I believe the issues are with our version.
  4. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/13922-toem Shouldn't be renamed from "TOEM" to "Toem"? I know the first is technically the correct name, but all games with names in caps have been correctly capitalized, so this should be no exception.
  5. Thank you Husky! Great additions to the already splendid script. I was wondering if you had any news about this? I wouldn't mind maintaining a classic games master list if that's an issue. Sorry, not planning to do this. But I'm planning something that will partially cover this case.
  6. Absolutely minor update, but shouldn't the "Classic Edition" subtitle be removed from these games names? I only ask because it has happened with other series such as Assassin's Creed or Grand Theft Auto, where re-releases, remasters or ports are just displayed without any subtitles. Thanks.
  7. Not really a lot of work to detect the games as these tags would be only for the emulated games (not remasters or ports) on PS4/PS5, so pretty much the classic games on Plus Premium.
  8. @HusKy, any chance of giving the classic games a proper console tag? A few options: 1) Adding a PS1/2 on PS4/5 tag (my personal choice): 2) Replacing the original trophy tag with the proper console tag: 3) Keeping both tags: I guess this would require to manage another master list of games like the unobtainable trophies one, so I can understand why this is unlikely to happen (I wouldn't mind taking care of that list if that's the issue). But I think it would look great! Thank you!
  9. I never understood why this site treats VR as a unique platform when it's not: With that criteria, then Move should be treated as such too? They're both dependent accessories for the consoles.
  10. I use these lines in Stylus and works perfectly just for the Flagged box: div.title.red { display: none; visibility: hidden !important; } div.title.red + .box { display: none; visibility: hidden !important; }
  11. TBoGT: Gold Star Score 100% in all missions (The Ballad of Gay Tony) Grand Theft Auto IV I've finally got my 100%! It's one of my favourite games ever and this is the longest time I've took to complete a game, clocking in at 12 years and 1 month. Now I only need to get the The Last of Us Grounded run done and all my obtainable PS3 games will be complete, I've tried many times in the past but got tired of it as I find it impossibly difficult.
  12. That list is actually pretty bad (not that I expected better). Except for the newer PS5 games, most were already PS+ monthly games. And that classic catalogue is a joke.
  13. No, you're right. That's because they just used the tiles from the PS4 version. Looking at this port, and how they handled the Trilogy, I can't say I expected much from Rockstar.
  14. Such a big missed opportunity here. Two lists would give the freedom to keep adding trophies to GTA Online as long as updates are released. Even including trophies for previous updates (especially big ones as The Contract or the Cayo Perico and the Diamond Casino heists) in order to engage players with previous content.
  15. This. Even if they auto-pop, there's no point in doing the same list for the third time. I'd gladly buy this if they do two different trophy lists for story mode and online. Although it won't happen.