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  1. pretty sure they're still down >.>
  2. Any luck yet?
  3. I keep getting error when o.try to start a lobby.
  4. First game has a beat the game without dying in less then 1 hour as far as I know alot of people say it's a rough trophy to obtain I assume one these trophies are a bit of a challenge as well, so Idk what the guy saying to easy is on about when he doesn't even know the trophies actual way of obtaining.
  5. Neither are showing up I cleared all the corruption and nothing they have showed up at all. Does anyone have info on this
  6. UPDATE* The trophy has popped after my last group session with my buddies!
  7. Your think of a different trophy chunky
  8. Doesn't work all in the family still isn't popping
  9. Its not proving even though I've reached 100% on the profile screen any suggestions?
  10. its not unlocking I have 16 cars and played a game with all of them and its not unlocking anyone please help
  11. I cant find it anywhere try to do the season trophies but not able to find season
  12. That's ok I'll have to watch a guide for spells and I've missed a few tail sadly on this play though
  13. I'm looking for someone to trade me the spells and weapons for Dark souls remastered if anyone is will to help my psn is skrilus leave me a message