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  1. MediEvil That was one of my childhood games and I still haven't gotten around to play the remaster. I definitely have to make some time for that in the near future.
  2. The real problem with TMNT is that it was delisted ages ago and almost no one owns it nowadays or can get a hold of it Otherwise a lot more people would play it, as it's actually not bad at all. Of course congratulations on finishing it. The survival mode can be really annoying at times, especially the skateboarding stages. If you just hit a mine before any of the 2 pizzas and you end up missing it, you might as well give up as you probably won't make it to the second one with your life.
  3. This time I really procrastinated hard, which is why I'm now giving you guys the update about the last 7 completed games from Tier 4 and the +2 from Tier 5. Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood (3.39%) Pretty standard FPS from the time back then, however the Wild West setting really makes this one worthwhile and I don't regret coming back to such an old game. The thing that aged the worst about this one are probaby the duels, as the system for those is just stupdily vague and unprecise and sadly they decided to implenet this afte every single "boss" encounter in the game. Other than that the hardest difficulty in the game is relatively balanced and apart from the very last boss fight, you shouldn't have to reload checkpoints that often. Tom Clancy's - Ghost Recon Future Soldier (0.64%) Still one of my favourite third-person shooters to date and I had an absolute blast going for the 100%. The story mode has very tactical element to it and it's just one of the cleanest stealth experiences you can find in any PS3 game. Obviously you will have the occasional "Yeah, that is absolute bullshit how he saw me there!" - moment, but overall I have to say that it's really nicely balanced and that strategies will work over and over againif they are well executed. The tactical challanges and the ghost score you have to complete in every chapter also make Elite difficulty a lot more interesting, as without those the game would have been a bit too easy. Ultimately, I even enjoyed it so much that I ran through the singleplayer again with my friend @pot1414 to get his stuff done as well. At this point again, thank you very much for playing with me and working around my cramped schedule at the time :D. The multiplayer is one of the most convoluted boosts you can find on the PS3, in terms of complexity. It starts of by you having to delete everyone who previously played the game on your friends list and then going for the challenges. While doing that you have to keep track of the exact mode and map combinations you played, as you have to win on certain set of maps, in 3 seperate game modes (and that trophy is actually in the list 5 times). Of course it's also packed with loads of misc. trophies which will requiere you to do other random stuff. I mean the game definitely couldn't just consist of a moderat to mildy hard story mode to actually be sitting at 0,6% . Of course I started it in fear of the possible Ubisoft shutdowns, but I would have ended up doing it in the near future anyway. In the end I actually completed 4 Ubisoft titles during this time, just to be on the safe side (including hoarding the online trophies for Splinter Cell: Blacklist). So Ubisoft wise, I want to complete R.U.S.E., Driver San Francisco and probably another game that is just slipping my mind right now, this year. Tom Clancy's: H.A.W.X (1.39%) Gameplay wise this definitely is one of the best flight sims on the PS3 as it really controls very precise and fluent. The graphics of the planes also still hold up very well even to date. The single player/ co-op is pretty easy, unfortunately even to a point where it's actually boring. My partner @Potent_Delusions and I ended up reloaing 3 checkpoints througout the whole 19 mission long campaign and those were due to us not being attention in the moment, rather than actually failing an objective because we didn't play well enough. The multiplayer part is where the sould of this game is at and I completely understand why it was so popular about 12 to 5 years ago. The dog fights in the MP are thrilling and with well over 50 planes you have quite the selection of different play styles as well (eventhough 99% of the people will obviously use the F-22 raptor). Trophy wise however, it's an absolute nightmare.... Luck-based challenges and trophies