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  1. Wow, I have a lot of respect for your account. You are clearly a completionist and a dedicated trophy hunter, but you also made sure to stay clear of all the trash platinum games nowadays. Your account looks 100% like you are really enjoying to game and that you only play games that you really like. Heads up with Sine Mora and Pix The Cat, I know that one day you will be able to complete those, as you have done with Dsihonored. People really underestimate the Dunwall City trials and I always enjoy seeing that game at a 100% on someones account.
  2. If anyone wants to complete the trials like that, just let them. I never understood why people even care about this. Just let people get the trophies done in any way they want, as long as they don't mod themselves more ninpo slots/ phoenix ninpo or more health. Every mechanic in-game is fair game. It'd be more interesting to see if stuff like the Fiend Genshin freeze (regular and triple), Momiji's wall jump on UN2, Liz and Volf loop and many more things like that still work. Then again I'm pretty sure they will just brush up the aesthetics, get the games as close to 60FPS as possible and that's about it. But the thing they defnitely have to improve is how poorly NG3 runs on Ultimate Ninja and in the team missions, lol. Thate game really is a mess out of those 3. I hope they release a hybrid of NG3 and Razor's Edge. Take the best elements from both games, nerf the scythe a bit and done.
  3. Yeah, just like almost every game that is coming out nowadays. They always have to water it down for everyone who is not up for a challenge or to really put in some time. People play the NG games because they are looking for a challenge, so why on earth should the difficulty be lowered for these? I think you should just give those games a miss if you don't think that you will be able to complete them, or really put some work into it and get them done If people really just care about 100%ing a game and completing many games, they can just stick to all the AAA crap lists and all the 80%+ games that studios like Ratalaika are supplying... Not every game that comes out nowadays has to be a sub 15hr platinum or a completely generic list like: God of War, Detroit Become Human, TLOU 2, Spiderman etc.
  4. About Army of Two: It is very much possible for someone to have done that. The mask server still works to this date, that's why everyone who uploaded a mask before the site went down, can still download this mask nowadays. Making it even possible for regular plat achievers to get the Japanese platinum for it. However, the problem is that the mask will be saved on the savefile, after being downloaded. Because of this, people can just download a savefile from the internet, with some masks on it and resign that savefile to their user. That's why that trophy has been littered with hackers over the years. There is also an easy way for someone to prove their DIY PMC legitimacy with a capture card: 1. Show your profile (ID) and the date in the PS3 internet browser 2. Go to your savefiles and delete all Army of TWO saves 3. Start up the game and go to the mask section, showing there are no saved masks 4. Use the EA mask feature in-game to download those masks 5. If those mask have been retrieved from the servers, it means that they were uploaded before the website went down Yes, up to 2 older hacks/ savefile hacks are allowed, if they are hidden. Only the 3rd savefile hack or a hack with a CFW (a completely hacked console) will get you permanentely removed from the leaderboards. Personally I think that ruling makes sense, since some big accounts might have made a mistake in the past, when the whole idea of trophy hunters wasn't so fleshed out yet. I remember back in the day seeing a Fifa 09 tutorial, to get that live trophy that went down after like 6 months, by just downloading a save from the video description on YouTube. You didn't even have to resign that savefile, so back then it never even occured to me that people could even be flagged for that and I'm sure other people saw that video and just considered that a fix as well. I can very well imagine that some people were just playing around with stuff like Socom or Pure in those years and after that have been hunting legitimately for years. Of course they should be forced to hide those games, but it shouldn't completely invalidate someone's account. Und zu deiner zweiten Frage: Man kann einfach am PC savefiles auf deinen eigenen User umschreiben, wenn du einen Save besitzt bei dem das abgeschlossen wurde was du brauchst. Danach einfach auf eine Konsole via USB ziehen und dann im Spiel einfach laden. Dafuer muss man keine Konsole hacken. Das ist aber recht bekannt und es wundert mich das du davon noch nie etwas gehoert hast...
  5. Nowadays I meet way more people that want to get the platinum and the 100%. In my opinion, a platinum without having 100% for the game is worthless. Of course I would rather choose the platinum over completing all DLCs for an unobtainable game, but if everything is achievable, a game should be fully completed (in my opinion). A lot of times the 100% requirements far outrank the platinum anyway, in difficulty or length. E.g. Dark Void, Dishonored, Uncharted 2 and 3, Sniper Elite 4, TLOU 2 and many more. I know that money is usually a problem, when people don't want to do the DLC trophies, but when they are free, even those platinum-only hunters will try to complete them. I would say the "professional" trophy hunters are the ones completing the games, not leaving games anywhere in between 28-98%, just because they already unlocked one specific trophy. EDIT: Even if you don't see the merit in completing everthing yourself, you should be able to appreciate it when other people go for it. Platinum trophies kind of lost their meaning anyway, since everything has been flooded with VN's, Ratalaika games, other constant 80%+ plats, I mean the leaderboard is completely full of people that actually have a higher PSN level than Ultra Rare trophies. The ideal system would be one that combines completion with rarity (difficulty), only then we could truly see which people are the "prfoessionals".
  6. So you are referring to the in-game Zombie leaderboards? (as this god mode is Zombies only) So you are thinking that THIS will be a problem for the Zombie in-game leaderboards? You clearly never played a single CoD in your life when it released. Pretty much every CoD gets their leaderboards hacked pretty much a few months after being released, even on PS4. Also like I said before, God Mode glitches are a common thing in every CoD anyway. You can search God Mode "any map name" on YouTube and there will be a tutorial for every Zombie map, that worked at some point or either still works. Not even talking about the fact that pretty much 60%+ of people that have EasterEgg trophies and such got carried through it... I really don't care if someone used a God Mode glitch or got carried through and EE while going down like 30+ times, because they both end up with the same trophy at the end.
  7. That wasn't the point of this discussion, just wheter it's detectable or not. Personally I would never use that god mode myself, but I don't really care if someone did to obtain those trophies, otherwise people could also look down upon online xp glitches like AvP or Wolfenstein, compared to people who did them legit without boosting. I started to see those things a little bit more relaxed too and there really is no point judging people for every single thing. Otherwise quite a lot of the WipEout HD plat achievers should be looked down upon for using the Zone Zeus Glitch and Zico Glitch, some people for using the US Version of BioShock to play the game on easy while still receiving the hardest trophies, AvP, Wolfenstein etc etc etc. I mean specifically Zombies is a very funny example here, since basically every single map in the history of zombies had a god mode glitch, pile up glitch, out of bounds method etc.... I'm not encouraging people to use that method at all, I'm just saying that it's not detectable unless you look through someones theater mode, which is extremely unlikely....
  8. The game in question is not hidden on his profile, so hidden trophies are not relevant here. If someone wants to hide some past mistakes or someone just wants to hide some games on their list they don't want to see anymore, then that is perfectly fine.
  9. Not at all. The god mode grants you invinicibility and maybe points if you want to open the whole map, all perks etc, but it doesn't unlock trophies. It makes the Zombie mode a 1/10 unfortunately, but it's completely undetectable if someone used it or not, since they still have to complete everthing you have to do for a trophy, they just can't be damaged while doing so. It's the same with modded equipment in Borderlands. You still have to complete all the trophy requirements, but the game will be a 1/10 with invincibility and insta-kill weapons.
  10. Because I made two seperate lists in that style and nohing really happened with them. I think there have been quite a few lists by now, I'm just not sure anymore what is even wrong with those? It would help if you could at least point out which points you like, reprhase the things that you find too imprecise etc. We won't be getting anywhere if everyone just says no without even stating why. Yeah, not really realistic considering this is the only game in over 11 years of trophy hunting now, where you are able to unlock a mod menu completely by yourself without having to use a CFW. So I really don't think this will be a regular occurence. I mean at the moment it would be like 3 games, including GTA V and RDR. I mean what is even the difference between Conan Exile and that Jax and Dexter game and this case? An in-game mode menu should be considered cheating too, if everyones argument is that you don't even have to complete the original requierements with this method. Like I said before, this is just suppsoed to be used for Big Leagues as the very last trophy, not for all these people that unlocking like half the story trophies alongside it. I know this an unorthodox case, but we can't always see everyhting so black and white, otherwise there would be arguments against other things like glitches/ downgrading patches/ computer programs etc. I just don't understand what anyone would even be afraid of if those games were whitelisted. It's not like there will be a similair method found in every 2nd game from that point on and I don't even think that so many people would even go back for some of these old games.
  11. Blue Estate seems to have been delisted.
  12. Track Mania Turbo. At some point I definitely have to go for that one
  13. Well you see that's the thing. These problems are non-existend for the Brazilian PSN community, as they always magically find a way to unlock these glitched trophies or servers that are down, while the rest of the world can't. Just like when "With my devil dogs" was possible for just one night recently and only the Brazilian Discord had a chance to hop onto that opportunity and now the same with the Trials servers being up in Brazil. I damn sure picked the wrong American country to move to it seems... 🤔
  14. Hey Cries, congrats on the plat for Warface!

