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  1. Respect to Beyondthegrave07 for setting all this up. Orange complete: Concrete Genie Pink complete: Gris
  2. As long as he still has the save file where the game is cleared, he can load that up and start the Iki expansion. As soon as you unlock Toyotama region in Act 2 you can access the expansion missions, beating the entire base game definitely doesn't lock you out of accessing Iki Island.
  3. If you used the email link to sign up try going on the actual PSN website, log in and sign up there. If it worked it shouldn't take long to receive a confirmation email.
  4. You should have received a confirmation email saying "You're good to go". Looks like that's the only thing we have to go off.
  5. Days Gone I was expecting it to be a good game, but I was struggling to really get into it for the first few hours, then it suddenly clicked for me. It's a great game IMO and definitely one of the best PS exclusives.
  6. Consoles: PS1 SEGA Megadrive/Genesis N64 PS2 Gamecube Wii PS3 PS4 Xbox One (Couple NES knock-offs, if they count) Handhelds: Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Gameboy Advance SP PSP Nintendo 3DS PS Vita
  7. I'm 50/50 on it right now, I think it would look better with white and dark blue instead of black. The all black boxes we're getting boring in my opinion so I'm glad they at least tried something new. Overall not bad but definitely could have been better. Although I'm not a fan of the controller's look, the d-pad would look better in a different colour, and the iconic colours of the PS symbols need to be much more pronounced.
  8. A lazy, poorly optimised, cash grab remaster, stop me if you've heard this one before. Might as well just replay/buy the PS3 version, not holding out on Mafia 1 fairing any better at this point. Which is a damn shame, because that was always on the top of my list for a quality remaster.
  9. Mindhunter seasons 1 and 2. Season 1 was excellent, season 2 was good but not as consistent as the first.
  10. The only shame is in not having it on your list.
  11. FIFA 14 Who Needs a Weak Foot? Score with an Outside of the Foot Shot
  12. I'd say its definitely worth a shot for $10. I enjoyed the game for what it was, and yes it is like a telltale game with RPG elements added. The story kept me intrigued for the most part, but did fall apart towards the end and kind of petered out, but I guess that depends on the choices you make aswell. Enjoyable game overall.