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  1. On 22/08/2021 at 3:57 PM, woggly4 said:

    Don't get excited, only bad news will follow.


    After testing a few things I managed to "fix" the handshake issue, however the Autolog leaderboard still fails silently. Even when blocking the connection to the involved server the game doesn't throw an error, if you ask me this is bad design because an essential function is failing without anyone noticing, maybe the devs predicted this behavior and tried to "hide" the issue from the players, who knows. So it's very likely that the server "" is indeed the cause of the issue.


    I self signed a certificate that matches the server's as closely as possible. The handshake issue is gone but there's no data being sent from the game, it looks like the game uses the same certificate fingerprint check as other EA games. Thus, the connection fails because the game doesn't recognize the (i.e. my self signed) certificate, in this case silently, providing no data for the game which results in the "No Friend Recommendations available at this time" message.


    Unfortunately there is no way to fix this without updating the server's certificate and then the game to accept the new certificate, which only EA can do. I'm not sure if something on EA's side expired/broke or if Sony dropped support for something related to secure connections with a system update. I'm sorry guys, I wish I could post better news but I'm afraid the possibility to get this trophy is gone for good. And it's highly unlikely something will change in the last few days of operation when EA didn't bother to fix this issue for 5 years.

    Thanks for trying have been silently following this thread. It's gutting the only nfs I haven't platinumed