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  1. So, just to make things clear to me: I DO need to buy all two DLC packs to get 100 of this game, right?
  2. I got there using this service. I strongly suggest you try it.
  3. Since the platinum is unobtainable due to Up To The Task being, by itself, unobtainable, how could people still unlock it?
  4. I see... It was dropping the first time I killed him. Now it could be the 4th time, ti could be tied to a specific BC run... Oh, great...
  5. Just came back to it after a long hiatus, and killed Conjunctivitius twice now. The problem is: the Cursed Sword blueprint didn't drop from it. Did it change location and/or method to unlock after the latest update? Edit: Don't know if I am not paying enough attention, but I could't find any Challenge Rift rune either.
  6. You mean the PS4 connection? If so, unfortunatelly, I am already connected through LAN. If you mean my PC... Well, I'll try and see if it works.
  7. I've followed this method to the very core. However, when I try to download from my PS4, it gives me "Code 403 Error CE-40851-8". Reading through all this thread I found out only one other person had this same problem. What could I be doing wrong: P.S.: I also tested this method with Doom (1993) and Dead Cells. None of them worked, as I got the same error code. Thanks in advance.
  8. I would like to know how can I download games with specific patches - i.e.: DOOM and DOOM 2 with patch 1.06 (before tweeking Nightmare mode but after removing the need to log into a bethesda account).
  9. I have a question. Does this glitched challenges happen to be only Murphy's Challenges?
  10. Wow! Thanks a lot, man!
  11. Hi. I wanted to play this marvelous game again, and found out that there's an asian version of it. However, I can't find anything about it at the asian PS Store. So, is this version of Chasm a physical only version?
  12. Wow! Thanks a lot! Edit: All right. you conviced me. Pyro Pete's bar is really the best one...
  13. Yes, I agree, if I do this directly on my account. I have, however, another one with a Level 64 Assassin. In this case, I think leveling up will take quite little time. In this case, I am free of being flagged, since it's a glitch that was never patched, right? Because I find doing this on Torgue Bar way too boring.
  14. Is there a january sale already?
  15. S'up guys and gals. So, I already have Horizon Chase Turbo platinum in another account, and keep that account on my PS4 to play for fun with my daughters. Today, I was playing using a dummy account as a secondary one and found out something very interesting (it may be old, but I just found out today...). If you play, as a guest, with someone who has already unlocked everything, then you will earn the respective trophies with no effort. For instance: I was able to unlock the 100% Cup trophies in several countries playing only one race in each, and even then I didn't need to finish first as a guest (yes, I lost intentionally. That's what fathers do :)) My question is: if I do this, with my new account, will I be flagged? Is this considered save hack, or a game feature you can use to your advantage? And is there any trophies not affected by this method? Thanks in advance.