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  1. [introduction goes here] About the effects [in your order]: Rate Up Lv.5 — boosts the increase of Voltage Rate for each Rate Up Note [10% without the effect, 15% with it]. 12-sec Rate Up — simply increases Voltage Rate by 1% every 12 seconds. Rate Up Catcher — triggers Rate Up Notes' effect even if they are MISSed. Rate Up Plus Lv. n — increases the number of Rate Up notes for the request duration. [I tested this with Lv. 4 and that gave a bump from 10 notes regularly to 14 with this effect.] Hope that clears it up.
  2. Just looking for trades. [H]: Tranquil Toff [Rare Banner] [W]: credits or offers [btw] huge thanks to ProStasyan for his help.
  3. The Birthday events can be triggered regardless of the date in Project DIVA X for Event Organizer. You only need to do this on the correct day in the F duology.