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  1. I'm literally watching a lot of animes, some alone, other with my partner, so I'm now abroad so I'm gonna put what I'm watching on my own. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Hajime No Ippo So glad this culture exists
  2. ✅WEEK 8 UPDATE - 2 MONTHS✅ Hello guys! What did I do this week? I don't even remember lol, lacking of sleep is affecting me, there were a couple of days that I fell asleep after 4am, damn insomnia. 46% I'm on my 1st playthrough (1 out of 5), Almost reaching the end. Oh this thing... It's a Zelda look-a-like, dungeons, enemies, objets... BUT THE FUCK*NG TREASURE MECHANICS is getting on my nerves!!!!! You go through the diff floors collecting treasures that are needed to improve your characters (5 or so that you have to lvl max btw), each skill cost 60+ treasures, even +200 some of them. Well, after 5 floors you reach a checkpoint and can go back to the hub, imagine I have 180 treasures and I'm gonna pay 100 for a skill (the only one I can learn in that moment). 80 treasures left, I cannot buy anything else, so I'm gonna head back down to the dungeons, and SURPRISE, you'll lose all the remaining treasures!!!!! Or if you die 2 times, you'll lose AGAIN half of them. It costs a lot to collect that many (at least in the earlier lvls). Another grindy game, but with my "scheduled plan" I'm not gonna get tired of it Today was the day when I get back to this lovely piece of art As I said on my feed, I don't want it to play it bc I don't want it to end. Passionate Listener trophy (Hear 250 Futaba's Lines), so far so good, I was pretty scared to be honest. Call of Duty Black ops lll Backlog time: pretty unhappy with the fact that there is no campaing and you cannot offline coop zombies Try to get some trophies on the zombies but man, they're tedious, also it was late already so I did not have the same focus and end up playing multiplayer. I have not lost any skills, surprisingly, taking into account that I was one of the best female players of COD in Spain (according to the rankings) But definitly gonna get those zombie trophies!!!! And two last things, Linger in Shadows and Novastrike, I don't understand the 1st and the 2nd is kicking my ass (They are at 0% still so they're hidden)- Also they're 100% game no plat. Tomorrow is time to BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM
  3. Today's time for an update and sync' :D  We'll see it tonight on my TrophyChecklist, but a couple of things:

    • I'm not very happy with the fact that you can't play offline co-op zombie in BO3, and the no-campaign thing on PS3. No plat, bc of a couple of online trophies left and I'm not in the mood to boost, no worries :D 
    • Tomorrow I'll start working on Batman Arkham Asylum
    • AdventureTime..Dungeon whatever, I'm mad with that game, I like it, but the trasures mechs?!?!?!? who invented that thing? 
    • Persona 5, I don't want to continue bc I don't want it to end :( and bc of the Passionate Listener trophy
    • I'll get the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (PS3) plat some day, taking 2 weeks off but the grind is REAL
    • I'll raise % Black Ops 2 too, possible plat, idk.
    • Killzone, as I have said, I can write an entire book of this buggy yet fun experience. I'll attach pictures when I get the plat.


    That's it, that's my way of working. 7 games, cycling them through the weeks (at least 4 different games a week). And each one has its successor to take its place when finished. 



    1. Copanele


      Best of luck! I only know Arkham Asylum, you should enjoy that one :D (unless you can't stand superheroes)

    2. Puppeter04


      @Copanele Thanks :D ! I LOVE superheroes. 

  4. Games I'm proud of, Modern warfare 2 and 3 bc I platted them solo(except forced coops specs) without stressing myself out . And Resistance 3 bc... why not?
  5. I'm gonna kill him/her, if you are playing this, you know what I'm talking about Why you loose your treasures if you go to the main hub?! Jesus christ. I died 2 times on floor 20 so the question appeared: "Would you like to retry? keep in mind that you'll loose half of your treasures" And I said no, bc I wanted 150 treasures (130 I had), so that transported me to the hub with just 80 trophies and having to keep going from floor 16 😡 Good night ppl, I'll try again on Sunday. I just play this game twice a week to not get bored so easily as you do the same over and over again. Keep the variety
  6. That's it, how can ppl defeat this on hardcore mode? yeez, I'm stuck on the first lvl😂
  7. I think I'm gonna start cleaning my backlog too, even games that I cannot get the plat, but at least having them around 70+ % or so, what do you think? 


    Except for the F ranks at 0% because I have them hidden, and 2-3 that I started but it gives me all the laziness in the world (at most having less than 5 at less than 50%).



    There are some things that I cannot control, for example if the game has a lot of DLC then the % will be lower if I cannot buy them 💁

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    2. Puppeter04


      @mako-heart I wish I could get A ranks in every game on mybacklog but there's no way!! a lot of DLC's on some of them, and online trophies that I'm not willing to do bc boosting for me is a completely struggle, my schedule varies a lot and months ago I tried to but ppl don't cooperate, bad experiences for me, except when I'm just working with other person. So, games with online team trophies will remain with no plat bc of the ps3 servers being so empty (most of them) and my lack of desire to boost.