as far as the eye can see, and they even require very specific timing once you finally end up being lucky. The main problem here is the counter measure challenges-trophy, as it requires you to counter specific score streaks the enemy received (which are pretty tricky to boost for), which your own score streaks. This results in you having to shoot down your main account with your bot countless times, just to finally get something like AWACS (reduces the lock on time of your own missiles and extends your lock on range), just so you can start shooting down your bot until you finally get something like the missile suppression (the enemy won't be able to use missiles at all, thus rendering their previously earned buff completely useless). I mean personally I can really appreciate the actual intelect and ingenuity they put into the score streak system and the trophies, but the randomness of it makes for dauntingly boring and unfair boost. We had more than a handful games where the bot actually ended up getting the desired score streak of the main account, or the main account not getting the final score streak until the 15 mins were already over. The actual XP boost at the end surely has to be one fo the nastiest boost you could possibly do while controlling 2 dual shocks 3 at the same time... Normally this boost is aimed at a group of 3-5 individual people, but we actually went through with it just as 2, controlling 2 pads each and god did we regret that ih the end... It ended up being a highly concentrated 15 min boost every time, where the smallest mistake can mess up your flight formation and cause a problem to the score combo that you are trying to keep up. Unfortunately, it's one of those games where the start takes really long, just to set you up for the final few minutes of the match, where you will earn all of those juicy XPs you have been buidling up untill then. This game was actually not at risk as everything can be done in LAN, however you can absolutely forget about doing thise one by yourself without having to invite mates over to boost with you. This makes for the 3rd out of 4 Ubisoft games. Tom Clancy's: H.A.W.X 2 (1.67%) An actual downgrade from the first HAWX game, as this ones has worse graphics, worse gameplay, less planes and the platinum is also easier and shorter. The survival mode only takes about 30 minutes, the singleplayer is tedious and this time around they tried to go all out on cutscenes and an actual story, however it just ends up being quite tacky. The boost was also a lot shorter and easier and most of the griding is actually done in the singleplayer. Not too much of a fan of this one, but it had to be done. It really is a shame that EndWar doesn't work anymore, otherwise I would have ended up doing every single Tom Clancy's game on the PS3 and 4, but I think I might just completely ignore the PS4 installments now, as they are generally not onsidered to be good or rare at least. This was the last Ubisoft game from this update. Switchblade (2.90%) I have to admit, this one was just a shameless UR grab, as I had absolutely no intention of ever playing this game for what it actually is. I just boosted the whole thing from start to finish and now a have another UR platinum in my collection. I do have to commend the game on how easy and relaxing it actually was to boost and I can even imagine that this game could've been fun for about 30 minutes with randoms, but that's about it. Oh, there is a picture for this one too, but they actually used white letters with a transparent background, so you will just have to imagine how they slapped the name Switch > Blade (fuck knows what the ">" is doing in the title as well....) on the trophy list tile without any picture and not even in a special font. As pleak as the game itself, with the one map you can play Dead Sace 3 (4.30%) With this one, I was finally able to finish every installment of the Dead Space franchise (including 2x Dead Space 2) and I'm really glad that a potential shutdown of DS3 can no longer affect me with one of my all-time favourite franchises. If the rumours of a remaster (most likely)/ continuation of the series are true, I'm all set now and ready from day one for those games! About Dead Space 3 itself: Pretty meh game overall. They made all of the enemies look dusty in this game, too much of the game is spent in pretty boring environments, they actually added soldiers as enemy NPCs and they added microtransactions to the series (although they are harmless compared to anything