    Managed to get mine a few days back, wouldn't have got it so quickly without your help so thanks again! 😁

    1. CriesOfFurya


      Hey man, thanks for the shout-out, but also couldn't have done it without you! Congratulations on your 100% as well :D

  15. The first part oversimplifies things a bit too much. First of all, the shutdown of this game mode was never announced, unlike other proper server shutdowns. Second of all, you are saying you just didn't get a PS3 even if you could've. You always have to consider some factors when something like this gets announced (or doesn't): 1. Time: Sometimes the time frame for something like Warhawk is too short for some people to even finish it in that time, because they are working, supporting a family, having different hobbies they can't just completely drop or maybe they are also trying to go for other games at the time that were also planned. 2. Money: Self-explanatory. Not everyone might be in a position to just jump onto any game they would like to do at any time. 3. Information: Only very few threads on the internet will warm you about server shutdowns and sometimes they don't even get updated and people found out because of the Twitter post of a publisher or so. Unless you are a very well connected gamer with information like these, you might even miss out on something, solely because no one told you/ you didn't see it anywhere in time. 4. Luck: Maybe you just departed on your honeymoon for 2 weeks and they just announced the shutdown for a FIFA challenge trophy in a week from now. You would have to play 10mins to get it done, but obviously you will have no way of doing that. Also maybe your account didn't even exist when this shutdown was a thing. So why should we stop trying to go for unobtainable games when we as a community even have things like Gonespy? Genuinely bringing back shutdown servers, just so we can go for it again. This one is no different, other than that the method of obtaining it is not ideal, I know that myself. However I'm positive that it's a good thing to bring unobtainable games back, if we can. For this one we would just have to slightly change the parameters, similar how the trophy hunter community accepted glitches, downgrading methods, proxies, the Vita region glitch and some elitist might even complain about boosting. If you try hard enough, you could pretty much hate on anything someone else does. But like I said many times in here now and many others too, this is just about getting this damn trophy in an extremely specific situation, not justifying hacking in every possible way like we are opening Pandora's box here or something.