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  1. I would advise to check out these games: - Blasphemous - Darksiders III (but only when played on Apocalyptic difficulty) - Dead Cells (though maybe a little too rogue-like) - Decay of Logos - Hollow Knight - Lords of the Fallen The following I haven't played them yet, but they might fit: - Dark Devotion - Death's Gambit - Fall of Light - Rift Keeper - Salt & Sanctuary - Valfaris
  2. Update for October 18th Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Still working on this, though all that's left is the grind (or story speedrun) to level 50. The Holodome's last two rounds took ages, once again. The Badass round lasted a little over 30 minutes! After that I took the time to power level an alt, so that alt could power level my other characters (I can't use my Fragtrap to level Athena/Wilhelm/Nisha). Once they were a decent level (somewhere between 10 and 15) it was a simple task of getting the kills with Athena and Wilhelm, and set up the 10-kill-combo with Nisha. Wrapping up the Normal playthrough was simple enough: outrun the wheel, loot a few more moonchests (reload from cloud to restore the 'wasted' moonstones), kill the raid-boss, grab the Badass sword, start True Vault-Hunter Mode. Honestly I don't really understand why folks say this is the worst Borderlands game.. trophy rarity is ridiculous. Shortlist: - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: 70% -> 97%
  3. Call me a stick in the mud, but no. Both my old (2013?) and my new (2021) TV have a game mode, but this either switches on automatically (and without notice) or it has been on since its initial setup. I use my TV as a monitor for my PC too (wireless peripherals yay!) and I experience NO significant input lag, or any lag at all. I also benefit from motion compensation (frame insertion to upgrade 30/60FPS to 100FPS) for very smooth video/gameplay. So if there is any lag, then it'll be 1 frame at worst which is perfectly fine. My usual sources (PC/console) remove the need for sharpness, MPEG artifact reduction, noise reduction, color compensation, all that jazz.
  4. Update for October 11th [Apologies for double posting, once again] Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Finished the story, started and completed the Claptastic DLC story and most of its side missions. "Challenger" popped at the same time as defeating the Vault boss (yay!). Claptrap's action skill related trophy also popped after having a little scare: I had seen all the varieties, but it didn't pop. Not until after using the action skill once more (any variation). The Pirate Ship mode is awesome, made perfect sense with the "1812 Overture" music playing. The Mutator battledome's nine variations (both Mode and Modifier) were all done in succession with only a failure or two (thrown of the edge). I did enjoy the rocket round (lowered rocket launcher damage, but fast regenerating ammo). The Holodome's rounds aren't that fun though. The arena is huge, the enemies spread thin and they take ages to complete. I've done the first 4 rounds, leaving round 5 and the Badass round. Being overleveled (me begin 42 vs enemies being around 31) should help do these last rounds without that much trouble. Shortlist: - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: 32% -> 70% Main post is updated. At least with the progress percentages. It's still marked as a PS4 game, but as I will not stack this game on the PS3 (and purchase the DLC) it'll disappear from my backlog either way.
  5. @AvengedEvil @Lothym Was this ever followed up? The game is on sale (for the first time) and it looks like a fun twin-stick shooter for around $5.
  6. This. Mostly. There've been a few excceptions, mainly for helping out others. Once that 100% is achieved I consider the game conquered. Loads of trophies require you to do stupid things that would normally be quite suicidal (looking at you Dead Space melee attacks) or run like a speeding bullet through otherwise beautiful surroundings (screw speedruns).
  7. My local news network reported it was "an update gone wrong". Someone got their ass fired, others got lifted from their beds to fix the servers (DNS was completely shot). Facebook stock prices went down by 5%, Twitter was more active than usual (duh), plenty of folks migrated communication platform (I was thinking about moving the family app to Discord). Friends recommended giving Telegram a go. Then, at around 0:48AM WhatsApp worked again (dunno about Facebook or others).
  8. All one can do is vote with their wallet. Don't buy the craptastic pile of trophyware (even lower than shovelware), and support good/actual games. AAA is screwing folks with microtransactions, pay-to-win, day-1 DLC (or pre-release DLC), pre-order items... you name it. Indie devs are still on a hit-or-miss region (and mostly always stay), so when they DO release an indie-darling be kind and support.
