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  1. I used a couple of guides to try and find the locations I missed on the Helios space station. I did every side mission in the area and all the jump pad challenges. After a couple of hours it seemed like the trophy was bugged. Then I found another guide that included the Eye of Helios with 2 locations that were presumably unmissable as you can only go there during a story mission. I played through the game with a friend at the time of the release. Is it possible I missed 1 of these locations when he went ahead and finished the mission without me? Is there a way to go back to the Eye of Helios without starting a new playthrough (and having to find all locations again)?
  2. I just noticed I lost 3/4 of my MVP victories on one of my certified items. It used to give 2 points per game, which I assume was a bug, but now I lost way more than half of those points. I had about 22 and got the first trophy, but now I'm back down to 6. Has anyone else had this issue?
  3. I can't, but why wouldn't he just skip the Cleric Beast as it's an optional bossfight, level up and return later.
  4. I accidentaly took 1/4 of the Doctor´s Orders items but all of a sudden he spawned somewhere in Eridium Blight. Guess I got lucky.
  5. Fallout 3 Dark Souls Heavenly Sword
  6. I need the following rings: Dull Rat's Ring Friend's Ring If anyone wants to trade, I can offer just about any other item (all pure upgrade stones including pure bladestone, boss weapons,...) SL 175