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  1. Thanks guys
  2. Hi, just a quick question, can the multiplayer trophies be done first or do you need to unlock things in the single player first? Cheers
  3. So I picked this up as I like pool games and this was only £2.50 in the UK store. 1. Its a grind fest....will take many hours for the 1000 games and 10,000 balls trophies ( i knew this but I dont mind, play some music and chill) 2. Its best to grind out the easier tournaments first for cash to buy the better cues (go for cues with the best time and accuracy first) you will have more time to take your shots and increase the aiming line. 3. The tournaments save between rounds. You can backup your save to the cloud and reload if you lose, therefore you wont lose your entrance fee. 4. The hardcore tournament trophy is not that bad, the hardest thing is you dont have any aiming line but its only 3 rounds. The A.I is stupid as hell though, for instance if the 8 ball is over the pocket and their object ball is close to it, they will go for that ball as if the 8 ball isnt there and lose the game! So basically I won by getting them to foul on the 8 ball. I would try and get the 8 ball over the pocket and hope they would knock it in. It took a while to do it this way but easier for me than trying to win legit without aiming lines. However, they can also play in cheat mode and wipe the floor with you but if it looks like they are going to pot the 8 ball to win just quickly shut down the game and you will be back at the start of that round to try again. 5. Some trophies maybe buggy. I have bought 11 cues so far but the trophy for owning 10 cues hasnt popped yet! Some people have unlocked the trophy so maybe it will pop after buying a couple more. 6. It seems only trophies unlock in the single game and tournament modes. For instance in the multiplayer and speed pool modes, i didnt unlock pocket 6 & 7 balls in a row trophies. Anyway, hope this helps.
  4. I know how to do this on the main user account but there is no option to delete on my second user (my daughters account) Does anyone know how to get round this? Thanks
  5. Anyone who has recently purchased this, I had the same issue but you just have to give it chance to fully install until you can play it.