  9. Update for October 4th Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Progress is solid, reaching level 27 as a Fragtrap, seeing Jack infuriated by the events on Helios (thanks to a tech-savvy bar owner), and completing almost every region-bound challenge. As difficult as Challenger is, I've hooked up a second controller to get the multiplayer challenges done. AFAIK all I need now are some yet-unseen enemies to get in my crosshairs and I'm golden. I do still need to start the 4-player missions for Sublevel-13 which I want to do back-to-back to prevent any glitches. Discovered the fun of being a Fragtrap with a freezing buttslam, combined with an SMG that has an effective chance of 43% to freeze enemies. During the mission "Trouble with Space Hurps" there's a moment where the enemies respawn indefinitely. I used that moment to freeze and destroy three enemies at once. Those were chaotic 15 minutes I can tell you that! Shortlist: - Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (10% -> 32%) Main post still not updated because it's unknown whether or not this game counts towards my PS3-backlog. I did add that this game's moved to PS4.
  10. Not a big stickler in Project Platinum projects, but this one is definitely a positive one to support. I have one published guide for Xenon Valkyrie+. It's doing really well in terms of view-per-owner for such a little known game!
  11. Holy crap you've got quite a few games on your profile with a C grade or below! Even a whole bunch with just one or two trophies, how come? I'm also curious as to the reason for having a second account. Good luck in the endeavor and happy gaming
  12. Perhaps so that games which would otherwise have a negative impact on your social life can be enjoyed privately while still showing the problem-free ones. Think about the closet-bronies, hidden weebs, secret fangirls of certain less-than-accepted franchises. Kids are brutal when it comes to bullying. -- I have a few hidden ones, they're either not earned by me (lent out my console) or were games that are now largely unobtainable.
  13. Since May I've really been punching the crap out of my PS3 backlog. Out of 65 games I've completed 31 and with only 22 ongoing (cleanup/playing) and 12 unstarted it's looking pretty good! I don't think I'll get them all to 100% (excl delisted/server stuff), but the goal has somewhat become to eventually get all of them 'done'.
  14. I second your praising of Dragon's Dogma, and commend you for completing (almost) every entry in the Yakuza series! The twist in the story of Edith Finch was quite unexpected. Look forward to Outer Worlds, if only because of the shenanigans your character will find out about (and join in). Looking forward myself to playing the DLCs. I do recommend using two playthroughs as the AI of the companions is quite suicidal on the perma-death difficulty. I ended up doing two full playthroughs (all quests 'n stuff) just because it was such a blast going through it again! The dumb-character options are hilarious. If you are going to play AC:III, be advised this game does have some glitchy crap going on...
  15. Update for September 27th Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Having played a lot of cleanup games recently, I wanted to play something a little more substantial. Something that won't be completed in an afternoon, or at least not in a day or two. So I picked this Borderlands game. So far I'm at level 15, playing as FR4G-TP (a CL4P-TP I named PiH013) and have just got the assignment to find some AI for Jack's robot army. It's fun playing as "the annoying one". The randomness of the Action Skill keeps things interesting Progress towards "Challenger" is pretty much done for most weapons except the rocket launcher, shotgun, grenades and the shields. Mostly because I haven't found the type of grenade/shield yet, and the shotgun has an undiscovered challenge. The rocket launcher still needs to be used far more often. "But you're playing the PS4 version!" Yes, I know. I have the base game on PS3 on disc. No DLC-included version ever came out (I think). In any case I don't have the DLC, and dropping €30 for the season pass (or €20 for the trophy DLCs) wasn't recommended by fellow fans. Then I remembered I have the Handsome Collection (free on PS+ some time ago) for the PS4 which includes all DLC. So.. yeah.. I hope it's okay with @SpaceCoresDad to let this count towards the event, otherwise I'd probably be out for a while. The guide may state this is a 50-60 hour platinum, but it took me far longer to platinum Borderlands 2 and I expect this to take quite a bit longer than the guide states too. It's okay if it doesn't count. For now I'll not update the main post. Shortlist: - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (0% -> 10%)