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  1. looks like some people have earned this trophy now, so it's obtainable?
  2. Completing all challenges is one of the very last things I need for the plat in this game. I can get the phonecalls that activate survival missions, and I've answered two tonight, let them finish talking to me without interrupting by shooting or stealing a car etc, and then just... nothing!? I'm accepting the calls but there's no waypoint coming up or anything on the map so it seems like they're bugged? I did a google search for this issue but I only got results about people not receiving survival phone calls at all or people having difficulty with launching the game. Please, if anyone knows why this is happening and if there is a workaround, it would be great to hear. Otherwise I'll have to give up on this very shoddy remaster :/
  3. no difficulty related trophies so you're free to choose whichever one you like 👍
  4. agreed, it does sound more like an optimisation patch for the current last gen versions rather than a new version/stack for current gen consoles unfortunate if so though, if they do give us a new stack i'll definitely replay and replat
  5. Training trophy issue for 465 was fixed in a recent patch. Unfortunately not Cajon though
  6. I'm very unsure about this, feel the trailer showed very little tbh. Also quite apprehensive about the art style and not sure why there's a big focus on whatsapp ricky in an arcade racing game. of course as a loyal nfs fan it means i complain about most games in the series but ultimately play and enjoy most of them....
  7. Soooooo, I'm in already because I voted? Gonna post anyway just to be safe lol
  8. I hope they fixed Spirit of Steam collectables. Was broken on PS4, idk about PS5. I will find out soon enough have the game on pre order lol
  9. ok im in there is also a league founded on the psnprofiles discord and the scoring has been running since gw1 feel free to join if u want
  10. If you get a copy of driver San Francisco quick enough you can do the multiplayer before it shuts off next month! Good fun game to plat if you like driving games
  11. Loved Parallel Lines on PS2. A very underrated game in my opinion, there wasnt many games I ever beat the entire story of as a kid but that was one of the few
  12. How do you track progress for checkpoint rush?
  13. in the case of LIRR on the train menu the change livery popup (iirc it's called that or something similar) actually prompts you to choose a different car formation (6x car train, 8x car train, 10x car train) and each of these different formations has a different set of services
  14. I found manual gears was pretty much essential to doing good at drifting on this game. Too many times on auto it will shift up or down and mess with your momentum whilst drifting.