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  1. Wish I had known that an hour ago 😂😭 I couldn't find any posts with tips beforehand, just plenty of folk pissed off with Rockstar.
  2. If anyone's going for 100% game completion, you'll need to do 3 triathlons. The third one took me 27 minutes (real-time), it's probably the most boring thing I've ever done in a game, literally button bashing for half an hour. It's complete bullshit! Here's a tip to anyone who's going for the same trophy... It'll save your thumb big time. Change your control type to "Standard FPS 2" as this changes running/swimming to R1, and cycling will still be X. This means the first 7-9 minutes swimming will be R1, 10-12 minutes cycling will be X and 7-9 minutes running will be R1. Makes a huge difference compared to bashing X for 30 minutes straight.