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  1. can you send a video
  2. what are you having problems with
  3. You can solo them all but stage 3, 5, 7 and 8 are very hard Any Difficulty Enemies You Need To Kill Stages Survival Stage 1: Train Wreck 54 Stage 2: Madagascar City 59 + 1 Boss Stage 3: Prison 54 Stage 4: Auction House 75 + 1 Boss Stage 5: Scotland 61 Stage 6: Remnants 63 + 1 Boss Stage 7: Sunken Ruins 71 Stage 8: Pirate Colony 78 + 1 Boss Stage 9: River 68 Stage 10: New Devon 72 +2 Boss Crushing 3 Star Times Stages Survival Stage 1: Train Wreck 04:25 Stage 2: Madagascar City 07:00 Stage 3: Prison 06:00 Stage 4: Auction House 12:00 Stage 5: Scotland 09:00 Stage 6: Remnants 13:20 Stage 7: Sunken Ruins 13:10 Stage 8: Pirate Colony 15:50 Stage 9: River 15:00 Stage 10: New Devon 24:00
  4. thats the wrong world yxllabbuvos
  5. Can you send a video there doesnt seem like there's any issues apart from on 16/06/2022
  6. it is not on ps3 or vita just ps4, pc, switch, mobile, xbox
  7. Use xp bottles What's is the error message
  8. I'm not allowed to anymore on this site
  9. With Our Powers Combined!, It Spreads both autopop in 2s
  10. Yep just wanted to tell people that it is coming out
  11. Hey Guys just saying this game isnt out yet the dev said it will be out next month ish
  12. Under Gameplay Added Wild Update Achievements; “It spreads”, “Birthday song”, “With our powers combined!”, and “Sneak 100” It Spreads - Kill a mob near a Sculk Catalys Sneak 100 - Sneak near a Sculk Sensor, Sculk Shrieker or Mob Warden to prevent it from hearing you‌ Birthday Song - Have an Allay Mob drop a Cake at a Note Block‌ With Our Powers Combined! - Have all Froglights in your inventory‌ (There are three froglights pearlescent, verdant, and ochre)
  13. I think so because it doesn't unlock the trophy when you finish the quest and the quest seems to do nothing
  14. There is a glitch to go in create mode on almost all of the story levels which can be done offline and on the lastest patch this may corrupt your game if you do it too many times so please backup your save glitch in text form go to story press x circle circle down X place button place popit powerup edit popit powerup Choose Tools Level Link and Scoreboard Place sackbot behind popit powerup edit sackboy is changeling yes change Place a timer tweak timer to 0.5s place a end game place character tweaker on button output button to character tweaker input output button to timer input timer to output end game tweak level entrance capture only sackbot equip that save then go to play mode go on inside Popit powerup press L1 jump on button pause on the frame the Sackboy re appears if you are a Sackbot you have done it right if it is a Sackboy just press retry and do this one step again that's all when ending or leaving or entering a level make sure to not have the builder hat on Use the level link instead of the scoreboard tweak it so it's say success when entering it's just fasters and smaller note that the levels are not In order
  15. long answer no