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  1. Hahaha, that would be sick. Finally some privacy.
  2. The earlier version of the game was better, i think i heard people who played it when it released had no problems but later when it was patched it started showing problems. I suggest that you don't update it and play the base disc only.
  3. I doubt they will fix the game considering it was released quite a while back. All we can hope is that PS5 with the ssd has a better experience for us, but i doubt that too as the problem is more with the game optimization rather than the hard disk.
  4. Thank you so much for helping with such a detailed explanation. Really appreciate the help. 😁
  5. So I picked up the game 3 days ago that it would be a fun and easy platinum, contrary to other ones. Still, 3 days later I find myself dying in the second area where you have harder enemies and I have to constantly grind Aether to upgrade my abilities. Any tips to platinum to quicker as I want to move on to other games. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. I know right the frames drop throughout the game at weird points and it turned to be a very bad experience for me. And turning districts is not recommended if you want to go for the plat in a single playthrough.
  7. Although a nice and different game it is a little tricky to achieve the platinum, as some trophies are missable and some can be unachievable in a single playthrough but possible. It is doable in one playthrough if you save at the right times but the game has some serious problems that you should know before you go for the plat. 1. The game has terrible loading and even though the map is very small travelling from one area to another will have you wait for an irritating loading screen sometimes, plus the game does not have any fast travelling options which makes it even more terrible. Personally, the game showed optimization problems in the later chapters. 2. Crashes - The game for me and many other people online crashes randomly which makes it very difficult to play it naturally without losing your mind, I sometimes had to load it 20 times a day and was honestly a poor platinum experience. So just know that there a chance that you might have the same problem. Overall the game is ok to play, considering that it's quick platinum (took me three days with regular playing hours) and free with PS Plus this month. Just wanted to let you know what I experienced with the game. Hope I helped you in deciding whether to platinum this game. And pay important attention to missable trophies if you don't want to play through it again.