we have to deal with nowadays). DS 3 ends up being the worst in the trilogy by quite a big margine for me, due to it just being boring to play. The story is way to long and for the platinum you actually have to complete it 4 times and the best thing is that the collectible trophies of this game will become unobtainable if this ever shuts down, as they decided to tie collectibles to the co-op missions of the game. The devs also completely scrapped the conecpt of buying and upgrading weapons, as you now have to craft your own guns. As inovative as this may seem, you actually end up with too many options for your own good and you have to find different forms of scrap materials by scavenging or by just buying them with real money (thus saving time by just buying it). This was way better in Dead Space 2, as you still had quite a big arsenal of weapons to choose from, but you were able to focus more on the unique locations, dialogues and just overall campaign enjoyment. In DS3, you are just focusing on what type of scrap you are getting, what weapon you want to craft and which upgrade chips you find and the story just kind of plays out alongside it. I did my co-op playthrough with @Potent_Delusions and he can probably attest to my review of this game. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PS4 (3.17%) Here we have the 2nd Tier 5 game of mine, which I actually just finished to make it my 3,000th trophy. I finished Dead Ops Arcade, all the zombie related stuff and the harder online trophies relatively soon after it released, but I was just waiting to finish the singleplayer one day when I was motivated enough for it (or to abuse it for a milestone I guess ). The zombies mode in this one is an absolute shell of its former self, as they probably want the biggest zombie amateurs to finally have their moments of joy when finishing an Easter Egg without being carried through them. All the new changes to the mode also seem to be aimed at 10-12 year olds, trying to impress them, as now Nacht der Untoten has to be completely covered in Grafiti, you have to be able to tag the area with stickers and of course you have to be able to use your personal emotes now as well. Dead Ops made the platinum quite difficult for a long time, before glitches and even patches from the devs made it a lot easier, however this game will probably remain UR forever, thankfully. The MP is just as shit and unpopular as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), since they decided to implement skill-based matchmaking again and oh boy isn't there anything better than to play a 8v8 against people who had a K/D of 2-3+ in previous CoDs, with the complete abscense of any cannon fodder running around. Everyone try-harding, head-glitching makes this MP feel more like Ranbow 6 or league play from a previous CoD, rather than a relaxed casual CoD multiplayer. The campaign however, is the saving grace for this game, BIG TIME. Absolutely thrilling story from start to finish, with a beatiful and so far very unused setting, the cold war. They implemented this it a lot better than in Black Ops 1 as well and I was truly able to enjoy every second of it. The trophies are a lot easier than previous CoD campaigns, but to be honest I didn't care at all about that in the end. Now then, that concludes this mammoth of an update and I hope that you guys liked reading through it. As for future plans for me, I'm obviously still trying to focus on shutdowns and sepcifically on older PS3 games, as they are evidently trying to shut that system down as soon as they can. As such, my next games will include the following: Max Payne 3 GTA IV Red Dead Redemption NfS Shift 1&2 and of course actually cleaning up my unfinished games in general. I have been having quite a lot of un with Hustle Kings lately, so that one will probably be completed in the next few months a well, after all of these PS3 shutdowns are taken care of.
  4. I completed my 4th Tier and I just wanted to write a quick post here before finishing my first Tier 5 Game. It'll be Tom Clancy's: H.A.W.X. and I will write a proper update about the 4th Tier later after I'm done with the boost.
  5. Switchblade will be shutting down on the 1.06 (potentially). The Devs didn't 100% make their minds up though.... 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. I would like to switch out Frozen Synapse Prime (yet again because a shutdown was happening). I always ditch this one first as I really don't enjoy it too much The new game will be Switchblade.