      I have a long list anyway, 34 games that I'm willing to play to increase their %, 15 plats among them. :D 


      And other like RDR1 and GTA V, dlc's and online trophies ... ew, so investing A LOT of time to only go up 10-20% is not worth it when I can invest it in +3 platinum even from AAA games, don't you think so? :o 

    3. mako-heart


      Honestly, in my experience so far, most As seem achievable. And my main focus is making sure games don't have Uncommon trophies unearned. The only game I've attempted it on and failed is a fucking Rayman game cause I'm so bad at it idk I hid it lol. I haven't decided to keep trying or give up.

    4. Puppeter04


      @mako-heart Sometimes a withdrawal on time is a victory! 

  8. What do you do when you can’t sleep? currently 4:30am and there’s no way, i’m not tired enough to sleep but i’m tired to do anything, hate when this happens!! 

  9. Yo! Could someone explain me how the completion % works? I guess it's a simple rule of 3 but nope, then every game counts different? Or is me that's so early here and my brain ain't working well? it is not possible for you to know how much a game is going to increase the %? Thanks <3 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Puppeter04


      @dertswa687o ooooooh now I get it ! thank you  :D 

    3. Cleggworth


      PSN and by extension PSNP uses points earned/points total when calculating % completion of individual games anyway so it makes sense to use the same figures when calculating completion %

    4. NERVergoproxy


      After I commented, I went to bed...it was 4am. 😅

  10. Oh yeez, here I am, what a busy week! Week 7 update: no chart today cause I'm writing this from my ipad cause my laptop needs to be fixed, the plug inside the pc where you connect the charger broke, I hope they are fixing it for me now because I need it by Wednesday (exam) Anyways, this week I did not play any KH or P5, well KH yes but only 1 hour and no trophies, but I started Killzone (I can write an entire book about this glitched-experience so far lol, but having fun :D) because I dreamed that all the Killzone games disappear from the face of the earth, and two days later I read that the website closed and then I said to myself: "What if this is the beginning of the end and my dream comes true ?????" So I started it lol. I'm not gonna be able to get the plat until end of the month, or even February cause I just brought one controller to my parents and I need 2 for 2-3 trophies I also 100% Frogger Returns (NA version). What else... Oh, Madrid is a disaster right now, a lot of snow (it had never snowed like this), +500 cars abandoned on one of the main roads because they couldn't get to the city, trees on the ground, empty supermarkets because the supply-trucks can't get there, canceled classes ... And worst of all, that the majority of the population of this city is more than assholes. They have forgotten that there is a pandemic and they have started dancing in one of the main squares, hundreds of people dancing the macarena without respecting the safety distance, I'm done with the world. I know, we are all stressed, sad, or whatever bc the pandemic but man, are you stupid? the excuse: "We also deserve joy", yep, tell that to the thousands of dead in this country. More than a million dead in the world, if you want to dance, dance in your fucking house. I don't want to keep spreading my bad mood but .. This is also my diary and it is where I vent. Two last things, I visited my osteopath and she told me that I was like an 8, she put everything in its place, and then I went to the hairdresser and dyed my hair almost white, you can now call me Kakashi Sensei 2.0
  11. 1 week ago I had a dream where all killzone games disappeared, 2 days ago I read that the killzone website closed. It has nothing to do with being able to play or not but... If my dream comes true?! And that's the reason why I started Killzone HD yesterday. I'll sync and update tonight that I haven't done it for a week!!! But I'm alive ✌🏼 I also dyed my hair almost white 🤭

    1. Deceptrox


      Killzone 2 & 3 servers were closed back in 2018 in February if I recall correctly. 


      Killzone HD is safe since it only has offline trophies. 


      If you have Killzone: Mercenary (Vita) I suggest you to work on it. Probably with Shadow Fall if you own it too.

    2. Puppeter04


      Yes, I knew about the servers closure! 


      K HD is fast to complete even having to do 4 playthroughs, I'm pretty much rushing through the game cause I played on PS2 back in the day.


      I haven't got a vita (yet, maybe) but Shadow Fall is on the shelf behind me 😁 gotta work on it too

  12. DO YOU GUYS GETTING PLATINUMS?? I'm working on JRPGs so maybe I get a plat before March 😅😂
  13. I'm not sure (but I think so) I got it on the 3rd palace, use always your third-eye. How's your progress? Palace 2 and 3 have a lot of objets
  14. AC ll, for sure, with no doubts.
  15. Tell me a game so good that when you played it, you didn't want it to end?


    *because you had fun or cause you created a type of bond with the characters (don't look at me like I'm crazy, it's normal create a bond and it doesn't mean you are lonely!!)

    Mine: Persona 5, I'm obsessed!!!! 

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    2. Sofa King

      Sofa King

      As bad as I was at it, I wanted more after finishing Sekiro. It kicked my ass repeatedly and I loved every minute of it.

    3. funboy1246


      @Kristen Danielle oh i agree. to me they're a master class in story telling and acting. but i NEED an ending. a resolution of some kind. I got to know how it finally ends. it drives me crazy thinking about it lol.

    4. FireFoxie


      It'd have to be Bioshock for me.