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  1. Love how quiet it is, especially after 6 years of a base PS4 - loved my PS4 of course, but whenever I played a game made in the past few years, it would go into jet engine mode within 5-10 minutes. PS5 is just so quiet even after hours of play at a time. I also love the controller, familiar enough to what I was already used to but with extra features! Loading speeds are incredible I'm not fully used to the UI yet, still like it, but I think it will still grow on me more as I get more and more familiar with it. Cons? There might be a way to do this that I haven't figured out yet but on the PS4 I liked holding the PS button and then using the menu that comes up to turn off console via controller. And of course, no Knack 3
  2. Game of the Year 2020 - I've only played a very small number of 2020 releases so far, too early into Valhalla to make that judgement and Watch Dogs Legion absolutely is not worthy. I would say Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered but its essentially a 2010 game that's been very slightly tweaked lol, but I suppose that's the only option I have as it is definitely better than Project Cars 3. I haven't played any of this year's PS exclusives yet which I imagine are much more worthy winners of such a title but it would be unfair of me to judge them. My backlog game of the year - This year I got both Assassins Creed Origins and Assassins Creed Odyssey done, whilst I loved Origins, I think Assassins Creed Odyssey added to the formula perfectly, with nice additions such as the mercenaries system, cultist system, upgrading your own ship and a little bit of choice here and there in quests with the dialogue stuff. I know Odyssey isn't the most popular AC title but I for one thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was a fantastic game. My Platinum of the Year (2020) - Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered - I love racing games and this one is no exception, managed to be the third ever platinum achiever for the EU stack and the first 100% completion for the EU stack as well, very fun and pretty straightforward but a good amount of content. My backlog platinum of the year - Probably have to give it to Assassins Creed Odyssey again, played 100 hours in six weeks and enjoyed every minute of it, was a good trophy list that whilst it had plenty to do never felt ridiculous. Honourable mentions to Bully which was a great throwback to a time I was younger and Horizon Chase Turbo which was a lovely retro arcade racing game that I'm genuinely surprised has such a low completion percentage. Technically these two honourable mentions were games I started before 2020, but with very minimal progress and did the vast majority of stuff this year, only got into this trophy stuff earlier this year during the first lockdown but I know there will be many more to come!
  3. I've just done 4 laps of that bridge doing that.... not even one star wanted level! Edit: Did the stormzy side mission and at the end had one star wanted, got in the albion armoured vehicle i already had, got the single albion police car to follow me and then did the bridge method, worked really really well. then once i had 5 star wanted level, i drove back to safehouse pub and did the statue emote in the back room. got trophy!
  4. Awesome work from both of you!
  5. Took me about an hour, I agree that the window for reaction time is really small! For me personally I found it helpful to switch R1/L1 and R2/L2 around as the controls felt more intuitive that way than default.
  6. Oh wow, this is getting a PS5 stack? Definitely one of the better Rata titles...
  7. I have a suspicion that online with crossplay may affect trophy popping, online play went as normal for me as for getting events completed and ranks earned in online but every one in my lobbies were PS4 players, haven't actually had any games with PC/Xbox/Switch but I wonder if sharing lobbies with them may be what is interfering with people's progress.
  8. Hmm, I didn't have any issues with any of the trophies, so I'm afraid I can't offer any advice.
  9. They're included in the main progression now. If you complete all gold medals (racer) and all distinctions (cop) you will get all trophies related to completing events.
  10. Yeah, I'm in the UK and my copy is NA according to PSNP
  11. I had the exact same experience, was the last class I completed by far
  12. source? everything I encounter indicates that it is the first paid DLC pack, 1 of 4 to come with the season pass the new track is supposed to be free - but the rest of the content in the legends pack - for example, the cars (and content you will require to get these trophies) is not free
  13. No it's not, £7.99 on UK playstation store
  14. Base PS4, I wasn't aware the Pro had issues with it, you would have thought with games it might be the other way round
  15. Lol when people say things like that it only makes someone more interested