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  1. Sorry i'm having bots problems right now for now you can join 2NFhUk6F4yg or
  2. Sorry i'm having bots problems right now for now you can join 2NFhUk6F4yg or
  3. You cant quit
  4. Oh hi Fill_Fill Do you have a discord where should i message you also about the alt thing i was lazy and i didnt change accounts i've tried to look up the issue with someone kicking people from the world but nothing comes up they keep changing name i would say its a bot but it sometimes joins at randoms times and a bot wouldnt do that really weird
  5. Things i would like to know I dont know how to clone the copper blocks without them turning to wax I would have to stop time somehow and i dont know how to do that Is there anyway to clone mobs/particles with command blocks Updates to world Beam Me Up automatically Moskstraumen automatically pop you have to be close by though Freight Station automatically Smelt Everything! automatically Beaconator All you have to do is place one beacon down Camouflage the mob head auto equip so you just have to kill the mob Great View From Up Here you dont have to move it just does it for you Cheating Death the totem auto equips so just press the button once Let it go! Is easier still Glitchy the best thing to do is to run around break the ice go in the water come out One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four all you have to do is place one pickle not four Echolocation you just feed one fish and you get it Top of the World pop when you place one scaffolding it pop We're being attacked! Press the button to get rid of the raid Sound the Alarm! You need to press the button to end the raid before you can do this Inception press left left right right there is a glitch where the left lever doesn't reset so sometime you have to break it Me Gold! All you have to do is take one heart of sea from the chest you dont need a map or anything Bee Our Guest all you have to do is collect the honey Total Beelocation all you have to do is break and place it down with the pick Cover me in debris auto equip the armor you will get the trophy Whatever floats your Goat the goat is already in the boat you just have to go in the boat no buttons need to be pressed The Healing Power of Friendship! The axolotl is always there just press the squid when he attacks
  6. There's a bot that Keep joining and kicking everybody from the game and keep changing his name everytime he i kicked
  7. Update Redesigned the world not finished yet though Delicious Fish All You have do is cook the fish and eat it instead of actually catching it Into Fire Throw Blaze Rod to yourself and you will get it Tie Dye Outfit Trophy Is Easier All you have to do i throw leather to yourself and you will get it Iron man Will auto equip Camouflage Will auto equip Super Sonic Elytra Will auto equip Tie Dye Outfit You dont have to dye the water Chestful of cobblestone break the chest and pick everything up and you will get it Rainbow Collection break the chest and pick everything up and you will get it Adventure Time may pop when you do on the rail not 100% sure
  8. Make sure there is no raid active and then press the button to your left when the zombie hits the villager ring the bell you can just spam it
  9. thanks
  10. Wow so popular the server are full right now
  11. New update tomorrow at like 12pm GMT the whole map will change
  12. Wax On Wax off trophy Place all blocks types and then use honey comb on each once and axe on each once
  13. Ok its 100% fixed now
  14. Fixed No
  15. New trophies for caves and cliff update part 1 To join the world you need to link your Microsoft account to your profile and then go to join and type the code gdBLbToH7aQ you will have to type it exactly like that it is case sensitive world open 24 hours any issues please dm me on discord CookiestMonster#5363 World has all Expansion and base game if your just for the new trophies just click the button as soon as you spawn in and do what the signs say Wax On Wax Off Place 16 block from the chest use one honey comb on each block and then use axe once on each block Whatever Floats Your Goat Enter the boat and ride it with the goat Healing Power Of Friendship Wait until the axoloti hits the squid and then kill the squid Video of world