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  1. Starting Percent: 55.33% Previous Update: 58.01% Current Percent: 63.13% It's been almost two months since my previous update, so thought I would summarise it all now before it goes on for too long and I have to cover even more games! After finishing Need for Speed Rivals (PS3) I did briefly start Borderlands 3 (PS4) with a friend of mine on a co-op campaign. This was my first ever borderlands experience and I enjoyed it but we only got up to the second planet before life got in the way and we both kind of moved on to other games. I actually had an issue with my external hard drive which wiped the games I had stored on it and this affected my motivation to play and redownload all the games I had on the drive. As for Borderlands 3, I'm interested in continuing this but not sure if I am keen on playing solo. To compensate for the completion hit I took by starting a new game, I decided to treat myself to a few 'easy plat' games and ended up getting a bit carried away. I have quite a lot of these in my backlog and I find it very difficult to resist getting anything I can complete in approx 10 minutes with very little effort. Monkey brain just likes seeing numbers go up, I guess. After 4 or 5 of these I was in the 90s for amount of platinum trophies and had been lining up Grand Theft Auto V on PS3 for platinum #100 for ages so I essentially just wanted to get round to GTA and climbed my way up to 99 via these easy games. Of course, after doing GTA V, I followed this up with some more of the easy games in my backlog + a couple of new ones that came out that were really straightforward. Really quick summaries of easy plats below. Many of these I had completed last year on EU stack. Sinuca Attack (done NA and EU) - Odd mix of platforming and pool but easily done in under 10 minutes Thunderflash (EU and NA, PS4 and PS5) - Stylish retro style game but completing the game essentially amounts to a walking simulator through the levels whilst also trying to take down as many as enemies as possible. About 30 minutes to complete each playthrough for 4x platinums. Road Bustle (NA) - Think everyone knows about this. Can cheese the distance requirements by running against the wall. Chickens on the Road (NA) - I'd be ashamed if this cost more than a dollar. But it didn't. so it is what it is. Autumn's Journey (NA) - Visual novel game. Blind Men (NA) - Visual Novel Deep Space Rush (NA) - Arcade shooter I'd already completed on EU, reasonably fun and just under 20 minutes or so to get required kills/upgrades/distance. Concept Destruction (NA, PS4 and PS5) - Surprisingly decent demo derby game seeing as obviously the budget wasn't very big. About 20-25 minutes to complete platinum requirements. Milo's Quest (NA) - Not sure how to describe this one. Adventure game where you play as a dog. Collect bones/keys to unlock areas and defeat ghosts/bosses. 10 minutes with a guide. Memory Lane (NA) - It's basically just snap. Reach a certain score to unlock plat. Legends of Talia Arcadia (EU and NA, PS4 and PS5) - Visual novel where choices not even required! Only takes 30 seconds on full speed up. Loot Hero DX (NA) - A very fun 10 minutes just running through levels killing enemies and collecting upgrades. Of Tanks and Demons III (NA) - Pacman but with tanks versus demons and boss fights sprinkled in. Platinum just requires beating the game as well as acquiring certain upgrades/performing x amount of actions. Cheats don't block trophies so very simple even if it takes just under an hour. Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet (NA) - Visual novel about running a chocolate shop. Actually has choices, unlike some new easy trophy visual novel games. Strawberry Vinegar (NA) - Visual novel with a strong focus on food about a girl and a demon who moves in with her. Super Weekend Mode (NA) - Not sure what to call this type of the game but essentially just requires completion of the first three levels. Easily under 10 minutes. Jack N Jill DX (NA) - Simple straightforward platformer. Iron Snout (NA) - Fun fighting game. Have to defeat 1000 enemies but can be done under an hour. Super Destronaut Land Wars (NA) - Colourful arena shooter, very fun 20 minutes. Must reach scores in certain modes and complete a certain amount of the challenge mode. Super Destronaut DX (NA) - Like space invaders but very colourful and features extra modes. Must reach scores in certain modes and complete a certain amount of the challenge mode. Very fun 15 minutes! Alien Destroyer (NA and EU) - The best game so far from these devs, but they haven't exactly set a high bar. Essentially just beat the game once to unlock all trophies. In between these, I took on two actual 'proper' games. GTA V (PS3) and Need for Speed Rivals (PS4). In GTA V, I didn't have much to do on my checklist to complete. This included collecting all spaceship parts and collecting all letter scraps, which doing both of these contributed to my 100% completion via strangers and freaks . I