  7. I didn't actually find enough time to really sit down and write an update during Tier 3, so I will just report back with the whole Tier completed Slender: The Arrival (PS3) I was finally able to get my hands on the last stack of Slender to finish of the "trilogy" and it was pretty relaxed and quick just like the other two games. The only actual annoying part of the game is the "Into the Abyss" level in the hardcore playthrough, as the AI of the child pursuing you is completely random and the spawns of the gas canisters + generators can just be painful at times. It'd recommend it to anyone into indie first person horror games or anyone just looking for a quick Ultra Rare game. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days This one was an absolute mess in every way and I'd recommend people to stay clear of this one. The graphics are pretty bad solely because of the horrid monochrome filter which pixelates your screen, the gun play is terrible as there are just 3-4 out of the 20 weapons which are actually usable and the story/ writing is just the most bare-bone thing I have ever played. Some cutscenes will genuinely only last 50 seconds and there will be around 3 lines of text per character. Trophy wise, the hardest difficulty in the game is just utterly cheap, as your only way to actually play the game consists of: cover -> shoot -> cover -> shoot etc., and should you ever allow yourself to take 1 second to long shooting, the AI will lazer you away. The online was a pretty regular boost, nothing to complicated or too long and because of that actually the best part of this game (which is sad in itself). Dante's Inferno It was finally time to do one of my favourite hack and slash games again and I enjoyed every second of it. The storytelling is amazing, the gameplay is very fluid and the atmosphere is captivating. The platinum is unfortunately pretty cheap, but the Trials of Saint Lucia make this one a very interesting game with somewhat of a learning curve. I actually completed the DLC with a friend who had done it before as well and as such our result was that we beat every co-op trial and later even singleplayer trial on the first try. I really wanted to go for the fastes time for this game, but I ended up just completing it after I wasn't as free as I hoped to be right after I started it. If anyone ever needs some help with a co-op trial they just can't complete, just send me a message and I will try to hop on the game again. Quantum Conundrum (International + Japan) Quantum Conundrum is my absolute favourite puzzle game of all times and this one should be a must-have for everyone who is puzzle fan. The story gives you a completely relaxed and warm feeling throughout and once you are done solving the puzzles and enjoying it all, it's time to put a little bit of elbow grease into actually beating the goal times. In some instances those will require complete perfection, in others just a good execution of the puzzle in the correct order. The shift goals will actually unlock alongside the goal times, however in this category you can really show how clever you can be, solving the puzzles with the minimum shifts required. That concludes my Tier 3 list and here is what I have been planning to do in the next one: I just wanted to post my list before finishing the first game in it. I will edit this post soon and actually fill out the text. EDIT: Future Soldier was completed after I announced my new tier list here first, I just edited the post now to post a PSNP+ screenshot.
  8. I'd like to switch out Switch Galaxy Ultra for Dante's Inferno as I already started the latter one with a friend. Dante's Inferno (0.82%) - 0/55
  9. Alright, here is my Tier 3 list. I should be able to complete this one a bit quicker than my previous 2 lists, I hope
  10. Tier 2 completed! Mortal Kombat X (1.75%) - 100% (74/74) Games of Glory (0.07%) - 100% (13/13) F.E.A.R. 3 (2.55%) - 100% (51/51) Sniper Elite 3 PS3 (3.65%) - 100% (71/71) Sniper Elite 3 PS4 (3.95%) - 100% (71/71) Games of Glory Finally completed this piece of s*** game after 2 long weeks on it and I can only say that I'm glad that this is shutting down very soon.... Stupidly boring and repetitive grind on just two different maps for at least 45hrs each for just a 100% game. Admittedly, I got talked into this one a bit and I was also interested in the rare trophies, but if I could make that decision again, I would not go for it again. Well, now it's done at least. Good luck to anyone who still has to finish it, but they definitely have to hurry up F.E.A.R. 3 Started this one yesterday with the 4 player co-op mode and then took care of all the misc. and point trophies and today @Potent_Delusions and I quickly finished of the Insane difficulty playthrough. Nothing really caused us any problems as we are right at home with any kind of shooter game. Actually ended up getting the fastest time for the platinum, but it could definitely be massively improved if I did it again. The game itself is not really focusing on the Horror element of the Fear series and as such I would say it's definitely the weakest one of the three. However the co-op of it made this one fun to play for sure. Maybe if all the stars and planets align, we'll one day be able to play F.E.A.R 2 again So, this marks my completion of my Tier 2 list and I'm already working on deciding on my next 5 games. I think this time I will approach it more like @AuburnDRM this time and just throw some quick 100% UR games in there alongside 1 or 2 regular UR plats
