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  1. Small little update The trophies popped, they just didnt show up on screen so I thought they were glitched lmfao
  2. Im going for the 100% again and upon completing an extreme challenge the trophy tied to it didn't pop. Is there anyway to get this trophy without starting fresh with none of my save data? The stealth and 4 hit combo trophies aren't popping for me either.
  3. I got the game off the Slayers Collection. Only Doom 2016 is on disc, the other games are digital so unfortunately youll still have latest patch
  4. Are you using any of the NPC summons for the fight? They make the battle way more fun and easier at the same time As much as I dislike the shitty gimmick bosses I feel like I can get them over with pretty quickly once I know the gimmick. For Malenia it just felt like I was fighting an unfun version of Lady Maria from Bloodborne. I understand your viewpoint tho. You're probably right on "People really should quit posting when they are angry," I'll admit. As much as I felt like the endgame was underwelming ER is no way in hell the worst Souls game 😅
  5. is the only thing stopping me from platinum. Bed of Chaos and Royal Rat Authority for better designed than this boss. The amount of health she can heal in one combo is ridiculous, the scarlet rot is annoying and the boss would be better off without it, and attacks like the whirlwind move are hard as fuck to dodge and one shot. Even if the dual katana cheese I'm still dying to the stupidest shit in this fight. Elden Ring's late game brought the game down so much. Dark Souls 2 is more enjoyable
  6. Since Friday everyone person I've tried to summon into my world was instantly disconnected and vice versa. Anyone know what the cause of this might be and if I can fix it?
  7. Disregard this post, I posted this hours before the guide went up 😂
  8. What exactly are the requirements for the Arcade Master trophy? I heard it's possible to just grind platinum and/or dev medals off of easy challenges repeatedly and get the trophy rather than get platinum in every challenge. How true is this?
  9. 7/10 difficulty, 150-200 hours is what im assuming itll be in the end
  10. This looks like one of the easier Souls trophy lists, not as easy as Bloodborne or DeS PS5 but pretty damn close
  11. It's not hard at all just really grindy
  12. Rn I have a few Mortal Kombat X Fall Guys Switchblade Rayman Legends Sonic Forces Hope to grow that list soon tho, plan on doing GTAV, Battlefront 1&2, Killzone Shadow Fall, Duck Game, CoD WWII and Cold War, and Ultimate MvC3 this year
  13. Is this possible with the ps plus collection version of the game?
  14. When I got the platinum a year ago I never experienced any issues with the game. However coming back to finish the dlc I've had nothing but lag spikes, frame rate drops, and crashes. Thankfully no trophies have glitched yet and I only have the Jimmy's Vendetta grinds left 😃
  15. Can you remove your psn from your current Ubisoft account and go for the trophy on a new one?