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  1. I've had it once or twice where it's got to 5 mins and if it does that i just cancel and restart matchmaking - I'd say average wait time for me in FFA was approx 2 mins?
  2. Not having this issue myself.
  3. Great find OP - works like a charm! Picked a car with low fuel as well just to hasten the process as well.
  4. Control Dirt 5 Wreckfest Maneater Legends of Talia Arcadia (EU) Legends of Talia Arcadia (NA) Concept Destruction (EU) Concept Destruction (NA) Thunderflash (EU) Thunderflash (NA) Bugsnax Astro's Playroom
  5. The PS4 ones aren't the poor quality ports from the mobile version that were available for PS3. They're exactly the same as the original PS2 ones as they are emulated from that version.
  6. Good to know that TSW 2 doesn't have the same issues. I'll look forward to that when I get to it!
  7. Starting Percent: 55.33% Previous Update: 63.59% Current Percent: 63.57% Ran through the DLC for Control and unlocked my final base game trophies along the way. Not 100%'d right now because I don't fancy having to look up all the hidden locations and collectibles in the DLC just yet. Still, completion percentage has come down just a tiny bit because I've already made a start on Hotwheels Unleashed which came out last week, wasn't planning on getting this at release but I had an opportunity to pre order for only £24 so I went for it. It's decent and definitely worth what I paid for it but there are some reviewers giving this really high scores such as 9/10 and I really think that's exaggerating how good this game actually is. Anyway, whilst I don't think it's amazing, it is decent fun playing through the single player mode for a couple hours each night, also had a couple sessions in multiplayer and earned 2/3 of the online trophies so far. Even when I do complete all the events with 'unleashed' rating it looks there'll be a grind for coins and gears at the end of the game anyway so I'm in no rush to try and complete this game quickly.
  8. I haven't played this game but it's quite clearly not an example of an unobtainable trophy - just an extremely buggy one.
  9. Oh wow! Would love another excuse to play this game again.
  10. Had a quick look on your profile and seen you hadn't finished Gravel yet, that's the first thing I took notice of because I'm big into racing games but it's not a difficult or time consuming one, there is a couple trophies for online but they're really straightforward so if you do decide to pick it up let me know and I don't mind reinstalling to boost with you
  11. Starting Percent: 55.33% Previous Update: 63.56% Current Percent: 63.59% Not much progress in terms of percentage, but a decent few days regardless. Earned the 1000 miles trophy for Dirt 5 and earned the Platinum Earned my final trophy for Hitman 3 for completing the challenges in the final mission (no longer bugged it seems as popped instantly for me) Started Control Ultimate Edition and made good progress I'm enjoying Control but maybe not quite so much as I hoped I would. The difficulty is mostly fair throughout but a couple of heavy spikes scattered throughout and the respawn/checkpoint system isn't fantastic so it can get on the frustrating side every now and then but I absolutely adore the concept, setting and general atmosphere. The combat looks, feels and sounds good but the launch ability is by far the best way to tackle every single encounter so now that I'm right at the end it's beginning to feel a bit repetitive. But with everything else, the gorgeous visuals and the great performance of the PS5 version it's still something I'd easily recommend. In the course of three nights I've completed almost everything in the base game trophy list except spending 100 ability points and completing 25x board countermeasures, so once those two are knocked out I'll be adding another platinum to my collection. I might work on them whilst also getting a start on the DLC that comes with the ultimate edition but due to the fact it's already starting to get a little bit same-y I might just power through the DLC sections with some of the assist mode stuff on and ramp up the power fantasy aspect which this game does really well.
  12. It's okay - a perfectly solid racing game that does really well in a couple of areas but doesn't particularly include anything special that will keep you coming back time after time
  13. Oh wow! Didn't know this game was still being supported but I'm more than happy to return to it if this also brings extra trophies.
  14. Starting Percent: 55.33% Previous Update: 64.08% Current Percent: 63.56% Long time since my last update! I did start Maquette and played it briefly but I just didn't like it at all and had no real desire to continue so I dropped it and decided to play a game I've wanted to try for a long time... Train Sim World! This was pretty much the only game I played for 4 weeks straight, and I wouldn't recommend to anyone who doesn't really like trains, but as someone who does I've had a lot of fun with it. It's a bit repetitive and hardly the most compelling gameplay you'll see but it puts a smile on my face and I find it a very chill experience - when the trophies work properly! I've been playing this offline ever since I read that being offline helps trophies pop better (as the dovetail games server doesn't interfere) but it's not a 100% foolproof method unfortunately. I've not tried all of the different routes yet but I've completed a good chunk of the base game trophies and made good progress on several of the DLC routes, including overall mileage, scenario completions (essentially the game's version of missions), completing services on timetables, and getting collectables (but only if the route has a trophy associated with collectibles, as not all do). The playstation doesn't actually track hours played offline but I'd easily estimate at least 150+ so far and there will be several more hundred hours involved when I return to it! However, I'm currently taking a break from it to play some other things for a bit, first of which was Tekken 7. I'm not usually a fan of fighting games and haven't played them since the PS2, but when I did, it was the old Tekken games that were my favourite, so when I saw a physical copy for under £10 I decided to bite. Predictably, I'm not good at combos at all and only played single player on normal difficulty but the trophies are actually really straightforward and even the online portion wasn't too much trouble. I was annoyed that it really did keep matching me with players vastly more experienced and the server connections weren't always good but the requirements for the online trophies are only to win a single match in ranked match, single match in player match (unranked), one match in a tournament and 10 overall online matches completed. An enjoyable, swift and not very difficult platinum and likely the last fighting game plat I earn for a long time. After this, started on Dirt 5 on PS5, I've had a copy for a long time as Game had it on special offer shortly after the PS5 was released but I hadn't got round to it, even though I really like driving games. It's nothing mindblowing but the graphics are gorgeous, cars sound good, there's a decent variety of cars too but I wish there was more track variety as I had played every track a couple of times even only halfway through the career. I am only one trophy away from platinum on this right now, which is the 1000 miles trophy which I will complete with an AFK method. After this, I will be on 124 platinums, and intend to revisit Hitman 3 for Platinum 125. I am only one trophy away from this but it was bugged when the game released in January and I really hope by now it's been fixed, or else I will have to find something else for #125!
  15. Might be interested in this game, but not until the trophies are no longer bugged :/