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  1. So there is 25 squares on the cartographer but the watch says i visited 24 islands and i have been in all of them. So my question is what square is not counted as island ? A way out perhaps?
  2. Little bit worried about new potential trophies, atleast on steam there were added 3 new achievements not that long ago. Hope the price is somewhat low. Randy has had plenty of our money for restocking those lost barely legal videos.
  3. Wampo666 Borderlands 3 Trophy was bugged on me and vern3r0z, it was given before it was meant to. Some salty players reported as hacking... Same thing happened us in dlc 2 with rare spawns trophy, vern3r0z was given the trophy after only killing 1 rare spawn.<br /> <br /> This DLC has a total of 13 Side Missions, most of which are very short. Here is a list of all their starting locations:<br /> <br /> The Psychoscape:<br /> <br /> A Good Egg<br /> <br /> Castle Crimson:<br /> <br /> Blast Requests<br /> Laid to Rust<br /> Hot and Unbothered<br /> <br /> Sapphire’s Run:<br /> <br /> Krieg’s on Parade<br /> Scratch, Don’t Sniff<br /> That Rings a Something<br /> Check, Please<br /> Brainstorm<br /> As you can see final boss is not needed for fustercluck off trophy. Salty salty players...