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  1. Is there a mileage trophy like in Grid 2019 as that trophy was a ridiculous requirement lol
  2. Yeah, happened to me as well.
  3. is the game any good though?
  4. I got the platinum earlier this week and I did it all 100% offline. Several trophies still had a delayed pop, so my recommendation is if you know you've satisfied the requirements and you don't get it, it's worth leaving the game idling on the menu for a good few hours. Sometimes had to wait over 4 hours for one to come through, sometimes only a matter of minutes (for German Legend) and on my last one (The New Yorker) was just over an hour. I personally didn't do the whole 'fresh save file/driver profile' thing, and I also had several DLC installed at a time, but I still believe that @ImStylinOnYaBro's method that he described can only help in the matter of earning trophies.
  5. Having a good laugh at this, OP. Thank you.
  6. Does it have to be at the end of the service or can it be any station?
  7. That would be quite a strong lineup, but of course I won't complain.
  8. My all time favourite racing game has to be Burnout 3: Takedown on Playstation 2, closely followed by the original Forza Horizon on Xbox 360. The sequels to that never quite captured the same magic for me. Nevertheless, I have sunk thousands of hours into many other racing games. Normally prefer the Arcade style ones but when it comes to more of the sim side I was absolutely in love with Gran Turismo 4 and haven't quite enjoyed any of the successors since, of course I hope 7 might change my mind next year. I'm very excited for the new Test Drive Unlimited game, as the first two I absolutely adored at the time. I've also been incredibly keen on many Need for Speed games, though I would say I have more and better memories of Carbon as opposed to Most Wanted 2005 - and maybe Hot Pursuit 2010 more than both of those... I'd also like to give honourable mentions to The Crew (the original I prefer to the second) and Race Driver Grid on the PS3, that one also being better than all of it's successors so far, and finally Wreckfest, which reminds me a lot of Demolition Derby (PS1) and Flatout 2 on the PS2 which I enjoyed hugely at the time. EDIT: Have to mention Split/Second. I don't think I have ever enjoyed playing a game on split screen so much as that with my friends.
  9. The race in Saudi Arabia was for sure one of the most insane, crazy races I have ever seen. I'm hoping Max can clinch the championship next round!
  10. I did get some small amount of stutter and out of sync video/audio in approximately two or three of the games cutscenes, but perfectly fine to live with. Playing on PS5 for reference.
  11. I've had it once or twice where it's got to 5 mins and if it does that i just cancel and restart matchmaking - I'd say average wait time for me in FFA was approx 2 mins?
  12. Not having this issue myself.
  13. Great find OP - works like a charm! Picked a car with low fuel as well just to hasten the process as well.
  14. Control Dirt 5 Wreckfest Maneater Legends of Talia Arcadia (EU) Legends of Talia Arcadia (NA) Concept Destruction (EU) Concept Destruction (NA) Thunderflash (EU) Thunderflash (NA) Bugsnax Astro's Playroom
  15. The PS4 ones aren't the poor quality ports from the mobile version that were available for PS3. They're exactly the same as the original PS2 ones as they are emulated from that version.