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  1. When I got the platinum a year ago I never experienced any issues with the game. However coming back to finish the dlc I've had nothing but lag spikes, frame rate drops, and crashes. Thankfully no trophies have glitched yet and I only have the Jimmy's Vendetta grinds left 😃
  2. Can you remove your psn from your current Ubisoft account and go for the trophy on a new one?
  3. I don't think it's fair to say MKX is unobtainable just yet. We've had longer waits before.
  4. I think a lot of people contacting Warner Bros asking them to change the requirements / have it up permanently might work. They changed them for the Middle Earth game after all. I do agree tho, another invasion is more likely.
  5. I just need to fully research the Houdini splicer so if I do that in NG+ will the trophy still pop. If not, where do they commonly spawn in game? I couldn't find a single one when I backtracked to research everything else.
  6. If they were gone they wouldve either announced that they're removing invasions before the last event or would've confirmed that they're gone already. I'm sure we'll get another one. Besides, they just gave out MKX for free with the Ps Plus Collections so shutting shit down now would be kind of stupid.
  7. This isnt the longest gap between Invasions. not at all. They'll come again, we just gotta be patient
  8. Funny cause I'm working on that plat right now lol. Ignore this comment
  9. Maybe Fall Guys because Infallible, but you could at least have fun doing that one. You have a pretty solid list otherwise
  10. If I get a new physical copy of the Royal Edition from Best Buy or Amazon will the Comrades DLC come with it too? Asking because I know theres a way to still get the trophies if you have the DLC. If not I'll just accept the unobtainables and play it once I get a PS5.