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  1. do you have a video of it being faster
  2. it is impossible to speed up the time on passing time on console
  3. fixed yXLLaBBUvos
  4. All trophies and New trophies for caves and cliff update part 1 To join the world you need to link your Microsoft account to your profile and then go to join and type the code yXLLaBBUvos you will have to type it exactly like that it is case sensitive world open 24 hours any issues please dm me on discord CookiestMonster#2046 World has all Expansion and base game if your just for the new trophies just click the button as soon as you spawn in and do what the signs say Wax On Wax Off Place 16 block from the chest use one honey comb on each block and then use axe once on each block Whatever Floats Your Goat Enter the boat and ride it with the goat Healing Power Of Friendship Wait until the axoloti hits the squid and then kill the squid
  6. Hosting Minecraft Trophy World Realm code yXLLaBBUvos All Trophies on one world open 24 hours apart from mini games trophies DLC 3 and 5 How to join Link your Microsoft account to your ps4 go to realms type in the code with the right caps press join press the buttons read the signs Problems with world contact CookiestMonster#0001
  7. Not bugged it can't be sped up on ps4 you will after to afk on one world for 33 hours
  8. Yep mine is bugged as well i think its something to do with dying
  9. Sleeping does not make it faster
  10. Update To World World Resets itself every 15 mins Artificial selection - All you have to do now is use carrots on them both Archer - Creeper is one shot so just shoot him When Pig Fly the drop is smaller Sniper Duel takes one shot now
  11. Fixed
  12. CookiestMonster#2046 no spaces yeah i no its possible but thanks
  13. It will take like a hour or two hours what a great name for a game