had to defog the whole map which took about 5 minutes in a helicopter as there were a couple mountains in the east I hadn't fully uncovered. To get my 100% completion I pretty much only had the knife flights to complete which you only need 8/15 for 100%. These were frustrating for a while but then I managed to get them all done in one sitting, which I followed up by finishing the last under the bridges I hadn't yet completed. This only left collecting all nuclear waste which is very simple, just time consuming. Then, complete the unique missions for gunrunning at Trevor's Airfield which left the final trophy - earning 70 gold medals on missions and strangers and freaks. I already had about 30 from my original playthrough and the rest were easily done on a selection of early game missions, late game missions with simple requirements, and strangers and freaks. You don't need to do all gold medal criteria in one run of the mission as they are cumulative. When I did this, I finally had platinum #100 for GTA V which is my rarest trophy so far. The other notable game I took on was Need For Speed Rivals (PS4). I knew this game could be completed in under 20 hours from my PS3 playthrough as my final save file showed me, even though I played the game originally over 7 years ago. I must have been the first person so far to be crazy enough to attempt a platinum trophy run in a single sitting but I actually had a lot of fun with a pre-prepared playlist, grinding to racer and cop level 60 and earning the amount of necessary gold medals. Rivals is a much better game on PS4 than PS3, that is for sure! In the end I finished with a time of 17 hours 8 minutes to go top of fastest achievers for the 100% club here on PSNP. So, what's next? I'm not sure. I have a couple of POWGI games in the backlog that I may just get out of the way now before moving on to some more respectable titles.
  2. Wreckfest one of the best racers on PS4, absolutely thrilled to get the PS5 version for free so I can platinum again! Haven't played a battlefield since battlefield 1 but will definitely give V a try
  3. As I mentioned as a possibility early last month, I finally bring you all a 7 hour timesave on Need for Speed Rivals (PS4) Would have been 14 hour timesave if I did earlier as the guy in second only did his run earlier this month.
  4. Cheers Spinacheq. I was aware of the Revolution games but I knew they were quite heavily watered down from the original experience which is why I wasn't particularly interested. If 6 is much more faithful to the PC title then I'll have to add it to my ever growing wishlist of games I want and need to convince myself to buy even though my backlog shows no signs of getting smaller!
  5. Civilization 6 worth playing on console? I've never owned a proper PC and it has always been one of those games I wanted to try one day.
  6. It's nice to see some companies actually have the balls to admit they made a mistake and decide to go back on it. I'm glad it has happened here.
  7. Manchester City fan here - ashamed to see my club linked to such an awful proposal that spits in the face of the vast majority of fans. Should this go ahead, I'll have to take my football support elsewhere - I've always had a soft spot for Bolton Wanderers which are my mum's and grandad's team.
  8. It's really a poor take from the lead on this project. If this is his attitude towards consumers, it's probably for the best he's not leading the next project either.
  9. There's never been a point in time where all trophies have been entirely glitch free in this game. Some that popped correctly for me would not pop for others, and vice versa.
  10. I put countless hours into both of those games. I actually think Parallel Lines was the better game, and actually hugely underrated, but it's Driv3r that I do feel a lot more nostalgic for - trying for ages to beat the missions, tracking down and killing all the Timmy's to unlock the cheats, the survival mode etc.
  11. I know OP said to try and exclude GTA or Gran Turismo, so I won't count them in my top 5 but San Andreas and Gran Turismo 4 would be totally up there otherwise. Those games aside, however... Burnout 3: Takedown Flatout 2 Driv3r Test Drive Unlimited Then I'd have to roll the dice to pick between Midnight Club 3, Toca Race Driver 3 or NFS Most Wanted
  12. Sources on these sorts of rumours can always be dodgy but it does sound relatively plausible to me, it's also not the first time I've heard this one and generally speaking the more often something like this gets repeated the higher chance it has of coming into fruition. I've never actually played a Metal Gear Solid game but if a PS5 collection did release I think that would finally get me to try it out.
  13. Ok thanks, if their previous games aren't cross buy then this one probably won't be either. I still might be tempted to pick a copy of this up anyway. Never played a MotoGP game before but I like the trophy list and icons, as well as racing games in general.
  14. Ah that's a shame if so