  11. And another update from me as well as I'm getting closer to the end of my Tier 2. Here are the games: Mortal Kombat X (1.75%) - 100% (74/74) Frozen Synapse Prime (2.28%) - 77% (24/30) > I will have to switch this one out for Games of Glory (0.07%) - 90% (12/13) as the servers are shutting down. F.E.A.R. 3 (2.55%) - 0% (0/51) Sniper Elite 3 PS3 (3.65%) - 100% (71/71) Sniper Elite 3 PS4 (3.95%) - 100% (71/71) Mortal Kombat X This one was already sitting at 98% and I was just using it as filler for my Tier 2, I actually did the whole thing during my Tier 1 because the invasion boss fight returned during that time and thankfully a hidden fighter in a live tower as well. The game itself was absolutely fantastic, but the trophies were very repetitive and boring. The 10-hit combo with every fighter was pretty easy, as it's just a launcher, combined with some light punches and then a grab/ X-Ray for almost all of them. I can't even imagine how easy that would be with the juggler modifier trick.... Sniper Elite 3 (PS4) Shout-out to my partner @Potent_Delusions for playing the whole game and the DLC in co-op with me, as we have done for Sniper Elite 4 as well. As we are really good in planning ahead, we decided to go with SE4 first, then SE3 and lastly we'll do SE2, just as the devs would have intended it for people who want to enjoy the whole Sniper Elite series. This one would have been a pretty amazing co-op game, if you didn´t have to beat it on Authentic difficulty..... The awareness of the enemies gets cranked up to 11/10 for this, as they will hear you walking upright, from about 15 metres away, so the only way to actually stealth a mission would be to beat the whole thing crouching and walking dauntingly slow. Because of this design flaw (which they thankfully fixed in SE4), you pretty much can't play the game as intended and you will just shoot your way through every new area like John Rambo and after that you have to play Sherlock Holmes, retracing all of your steps in order to find the MOVABLE collectibles (which can even de-spawn)..... All in all it will give you some fun moments, but overall this was not enjoyable for either one of us and I think the continuation of the series was a lot better. The German in the game was also ridiculous, like the other native speakers @Mori and @Koro249 already pointed out. I actually managed to get the fastest time for this one, but it's not really the best time as my partner and I never played the game before, but we still got through it in under 2 days. Sniper Elite 3 (PS4) Pretty much the same as the PS4 version, just with worse graphics. The old problems were still there, but thankfully nothing new. I managed to get a decent time for this game as I played this version just a few days after finishing the other version. This one took less than a day and it was a good little trophy boost and a quick UR platinum. Just 2 more games away from finishing the Sniper Elite series, which will be followed by the Zombie Army series afterwards. Just 2 games away from finishing this Tier and thankfully Games of Glory is almost done at this point (I will talk more about that steaming pile of s*** in my next update). Fear 3 won't be annoying at all as I have some pretty good memories of it and I'll be tackling the co-op of this one with one of the British sweats I've met on BO3 when that was still alive Happy hunting to everyone and stay strong guys!
  12. Alright, next update for me and I have finally completed Tier 1. Battlefield 4: 4.00% - 100% (68/68) Binary Domain: 0.73% - 100% (50/50) Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified: 3.00% - 100% (34/34) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: 4.33% - 100% (77/77) Lost Planet 3: 1.71% - 100% (51/51) Lost Planet 3 After I already boosted the online with some of my friends about a month ago, it was time to get around cleaning up the singleplayer. Pretty dissapointing game especially after Lost Planet 2. I really wish that they could fix the leaderboards for that one, but for now this plat will have to be enough. The singleplayer for LP3 was not too long, definitely took me less than 20hrs and the same goes for the online. It's mostly a 1v1 boost and only a few upgrades requiere a 3rd player. Battlefield 4 (PS3) Another quick game and not too complicated to boost, however the singleplayer is a glitchy mess. The hardest thing was to actually rent the goddamn server, as my friends and I had to buy about 4 servers before one of them actually registered. It's a shame the stats transfer feature to the PS4 doesn't work anymore, so I'll actually have to do it again in the near future. And here we go with my Tier 2 list: Mortal Kombat X (1.75%) - 98% (72/74) Frozen Synapse Prime (2.28%) - 77% (24/30) F.E.A.R. 3 (2.55%) - 0% (0/51) Sniper Elite 3 PS3 (3.65%) - 0% (0/71) Sniper Elite 3 PS4 (3.95%) - 0% (0/71) I don't really expect any of those games to pose any real challenge, but they have to be taken care of as I've promised to play them soon with some of my friends. I hope that I can finally take care of some of the more "impressive" games in Tier 3 or 4. I mean I now have 2 swaps available, so maybe I will throw in some games again like I did with both Dead Space 2 stacks, I'll have to see. Happy hunting everyone!
  13. I know my reply to this is quite late, but I just want to clarify this one for people that are still going for this trophy now and in the future. Only the limbs of living or dead necromorphs count, so stomping on human corpses will do absolutely nothing. However any necromorph corpse will count, not just the ones you killed yourself, so whenever you see a dead one somewhere throughout the game, stomp it! Sometimes you can just let the Infector necromoporhs (the ones that look like stingrays), infect human corpses on purpose so you have more enemies to dismember. Also the easiest way to get this trophy is by just using the Devil's Horn (big foram finger aka. the pew pew pew or bang bang bang) in a new game + run after you beat hard core, as you dismember everything within 1 second instead of stomping it for like 5-10 seconds.
  14. Battlefield 4: 4.00% - 44% (30/68) Binary Domain: 0.73% - 100% (50/50) Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified: 3.00% - 100% (34/34) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: 4.33% - 100% (77/77) Lost Planet 3: 1.71% - 12% (9/51) I have been making some good progress so far and I'll just post a quick update and my thoughts about the completed games. Binary Domain Absolutely fantastic game with an amazing story, great gameplay and decent visuals for back then. The story mode is not too challenging at all and overall I enjoyed almost every second of it, apart from 2-3 bullet sponge boss fights. The multiplayer contains a hearty portion of good old PS3 grind challenges, unlike most modern games that are not free to play. The Invasion mode is a good challenge for any co-op team, but with the riht strategy the maps are not too difficult and it's rather enjoyable fighting for kills with your team mates every now and then. Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Not much to say about this game other than warning anyone who might be thinking about starting this one. Horrendous controls, stupid trophies, no checkpoints during missions (they are all pretty short at least) and the survival mode of the game also sucks. If you are not interested in completing as many CoD games as possible, if you are not an absolute Vita fanatic or if you did not already complete every other FPS game on the PS3 and 4, I don't see how this game could be anything more than a waste of time for you. Really glad it's over! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Decent game with trophies that won't take you too long to get and not too challenging for any decent FPS player. I thoroughly enjoyed the spec-ops part of the game (co-op) with a friend of mine and just for that it was worth doing the game (and Modern Warfare 2 a few weeks back). The singleplayer is fairly standard and I don't really care for this one that much, as there are way better ones in the CoD franchise. It definitely feels like I'm making good progress with the CoD universe and I can only hope that one day Black Ops 2 will be whitelisted, allowing me and a ton of other friends to finally complete EVERY CoD installment. Now moving on to the Lost Planet 3 and Battlefield 4 cleanup, however I might take a quick detour to the 2 versions of Dead Space 2, as I have been really feeling an urge to play and enjoy those 2. Really a shame that they are barely not UR games, which always surprised me as they would deserve being 3-4% ultra rares imo. I really enjoy reading all the different updates from the people in here and I would like to congratulate everyone on their progress so far. stay stromg people and keep the good stuff coming! 😀
  15. Ok, in that case I will just replace Advanced Warfare (PS3) with Battlefield 4 (PS3) 4.02% - 44% (30/68)